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Tiger: I Need a 'Kobe Special'

11/29/2009 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods had a "Kobe Special" on his brain hours after what looks like a domestic dispute with his wife, Elin Nordegren -- this according to someone who spoke with Tiger on Friday.

Tiger Woods

During the phone conversation on Friday, Tiger told his friend, "I have to run to Zales to get a 'Kobe Special.'" The person on the other end of the phone asked Tiger what a "Kobe Special" was. The reply -- "A house on a finger."

During the conversation, Tiger said his wife had "gone ghetto" on him.

As we first reported, Tiger told the friend his wife had scratched his face up during an argument over a report that the golf great had cheated on her. The "other woman" named in the story -- Rachel Uchitel -- calls the report "bulls**t."

Tiger WoodsOf course, the Kobe reference is the now-famous house/ring he gave his wife Vanessa after the whole Colorado thing. We're assuming Tiger was joking, though he can certainly afford it.

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OMG! People can be so stupid! lol

1788 days ago


The folks need to lighten up and read the rule book and know what really happened. Rule One : Woods is allowed to have extra women not clubs. Second: You don't have to talk to the police unless you want to if you wear a glove. Third : He is waiting on O Vomit to call and give him instructions on how to handle this to qualify for a beer party at the Out house. Forth : Don't expect the boys down at the PGA to say anything about this. They know who God is, just ask Fuzzy. What really happened ! Just after having turkey Woods was giving his wife the lumber when she asked about the " other white meat " he had tried. An argument occured and she went with the nine iron and proceeded to Ka-Bob his " Christmas Goose ". He ran from the house on his very bad knee to the SUV . His wife than began to clean away the glass for a better shot at the champ while thinking about the " whore in one " of them. When the EMT arrived she was standing over him with the nine iron in an attempt to hit two balls with one stroke. How long does it take for an imprint of a golf club up side the head to heal ?

1788 days ago


I love the sense of entitlement these rich b*tches have. As if they have a magic v@gina or something.

1788 days ago


Most of this silly comments are from people who never follow Tiger.

!. If he had a friend that was leaking info- that would be the end of all conversations to that person for the rest of eternity.
2. Tiger is not a hanger in bars and clubs.
3. Tiger rarely drinks anything, but an occasional beer.
4. Having a sense of humor under pressure is what Tiger is about in handling pressure, instead of going to pieces.
5. Tiger is an extremely pragmatic man and does not take huge risks.
6. The Enquirer is not the NY Times or the Washington Post and does NOT adhere to journalistic ethics.
7. Tiger is the no- humor guy when it comes to his life and profession and I think the Enquirer is going to face something different that you average Hollywood idiot.
8. None of you know anything about Tiger's wife except speculation 4 to 5 people removed.
9. I am sure Tiger is following his attorney's advice and this is not about silly readers of gossip, but Tiger's life and that he is not frivolous about.

1788 days ago


Well if what "his friend" said is true about the Kobe special, then Tiger (jmo) is in hot water.
Why would he buy something so expensive if he didn't do anything wrong. Hey guys wake up, that's the first sign that's something wrong.

1788 days ago


i highly doubt tiger shops at Zales. I also think tiger and his wife grew up middle class.

1788 days ago


This guy sounds more like a "sellout" than a friend. Leave it to TMZ to find those who live under rocks.

1788 days ago



you white folks are trying to cover up her domestic abuse. Had Tiger the black man hit her in the face it would be Hell.

Since this trick to court, she should keep her hands to herself. So what if he cheated, does that give you the right to hit on someone.

TIger File CHarges now against this maniac. WHen it was Chris Brown you were all over him.

His wife his NOt Pretty. She is a Ugly Bucktoothed Blonde

1788 days ago


black men look at this, choose your women wisely, you thought your women were crazy, well looka here. Crazy white B

Leave them alone they start to look old after 30 deep wrinkles

1788 days ago


This is a sad story. I applaud Tiger's wife for standing up for herself. I used to think she was a quiet nanny type. Now I think she wants a real marriage and not just a gold-digging convenience thing. Good for her and good for him for choosing a real woman. They are very young and this is a new marriage. They have a chance to turn a corner here and really commit to each other. I pray that they stick together, handle this together, and go forward. I'm more concerned about the prescription drugs than any kind of affair. If drugs are a problem, they are the first problem. I hope his wife stays strong and focuses on the real problem.

1788 days ago

idaho potato    

This story sounds like a made-up lie. Tiger doesn't even talk like that and never uses the words his "friend" said he said. Also Tiger's wife is a lovely woman. Lastly if this friend is into spreading gossip, why at this time... with this ONE story? Why no comments from Tiger's "friend" after his honeymoon, the birth of his child, his relationship with his parents, or after any of his championship wins, or about what happened in Scotland, between Tiger and the press? It's because this "friend" ain't no friend. I think it's all fabrication. But it makes a great fantasy story and got the "friend" a truck load of money. That's the reason for it, isn't it? Money? Lie, ruin lives, smear reputations, but get the money!

1788 days ago


It' pretty dumb to make a race issue out of this. It's also pretty dumb to suggest that black women would be more willing to take bad treatment (such as cheating) from their husbands and be less proud than white women. I don't believe that for a second. Both good and bad people come in all colors.

1788 days ago


Tiger's wife need to trust him, instead of believing what she sees on the net.

1788 days ago


Pretty obvious that she popped him in the mouth and the big old diamond ring cut his lips. Also now that the layout of the accident in relation to the house has been published, it is evident that the irate wife was able to intercept tiger "running balls out" when he turned left allowing her to cut him off so to speak. Since there were two irons at the scene, she must have thrown them and got a bulleye with one.

What to do now. Make a statement coming out with the truth as painful as it may be, and go to anger management therapy which will benefit both of them. There a few couples who have not had some arguements that have gone close to if not crossed the line. By doing this they would be making a positive out of a negative and also refuse to talk to the press. I do not see any other way out of this mess. And they should move to the country.

1788 days ago

Paul Wilson    

If this report is true, Tiger can only have had this conversation with one or possibly two people at the most. There is no way that either of those people would dish the dirt to TMZ. Tiger would have only spoken to his most trusted friends (if anyone) and it would be blatently obvious to Tiger who had leaking information. I don't think Tiger's closest friends are going to risk losing his friendship in this fashion. It's just ridiculous.

1788 days ago
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