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Tiger Slams Door on Cops -- Again

11/29/2009 4:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ Tiger Woods has canceled yet another meeting with the Florida Highway Patrol.

We're told Tiger's lawyer canceled the meeting the FHP had wanted for 3:00 PM ET today. The lawyer gave no reason for the cancellation.

One of the things authorities want to see -- the wounds on Tiger's face ... whether they were caused by the accident or during a domestic dispute with his wife.

UPDATE: Here's how the FHP describes today's attempt to talk to Tiger: "The troopers went to the house to see if they could speak with Mr. Woods. Mr. Woods' attorney was present and told investigators that Mr. Woods was unavailable for an interview. Mr. Woods' attorney provided the troopers with Mr. Woods' driver's license information, registration and current proof of insurance as required by Florida Law. The crash investigation is ongoing and charges are pending."

tiger woods car crash

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WTF is Tiger Woods anyways?

1734 days ago


There is a saying that if you give a man enough rope he will hang himself........

And I believe that Mr. Woods is in the process of doing just that.

The police know what happened and with the blood splatter specialist that is coming they will then slip the noose over his head........

Whoever is advising Tiger has made a mistake giving the police the cold shoulder. This will come back to haunt him. I am sure that Tiger wants to protect his wife, and he does not have to press charges so she would not have to do any time. What might be required is that perhaps the both of them get some anger management therapy and make a positive out of a negative as well as setting an example of how couples should go about resolving their issues.

1734 days ago


He should be ashamed of himself!!A multimillionaire going around with a type of girl like Rachel Uchitel? And him on his website saying this incident is stressful and difficult for his wife,family and him!!LOL!!His wife and family yes but to include himself? P.S.Tiger Woods:The public has a right to know the truth in case you have forgotten it is the public who made you a multimillionare!!!What ever your beautiful wife decides we support her.

1734 days ago


Who cares???? It's his life, his car, his actions, and he will pay for them one way or another.... Why are we so eager to "guess" what peoples motives are when calamity happens in their lives... Most of us don't commit to our own actions and we want to judge others.... Lets get real............

1734 days ago


Is his wife a US citizen? Can't she get deported for something like this?

1734 days ago

The Truth    

You mean she really loves this guy? I thought she got married for the money. If Mrs. Woods was smart she would divorce his black ass, take the kids, house and ask for 200,00 dollars a month in child and spousal support and leave with half his fortune, furniture, and cars!!!! Minus the Black Escalade.

1734 days ago

H in CAlifornia    

The relatively minor accident happened in his driveway. No one else was injured. He provided the cops with the info he was required to provide. He has made a couple of statements about it. He's going to be OK, he's embarrassed, and maybe he will tell more later. End of this story.

Does anyone really need to know more? What is the big story here?

Get a life people! Including the cops. In many cases if someone hit a fire hydrant at the end of their driveway, the only thing they might get is a bill for the damages. It certainly would not turn into all of this gossip frenzy! Leave Tiger and his family alone. You would want the same. This is very overblown. I would hope all this time and energy spent by the celebrity press and its followers could be spent on things more productive!

All this gossip about someone else from people who were not there and don't know Tiger Woods or his wife. Why do some people want to see Tiger Woods and his family get hurt any more? How about if we all just pray that all families have more love and peace within them.

1734 days ago


it's none of our business, leave tiger and family alone.

1734 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I have watched Tiger in many Golf Tournaments. He's not the nice guy many people think he is. I've heard him swear, throw his clubs down, sulk, act very arrogant, and refuse to talk with the crowd when the game is over. Most pro-golfers are very friendly. Tiger is a good golfer but not very likable. Did anyone see his wife that night? Did she look like she had been beaten? Maybe he started it. I can't believe his little wife could drag him out of the front seat of an SUV and out the back window. Can you?

1734 days ago

Sir Vic's Liquor    

If she really did pull him out of the car, it was a dumb move. Unless the vehicle is burning it is best to leave occupants right where they are. Suppose he had a broken neck, any movement could have led to paralysis. If the cops suspect domestic violence, they can arrest her without him filing a complaint.

1734 days ago


no one had explained why the florida authorities continue to let tiger put them off. as someone who practiced law for 25 years, i can say that the average person would have been threatened long ago with arrest for obstructing justice if they continued to hide. this is clearly a 'where there's smoke,' etc. situation.
if there's an innocent, non-damaging explanation for all this, tiger and elin would have given it two days ago. are we meant to believe that her 'helping' by swinging a golf club to break the rear window was a prelude to tiger's leaving by that window? she obviously broke it while attacking him, and i'm quite sure he left by the driver's door.
she's on the hook for spousal battery, he for reckless driving and not wearing a seat belt. there go the endorsements...and his tournament this week.

1734 days ago
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