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Tiger Slams Door on Cops -- Again

11/29/2009 4:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ Tiger Woods has canceled yet another meeting with the Florida Highway Patrol.

We're told Tiger's lawyer canceled the meeting the FHP had wanted for 3:00 PM ET today. The lawyer gave no reason for the cancellation.

One of the things authorities want to see -- the wounds on Tiger's face ... whether they were caused by the accident or during a domestic dispute with his wife.

UPDATE: Here's how the FHP describes today's attempt to talk to Tiger: "The troopers went to the house to see if they could speak with Mr. Woods. Mr. Woods' attorney was present and told investigators that Mr. Woods was unavailable for an interview. Mr. Woods' attorney provided the troopers with Mr. Woods' driver's license information, registration and current proof of insurance as required by Florida Law. The crash investigation is ongoing and charges are pending."

tiger woods car crash

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Maybe if TMZ actually provided the facts, all these stupid comments wouldn't appear like if I did that I'd be locked up. Read what People had to write about all he HAS to do. "Legally, Woods is only required to present his license, registration and insurance."

1767 days ago


The cops need to take Tiger down and book him. Bet ya he'll start singing then ! ha

1767 days ago


Why can't the cops get a warrant and go in the house!! This woman probably hit him min the head to cause the bloody mouth and loss of consciousness. She can really hurt him and we can be mourning a great athlete!

1767 days ago


Of course, I am speculating here, but isn't it just possible that TIger did, and is doing, the right thing? Lets assume that his wife saw the National Enquirer, was angry and frustrated and somewhat attacked him. What was he to do? If he was to attempt to restrain her, if she is like every other woman I know, she would go ballistic. No, the proper thing to do was to get the hell out there before the matter escalated. Maybe she knocked him on the noggin with a golf club, causing him to be disoriented when he got behind the wheel to get the hell out of there. Now, he would like to keep the matter between him and his wife private, without wife getting zapped for domestic battery. He has got two young kids. Maybe, just maybe he is acting like a caring responsible adult and is working this thing through, privately.

1767 days ago


I have lost all respect for this man. He is giving out the message spousel abuse is okay..But I dought the PGA really cares they will let him play and allow his wife to be thier..

1767 days ago

Fred Farkel    

I'll say it again.


You people and your level of ignorance is shocking.

1767 days ago


This is a prime example of another famous person thinking they are above the law and I think its ridiculous. I understand he wants to keep his personal life private but when it comes to the law he is no more entitled than we are to just do as he pleases. If it were any other person they would have been arrested for refusing to cooperate by this point. Nice attitude Tiger.

1767 days ago


Arrest him. He is interfering with an ongoing investigation. That is a crime. Normal people would have been arrested by now. Not to mention when they suspect abuse they do not have the luxury of turning police away they make them come out to be seen. Arrest his idiotic rear end.

1767 days ago


Put him in jail? For what? His only concern is how to pay the city for the fire hydrant, and whether or not his insurance will pay or he'll have to pay out of pocket.

It makes no difference whether he ever talks to the police. They can only force him to speak to them if they have credible evidence that there was a crime. His lawyers are probably advising him not to talk to the police.

1767 days ago


What Tiger & his wife do to or with each other is their business. If they were fighting then hopefully they will make up or get counseling. The media can speculate and nosy people will always want to be a fly on the wall to see people hurt and crumble
because that makes them feel better about themselves. If we lived in the spotlight like they do we would do everything in our power to keep nosy people out of our business. Tiger owes no one a birds eye view to his life. He owes his wife the truth because he asked her into his life. He owes his children to be the best parent he can be. He owes his mother his love & support. But he owes the public nothing. He gives us the thrill of watching him shoot a great round of golf. He owes us nothing. Even in this accident he only hurt a fire hydrant, a tree & an SUV. All of which he can replace. If he and his wife were fighting over another woman then Tiger needs to ask Elle forgiveness. If Elle hit him then she needs to get her anger under control but what ever the story... It's NONE of our business.

1767 days ago


It's amazing how many people there are who don't know that in the US, you have the right to remain silent. The cops can not force you to confess to anything, and in most states, you don't have to testify against your spouse either. Tiger is well with in his rights to refuse.

1767 days ago


AGAIN, here is a perfect example of what celebrities can get away with!! Any other schmuck off the street would of been made to talk to the cops! What a great example that is being displayed to the youth of the world!! Just become famous, you can kill, beat or just period break the law and you can get away with it! THIS MAKES ME SICK!!

1767 days ago

Fred Farkel    

"... they do not have the luxury of turning police away..."

What the hell.

I'll say it again.

In the United States of America... everyone has the right to tell a cop to go screw himself.

My god.

The level of ignoprance is overwhelming,

1767 days ago

Catch a Tiger's Wife by the Toe    

No, nobody has to talk, but it sure looks like he's covering up for his abusive wife. Whatever, what matters here is Tiger's image and his ability to keep getting big endorsement deals. Will that consulting firm Assenter still say "Be a Tiger" if he's associated with covering-up domestic violence?

1767 days ago

redden mccoy    

The cops better hope the kids never pi$$ her off.

1767 days ago
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