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Tiger Slams Door on Cops -- Again

11/29/2009 4:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger WoodsLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ Tiger Woods has canceled yet another meeting with the Florida Highway Patrol.

We're told Tiger's lawyer canceled the meeting the FHP had wanted for 3:00 PM ET today. The lawyer gave no reason for the cancellation.

One of the things authorities want to see -- the wounds on Tiger's face ... whether they were caused by the accident or during a domestic dispute with his wife.

UPDATE: Here's how the FHP describes today's attempt to talk to Tiger: "The troopers went to the house to see if they could speak with Mr. Woods. Mr. Woods' attorney was present and told investigators that Mr. Woods was unavailable for an interview. Mr. Woods' attorney provided the troopers with Mr. Woods' driver's license information, registration and current proof of insurance as required by Florida Law. The crash investigation is ongoing and charges are pending."

tiger woods car crash

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TMZ hits a new low    

What an f'ing douche bag. He is completely destroying his perfect guy image by hiding in his mansion, waiting for his wounds to heal. For every passing day he acts like this, the public is more convinced she took out her can of whoop ass and beat him with it, and yet he doesn't want any problems for her! Domestic Violence 101. Protect the beater. If I am Tiger and wanted to preserve a smidgen of reputation, I would come on camera, say I hurt myself in the accident, stick with that story and then proceed to divorce that beyotch. He can't meet with the cops because they're arrest HER. WTF. Perfect world? I think not. His own wife hurt him, chased him out of the house, hit his car with a golf club then had to act concerned when he actually crashed. I bring out the C word for her and I rarely do that.

1791 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

56. What Tiger & his wife do to or with each other is their business. If they were fighting then hopefully they will make up or get counseling. The media can speculate and nosy people will always want to be a fly on the wall to see people hurt and crumble
because that makes them feel better about themselves. If we lived in the spotlight like they do we would do everything in our power to keep nosy people out of our business. Tiger owes no one a birds eye view to his life. ........... It's NONE of our business.

Posted at 2:56PM on Nov 29th 2009 by boosmom

If you REALLY think that celebrities' lives are "NONE of our business" ..... then WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ON TMZ????


1791 days ago


if someone reports to the police that there might have been domestic violence at a residence dont the cops have to investigate and then Tiger has to answer the questions that police have. For a traffic accident you dont have to answer questions but for domestic violence you do.Why doesnt someone in Florida call the police and report this. There is the safety of the two adults and children the cops should be worried about.

1791 days ago


He's taking a Mulligan.

1791 days ago


Go Vikings!

1791 days ago


"Ari and E" have to get the story straight and make sure Tiger sells it, I mean really a lot of endorsements on the line :-)

1791 days ago


Well didn't Tiger turn out to be a real loser?! His parents must be so proud.

1791 days ago

Miss Bu    

I sure hope that she didn't finish the job and that is why we haven't heard from Tiger.

1791 days ago

Saint Pauly Girl    

What is Elin is going to do to you next time?
Tiger is a stupid fool

1791 days ago


The Woods have two kids ages two and 10 months.

If there is any concern about their welfare, if either of the parents are fighting (with golf clubs), that is certainly of concern to police.

Not one word about the welfare of the kids.

1791 days ago

the truth hurts huh    

32. I think she tried to beat him up with the one thing that got her everything she has, a golf club. Maybe his face is cut up from the golf club. He seems to have been a gentleman about it, leaving the madwoman to her uncontrolled rage. ....


HAHAHAHA!!!! Maybe he should have been a TRUE gentleman - and not cheated on her to begin with!!!


1791 days ago


Kudos to TMZ for not buckleling under to mainstream storyline--keep digging.

1791 days ago


Oh Pleeezzzz! Leave Tiger and his wife alone! If he owes for damages then have him pay for it, but leave his private life alone! Is everyone that bored with their own lives that we must know what is going on with everyone else? I don't want to know what happened between them. Shoot, if I had someone knocking on my door every time my spouse and I had an argument, they would have gotten bored out of their wits, considering it's always over the same old thing, lack of "direct" communication. LOL! Glad I’m not famous!

1791 days ago

THE Golfer    

Ah, the privileged class! "I'll talk when I feel like it(or when my wounds heal, whichever occurs first.)" Hasn't it dawned on Tiger that the more he avoids talking to police, the more speculation will run rampant? He should talk to the police and get this circus behind him. Mind you, his wife might end up doing time, but hey, them's the breaks.

1791 days ago



I'll betcha OPRAH would have Elin on her show Monday if she could, with her two faced wishy washy azz.

1791 days ago
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