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Tiger's Alleged Mistress -- For Gloria's Ears Only

11/29/2009 3:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel -- the alleged "other woman" in Tiger Woods' life -- is on her way to Los Angeles to meet with the one and only ... Gloria Allred.

Rachel Uchitel

We caught up with Rachel outside her NYC apartment early this morning and again at JFK airport.

She'll be meeting with Gloria today, and -- if history is any market -- you can expect a good ol' Gloria Allred news conferene on Monday -- we're guessing 11:30 AM PT.

We know the drill.


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Canadian bred    

I actually banged rachel..true story

1755 days ago


Oh Please... this girl is loving the attention. Whores dont care about their reps, but she is loving the fame that will come from all the attention. Her lawyer is always working on behalf of the mistress- remember Amber Faye.

1755 days ago


Wow. That was exciting. Keeping my fingers crossed that the next video you get is of her brushing her teeth or, Gods willing, clipping her toe nails. Actually, there probably are people that would pay to see something like that.

And, for the record, I really cannot stand Gloria Allred. She's on my list right next to Nancy Grace, Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Reilly. They all try to cover their total ignorance of all things logical and/or rational by being really, really loud and obnoxious.

1755 days ago


Rachel Uchitel Meeting Agenda:
1. Personal and Third Party Guarantee for payment of Fees
2. Explanation and justification of false statements
3. Loopholes, if any, in National Enquirer/Star stories
4. Exclusive Book Deal
5. Media Schedule
6. Hush Money Options, then secure phone conference with Steinberg

1755 days ago


Mr. Garagos has become smarter and wiser as he has aged though Ms. Allred has become dumber, without scruples, and will do anything for money. She talks out of both sides of her mouth and, unfortunately, her daughter is taking on the same trait.

1755 days ago


OK, someone do this math for me:

This chick already released a statement saying she did not hook up with good ol El Tigre. Why does she need legal counsel?

I hope someone can help me with this because I keep coming up with media whoring.

Why couldnt this chick do the right thing, and try to hook up with Spencer Pratt? Them media whores need to stick together, y'no?

1755 days ago


She's a pig and he's a dirt bag

1755 days ago


I hope the stories aren't true for the sake of Tiger and his family. You guys can say what you want about Rachel but I wouldn't kick either one of these women outta bed.

1755 days ago


Gloria Allred could care less about her's all about the photo op for big old Gloria. Another person that lives under a rock and only comes out like a slithering demon when it's time to make money.

1755 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Ain't nobody's fault but Tiger's if he jumped into bed with this major fox.

1755 days ago


Was she worth it, Tiger?

Elin, tell the police the truth and ask Tiger if he wants to press charges. If he does, face it head-on and then divorce him. If not, pack up your kids and go home for while until you can think more clearly. Spend your time with people who love you and don't talk with the media. And take care of your children. Most of all, keep your head up until this settles out one way or the other. Tiger will wait or he won't. If he doesn't, you're young with lots of years ahead of you. Learn from it and move on. If he does, find out what's going on in your marriage and try to save it. If he does it again, save your soul and let him go.

1755 days ago


As this story unfolds, she'd best find herself a cave to crawl into as women around the world are going to come out in full force in support of beautiful Elin Woods, a wife and mother of two children under the age of two years. Tiger Woods has not been the same since his father died or maybe he's just trying to grow-up, eh? When you have been sold as Mr. Perfect to the world, the fall from the top of the ladder is going to hurt as you hit one rung of at a time before hitting bottom...thump, thump, thump. A worse feeling than having one's wife give a few nail scratches or take a man's professional phallic symbol of a golf club to their vehicle. A Stanford graduate who left his common sense on the golf course when he weakened to the likes of the above whore for a few moments of pleasure as his wife was home carrying for their children.

1755 days ago


She looks like shes in her 40's, how old is she?

1755 days ago


Why do men ever marry and have families if they long for moments of pleasure from a dirty whore who is with one man after another and, therefore, the potential of giving them AIDS and sexual diseases they may have acquired from other men? No doubt this woman has been running an excort service of one, i.e. a prostitute to men with a lot of money to keep her in style.

1755 days ago


That skank is one ugly ho bitch. Tiger, is this really what you screwed your whole life up for? C'mon. You got yo-self a beautiful white wife, and you go and screw it up with this ho bitch. You ain't no champion to me no more.

1755 days ago
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