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Investigation Over Brutal Attack at Jay-Z's Club

11/30/2009 7:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warning: This video contains graphic and violent images. Viewer discretion is advised.

Jay-Z's The 40/40 Club in Atlantic City is under investigation after a video surfaced showing several hulking bouncers brutally attacking two male patrons in the club parking lot over the weekend.

In the footage, captured by DJ Zeke, roughly ten men wearing "security" and "event staff" shirts gang up and repeatedly beat the two men -- who can barely defend themselves against the ruthless mob.

Cops say charges will be filed against several bouncers -- and they are currently reviewing the tape to identify the men involved in the attack.

But get this -- the two victims were arrested after the beatdown and charged with disorderly conduct because security told cops they had acted inappropriately inside the club.

The two men claimed they did nothing wrong inside or outside of the club. The tape seems to back their story.

A rep for the club tells TMZ: "We can't comment on the fight. We are doing our own investigation in addition to the police investigation. It's really in the hands of the police at this point. The 40/40 club has never had anything like this happen before and we take the safety of our patrons seriously."


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What a bunch of Inefficient Thugs. Not only did they fail in removing the "problem" from the club and closing the door like they are ( supposte to be ) trained to do, they FAILED at the beatdown they where giving....

Look at all the cheap shots at guy #2, he was succesfully dodging most of their swings at him. Only cheap shots where able to land and few at that! The first thug to swing on guy #2 FELL TO THE FLOOR ON HIS OWN!!!!
Good thing there where 10-12 thug friends helping out or #2 mighta had a chance to swing back,

Very unprofessional. very inefficient. Fired. See YA.

Jay you hired the wrong guys. friendship is friendship but apparently they didnt worry about keeping your name clean and went for theirs.

1794 days ago

AC reality    

The guys beaten were NOT arrested. They were charged in a complaint — filed by two of the security guards and the manager. That is NOT arrested. I would hope your boy Harvey would understand the difference. I'm sure they taught him that in law school ...

1794 days ago


Even the "security" jerks that didn't throw any punches, kicks, etc. should be charged for just watching and not helping the victims. Hopefully the idiot that filed the false police report will have his day(s) in jail too.

1794 days ago


I'd like to see these animals try and take on someone their own size like a UFC fighter (kimbo slice anyone?)

1794 days ago


That was held in the Atlantic City , NJ club...i was outside the place when it was happening...not right there where the video was recorded but walking up around the the time i got there the security was walking back into the building...

1792 days ago


And Jay sold his part of ownership to that club..awhile back because it didn't get the kind of business/popularity he thought he was going to get.

1792 days ago


Gay-Z is just a wanna be thug.
You lie with dogs you get fleas.
Takes one to know one...
wanna be!

1792 days ago


Those cowards should be arrested.. Biatch.

1792 days ago

Robert Sweet    

Wow. It takes 10 big steriods retard idiots to beat up 1 guy. Should fire the hiring team. Hey JZay fu%khead, hire me!!! I make sure 2 of my guys will control the crowd with respect to law and order. I hope J-Zay gets sue big time!!!!!

1784 days ago


After reading many of the comments, I am begining to wonder if anyone here has ever been to a hip hop night club. I have worked in them for many years and people tend to act differently when the lights are low, the music is loud, the alcohol is flowing and they are in the company of a few hundred other bar patrons who all think that security should be gunned down for messing up their good time. Sure, we sometimes get it wrong but I doubt these guys weren't doing anything as they always claim. What seems to be happening here is that one or two bouncers stepped out of their roles, engauged in the throwing of the fist or was swung on by a customer, then the rest reacted and protected one of their own. We don't have the luxury to say, " Hey, that guy just punched another bouncer! Oh lets wait and investigate this matter befor we lend any assistance to our brother to make sure he was operating entirely within the parameters of his job." It is the job of the head of security to see to it that bouncers dont have egos or chips on their shoulders and if they do, fire them and move on. If that doesn't happen, one lose cannon can very easily get the entire crew into a place were the law is not on their side - and that can cost the club or it's owners dearly. Everybody says they go out just to have a good time but the reality is that to some people, having a good time usually involves fighting, still others will start a fight just to try to sue.....E SPECIALLY if the club is owned by a celeb.

1770 days ago


That why so called security bouncer always get shot in face. Beating people at clubs. Dam WF

1761 days ago

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