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Cops Pursue Warrant

in Woods Case

11/30/2009 2:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ the Florida Highway Patrol is now focusing on obtaining a search warrant -- allowing them to seize medical records from the hospital that treated Tiger Woods -- in an attempt to determine if the wounds Woods sustained are consistent with a car accident or domestic violence.

Tiger Woods

We're told authorities believe they can show probable cause a crime was committed, a necessary step in obtaining a warrant.

One big piece of evidence showing probable cause ... sources tell us Tiger's wife, Elin Nordegren told FHP troopers she went looking for Tiger in a golf cart, came upon the accident and then used a golf club to break the window to gain entry. That's a very different story from what she first told Windemere cops shortly after the accident -- she never mentioned a golf cart. Nordegren told Windemere police she had walked out of her house, saw the crash, went back inside to get a golf club and returned to the vehicle.

TMZ has reviewed 21 photos from the scene -- no sign of any golf cart. But we just found another photo (below) from the scene, where you can see a golf cart in the foreground.

Tiger Woods golf cart

Tiger Woods Car Crash PicsAnd there's more ... although alcohol was not involved, Tiger was in and out of consciousness and TMZ has already reported Tiger told a friend he was taking prescription meds for pain, which could be evidence of DUI. This, too, could constitute probable cause to obtain a warrant.

We're told the FHP is pursuing the search warrant option after getting shut down again Sunday in an attempt to interview Tiger and Elin and eyeball Tiger's wounds.

As we first reported, according to sources, Tiger told a friend Elin had attacked him after she confronted him with reported allegations he had cheated on her. We're told Tiger told the friend Elin then followed him out of the house and struck the moving vehicle with the golf club, causing him to get distracted and hit the hydrant.

If the FHP determines Elin attacked Tiger, we're told she could be arrested for domestic violence.

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Great job, cops. She has a nine months old baby and he doesn't want to press charges. Break up the family, cause mayhem to them, stress them out, just for the heck of it. I think they should take their 500 million dollars and move.

1757 days ago


Somewhere in a picture I did see a golf cart and wondered why it was there. Review the pictures that are out there again...

1757 days ago


Read the Orlando Sentinel. Orlando is in the top 10 cities for murders in the US . The cops should go solve those murders. Also the Florida Highway Patrol is mad at the Windemere police for not dogging Tiger. Can someone tell me why the highway Patrol should be investigating? You know Orlando is kinda backwater and are not used to big name stars living among them. Tiger should move back to California

1757 days ago


Tiger and Kate, she kinda looks like her.
Rich guys like Tiger should be allow to change women as often as they change their socks.

1757 days ago


Does this guy think we believe what he is saying? Does he think we're STUPID?!!? His wife made mincemeat (sp?) out of him, likely hit him HARD with a golf club on his head/face and causing those cuts and bruises and the intermittent loss of consciousness. As Tiger fled the attack, she continued to come after him and hit the back of the car out of out-of-control anger. I mean: He is at the front seat, slumped over or not, and she hits the back window to save him? No one has said if she cleaned the back window so well that she easily got in the car, grabbed Tiger, pulled him out. Does Tiger think we are all on pain medicine, too?!!? PLUH-EEEEEZE! After reading all of this unraveling Tiger Woods horror, I do realize my life isn't so crappy as I thought. How embarrassing it will be to see pictures of him with bruises and cuts on his privileged face, his wife with the protruding and most ugly teeth standing by him. Please!

1757 days ago


For the poster that asked who got decapatated... I think the other poster was referring to actress Jayne Mansfield (Mariska Hargitay of Law and Order: SVU is her daughter) though I'm not sure what that has to do with any of this.


Tiger just needs to get with FHP and come clean. The longer he delays it the bigger this is going to get.

1757 days ago


I'm so tired of this story. I understand the police need to do their jobs even if Mr. Wood's and his wife want to keep this private. I have a suggestion for the police. If they really want to do something important, come to Washington State and help find the guy that gunned down 4 police officers while they were doing their reports. The police seem hellbent on putting the blame on Mr. Wood's wife and wanting to prove she attacked him first. Come help us solve this begger attack that left 9 children without fathers and a mother.

1757 days ago


I would have voted if you'd had a choice of who the f**k cares. I don't and if they got into it who really cares, again wasting tax payer money is celebrity bs. If she hit him for cheating on ehr he should feel he got off lucky.....this time.

1757 days ago


Ya'll know what happened!...Tiger got his butt beat!

...here's what happened....

1. he confessed the affair & she got p*ssed
2. she popped him in the face, busted his lip
3. he took off in the SUV, she went after him & busted out the back windows with the golf club
4. he spun out hit the hydrant & the tree, then got out of the car
5. she then popped him AGAIN & laid him out on the ground
6. then the neighbors came out, called 911 & she lied to the police
7. he hides in the house - so no statement to the police about the assault
8. "She" issues a statement on his website saying it's "his" fault, she's not to blame
9. He keeps quiet while nursing his wounds because he doesn't want an expensive divorce or to lose endorsements
10. He then realizes he shouldn't have cheated nor taught his wife how to use a nine iron!

1757 days ago


Look at the pictures of the car, folks.

Both front doors are closed, while the rear windows are completely smashed. Do you really think she opened the door to the driver's or passenger's seat in the front, hauled her husband out, and then closed the door again?

To me it seems clear that she did indeed smash the windows in the back to get him out and I don't care where she got the clubs. She must have been dead afraid the car would go up in flames.

1757 days ago


Look at the accident pictures on TMZ. The back window of the SUV is not busted out. That means TMZ's previous reports that the back window had been smashed out is incorrect. Look at the pictures. Maybe Tiger is right. Most of what we read is inaccurate.

1757 days ago


After she smashed out the first window to presumably open the door to gain access to tiger, why would she waste time running around to the other side to smash out that window, too?? And if she was so worried about his condition, why didn't she call for medical help before knocking out TWO windows??
And why wasn't he tested for alcohol or drugs, authorities had reasonable cause because this was a one-car accident at 2 o'clock in the freaking morning.

1756 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Oh BABY... the TROPHY WIFE is goin down.

So long bitch.

And so long to every other bitch who **would have** caved in her man's skull the next time.

And to the rest of all mankind???


1756 days ago


Police State. Waste of taxpayers money. He should pay the damages for the fire hydrant, and the rest is his private business. The police probably want to sell the details to TMZ and get their cut of the story. Going to court and demanding to look at his face, what a waste of resources. Work on catching real criminals.

1756 days ago


It's about time that the police assert their responsibility in this matter. If Tiger was running from an assault and was a victim of spousal abuse, he is continuing a cycle of violence in his family by hiding the abuse. He may not want this out in the public, but he needs counseling and intervention if he has been abused by his spouse. Violence is not acceptable. I don't care if he cheated on her or not in the matter of violence. If she thought he was sleeping around, she should hire an attorney and get a divorce....not resort to violence.

Also, if Tiger and his wife were involved in mutual violence...they definitely need treatment because there are 2 children witnessing this tragedy. There were minor children in the home, the public's interest is to determine if they may be in harm due to violence between the adults. The police needs to investigate

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/11/30/dr-phil-show-lawsuit-bus-accident-mothers/1#c23559027#ixzz0YKanqQTo

1756 days ago
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