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Alleged MJ Lovechild Won't Accept Rejection

12/1/2009 4:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson -- the 24-year-old who claims to be MJ's lovechild -- is going back to court in the hopes of getting a slice of Jacko's fortune, even though he was already rejected by the people who run MJ's estate.

PMMJJ just filed "objections of rejection" paperwork in L.A. County Superior Court, in which he begs a judge to "have determined that he is the biological son of decedent Michael Joseph Jackson ... and gain whatever benefits he is entitled to."

The Jackson estate had rejected PMMJJ's claim back in August, even though he provided a California birth certificate which lists Michael Joseph Jackson as his father.


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Posted at 6:08PM on Dec 1st 2009 by new name

new name is nightmare before christmas also

Posted at 6:16PM on Dec 1st 2009 by another new name

This is still nightmare before christmas again.

1732 days ago


This guy has been trying for years to establish paternity regarding MJ being his father. It's been an on-going issue since he was a child. I hope he's allowed a DNA test at the least. MJ was a heterosexual man and he was certainly getting some p*ssy on a regular basis.

1732 days ago


If this is hos child, and a blood test can prove it, then he should get some of the estate. More than the kids that are not his blood!!

1732 days ago


This is a short article regarding the truth about Michael Jackson’s sexuality. It has been announced that he was gay. Find out to know how! Read and enjoy.

Despite the child abuse allegations on him which weren’t true, Michael Jackson had relations with two gay lovers.

The two of his former lovers was a waiter who served Michael Jackson in a restaurant and the other was an actor.

The waiter had remained friends with him until Michael Jackson died on 25th June 2009.

I have no problem with Michael Jackson being gay. I like all different types of people and I know there are certain people out there who despise homosexuality. I have old friends who were also gay but they had no chance of telling the truth due to the fact that they would get bullied. This is the same way I believe that Michael Jackson had kept his sexuality a secret as he wanted his fans to continue respecting him. It is a shame that due to other people, we humans cannot keep our sexuality open to the public.

We care about Michael Jackson because he is a legend and a person who did so much for his people which means we shouldn’t hate him for being gay. The only thing we need is to realize the truth and learn.

1732 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

82. 77. 74 this is nightmare before christmas

Posted at 6:08PM on Dec 1st 2009 by new name

new name is nightmare before christmas also

Posted at 6:16PM on Dec 1st 2009 by another new name

This is still nightmare before christmas again.

Posted at 6:36PM on Dec 1st 2009 by Deb

Is Deb still nightmare before christmas again?

1732 days ago


Michael Jackson — a gay man

None of the mainstream media comes out and says it, but it seems obvious to me that Michael Jackson was a closeted gay man.

There is the fact that Michael was the youngest of five brothers. It has been found statistically more likely that having more older brothers increases the chance of being gay. Much has been made of his androgyny and boy-man personality. Neither of his marriages were particularly successful or lasted very long. He did not seem to have his children through conventional means. He had a love of wild flamboyant costumes and dancing. In later years, however, he seemed determined to butch it up a little more perhaps to keep up appearances, perhaps for his children. Also, Michael’s fixation on ‘improving’ his own appearance to the extent that he had so many plastic surgeries smells like an extreme version of the common gay male affliction.

But probably of course, the strongest evidence is his fondness of sharing his bed with boys. He probably didn’t have the benefit of a society or family at that time more open and accepting of his sexuality. As an adult, isolated by his fame, it seems he probably went the route that priests take, falling for any males he was able to get close to. This led to his public humiliation and downfall. It was quite a tragedy really because he was so talented.

# # #

Not sure if I should be helping this guy sell his book, but in this article he says Michael had gay lovers along with a lot of other scuttlebutt.

The Advocate posted this reference to the above article. Then several reader comments to the Advocate article attempt to disown Michael Jackson as not being qualified to be called ‘gay’. I.e. a suspected pedophile, not publically out, etc. But I sort of figure that it would actually be a good thing that Michael Jackson was gay: everyone knows Michael Jackson. People can understand that he would be fearful of coming out and probably have compassion for him and possibly other gay people.

# # #

If Jackson was on Oxycontin for pain (from his recent fall), this could be just another ‘Heath Ledger’ death. Those drugs are really really dangerous. [Update: Apparently Jackson had more expensive tastes and was addicted to an anesthetic as a sleep aid.]

# # #

Completely unrelated: one thing you notice about male singers and performers that all their best work tends to happen at a young age, 20’s or 30’s or so. It’s the wild testosterone fueled creativity. Then there tends to be a significant decline. Either they’ve achieved amazing success or for some other reason the creativity tails downward. Testosterone does decrease with age…

1732 days ago


I have no problem with Michael Jackson being gay either. I just don't happen to believe that he was. I base my opinion on my own gut and things I have read and how credible they seem to me. I for sure believe that Michael had something real going with LMP and that they had sexual relations. Does this prove he wasn't gay? Not necessarily. Except I also believe longtime fan Theresa Gonsalves' recent claim in her newest book (Remember The Time) that she had sex with Michael twice -- once when they were both 19 and once 10 years later when they were about 30. I've also listened to the taped phone conversations between Michael and his friend "Glenda". If that's not Michael's voice, I'll eat my hat. In these conversations, he speaks about his relationship (sexual details included) with another mystery woman. Don't know if I believe he had sex with June Chandler, but it's possible. Also, I believe he was totally in love with Diana Ross for years. Doesn't mean she had sex with him, but I buy he would have if given a shot. Nuff said for me. IMO, Michael was straight but wanted the world to wonder. He did a good job in making them wonder.

1732 days ago


Michael Jackson was gay, book alleges

Michael Jackson had a string of gay lovers, according to a sensational new book being rushed out following the pop singer's death.

Biographer Ian Halperin says that "virtually everybody" in Jackson's inner circle knew he was gay.

Halperin told The Sun newspaper in Britain how he interviewed two of Jackson's alleged male lovers, with one claiming the pop star would sneak out of his home dressed as a woman for late night rendezvous.

Halperin says he interviewed many people for his book, Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson, and was repeatedly told the pop star was gay.

"Virtually everybody has told me," the author told the newspaper.

"Even those who are his most ardent defenders, people who maintain he is innocent of the molestation charges, insist that he is homosexually inclined."

One unnamed source is quoted in Halperin's book as saying Jackson's lovers included a waiter, aspiring actor and construction worker.

"Michael would leave the house in disguise, often dressed as a woman, and would go to meet his boyfriend at a motel that was one of (Las) Vegas' grungiest dives," the source said.

"Michael was broke. He struggled to put food on the table for his children. It was all he could afford then."

Jackson had repeatedly denied being gay before his sudden death in late June.

A former bodyguard who worked with the singer has also claimed that Jackson had a secret girlfriend shortly before his death.

Meanwhile, Jackson's father Joe wants the singer's three children to go on a world tour in 2010.

The Sun said Joe Jackson, who managed a young Michael and his four brothers in the Jackson Five, had approached Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and seven-year-old Prince Michael II.

But some Jackson family members are outraged by the idea.

1732 days ago


Michael could be the father and the boy needs to take a DNA test.

1732 days ago


This young man is not Michael Jackson's son. This story is just a distraction. Its hard to believe some people are still walking around with blinders on. Michael is not dead. Do any of you busy beavers ever investigate the information these news sources give you? I encourage you to do so. Its all here in front of you, just waiting to be discovered. They are practically giving you the answers. You are making this way too easy for them.

1732 days ago


The DNA test is what was refused by Branca and McClain. He filed in August to have a DNA test done. They said NADA, Then Catfish Joe said There's a lot of money there, and people could get killed for that. So the next step is to have a Court order the Estate to produce MJ's DNA so it can be compared to Jet and his drug addict mother.

Now, I can see how this happened. MJ was real happy back in '84 when this kid was concieved. MAMA was a drug Addict so Grandma raised little Jet. MJ dies, MAMA sobers up and says may here be some easy crack money I got his kid somewhere around here. Hmm now which one was the MJ kid. Oh yea it's the little retarded one GRandmama raised. So there U have it.

Then if dis kid be fettin him some of that money I am bringin all my kids to get tested, cus I been chasin after my husband at Nevereland and everywhere. He has got to be the daddy of at least one of them. Billy Jean

1732 days ago


'Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson' Says MJ was Gay:

'Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson,' a book written by celebrity biographer Ian Halperin, claims that Michael Jackson was a cross-dresser and homosexual. Halperin also claims that MJ was not into boys, but men.

Ian Halperin's 'Unmasked' also includes a story about how Michael Jackson propositioned a construction worker, then forced him to sign a confidentiality agreement before they had gay sex.

Supposing that MJ really was a cross-dresser and homosexual, as is claimed in 'Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson,' would you feel the same about MJ?

1732 days ago


Michael Jackson's sexuality would make absolutely no difference to me. He was and is the greatest performer ever.

1732 days ago


I don't find Ian Halperin credible. And it's not because I don't want to believe that Michael was gay. If that is the truth, so be it. But I don't buy it. There's too much more (credible) evidence to the contrary. For 30 years, Michael himself directly denied that he was gay. And he was asked again and again. Could he have lied? It's possible, but not probable. One possibility I suppose is that he might have been bi. But with all the intense media coverage of him throughout his life, he was not once caught with a man. He also apparently had secret affairs and/or encounters with women (i.e. Theresa Gonsalves, the mystery woman whom he talks about on the phone with Glenda, etdc.) that never came out either. This man was really good fooling the public. The majority of the public thought he was gay. That's part of the reason I strongly believe he wasn't. Michael was the master PR manipulator. He wanted us to wonder. And here we are...wondering...

1732 days ago


We as a society are very starved for attention imagine it is coming up 6 months since MJ died and we can not get enough!!! We all need to explore why we feel this way...Is it because he died suddenly and we did not have time to deal with it properly, as with Patrick Swayze who had a terminally ill disease. I to feel very compelled to check up on what is news or making news regarding MJ...It is odd...perhaps closure will come when someone or several people are held accountable for his death...

Thank You

1732 days ago
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