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Troopers Ticket Tiger over Crash

12/1/2009 5:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' car crash is really gonna cost him ... $164.

FHP Presser: Click to watch
The Florida Highway Patrol just said Tiger will be given a ticket for careless driving -- the result of Friday's single-vehicle crash.

The FHP said the investigation is complete and it will not seek any search warrants for his medical records.

The agency also says no one involved has made claims of domestic violence.


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I wonder how soundly Tiger is going to sleep in the same house as dainty little E-lin, now that a SECOND woman, a 22 year old waitress has come forward with PROOF, text meassages and VOICE mail from Tiger, during their 30 month affair!!!. ok, if there is a second late night incident, that mysteriously has Tyger spread out on the front lawn, in and out of consciousness, AND Elin holding yet ANOTHER golf club and smashing out the back window of another one of their SUvS...... THEN will the cops finally do a real investigation into whats goiing on, not another "mickey mouse" investigation???? oh. lol, wow, they do live in Orlando, what do you inow?????

1754 days ago


the media was only out to get Tiger because he's black

the racism never ends. Obama needs to step up in a press conference and support Tiger.

1754 days ago


All you people saying this and that, know NOTHING! You have no clue what happened your nothing but complete fools and idiots! Thanks for playing LOSERS!

1754 days ago


I told you this would happen: 3-stroke penalty for driving your cart on the green and then right over the 9th hole refreshment stand. One thing most golfers forget (but the greats never forget it), is that golf is supposed to be fun. Let this be a lesson to you all. Tiger is this generation's greatest sports star. Golf is fun. Now go stitch together the first three holes and make a par 12 out of it and just remember: free lift off the first two greens once you're within 7 feet of the hole and nothing but putters allowed on the green. Third hole requires putting the ball into the hole. Par 12. Have fun and good luck.

1754 days ago


What do you get you take a coddled American athlete, a hot Swedish wife, a NY skank wannabe, a 9 iron, a Cadillac Escalade, the FHP and put them all in a bag and shake them up?? ANSWER, half dozen lawyers with a fat payday, a totaled Caddy, a rich wife that doesn't get charged with domestic violence, 2 fat lips, a bruised coconut and a bent 9 iron.
Note: Chances are also high you wont be getting on your private jet to fly to your own golf tourney till the cuts all heal up for the cameras.

1754 days ago

doc murry    

so did this fat cop have sex with tiger too

1754 days ago


How can they cite him for careless driving when no one put him behind the wheel?

1754 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

This is a short term victory for woods. He's not a poster boy for domestic violence against men.

However, after the divorce he'll wish he got he filed a compaint of abuse.

1754 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Violence against men is entertaining.

1754 days ago


I think someone over their realized how stupid TMZ is making them look and stopped butting into Tiger Woods business. They did the only thing you expect from a "cop" they wrote a freaking traffic ticket.

1754 days ago


It's not "celebrity justice". You can do the same if you're smart.

NEVER meet for 'friendly' chats with the cops or make any statements without consulting a lawyer.

The FHP clearly tried to pin a criminal case on Tiger and his wife - but they very wisely exercised their right to remain silent.
So did the neighbors.

This right belongs to every American - NEVER give your constitutional rights away !!!!!
If you don't understand your rights GET A LAWYER before talking to anyone.

1754 days ago


No one knows exactly what happened but we're all guessing - facts are though that in most marriages arguments happen and emotions get out of whack - so why not let Tiger and Elin get back on track and stop digging up crap - They have 2 children to raise and we don't need to be minding their business - it's a private matter for them to settle between themselves - So let's just butt out!

1754 days ago


Breaking News!! Tiger Woods get's a ticket. That's it? That's the breaking news? LOL

1754 days ago

doc murry    

pay attention numbnuts tiger put himself behind the wheel,,he already admitted he was driving

1754 days ago

London not England    

#129 - Joe

Hey JOE...WANDA SYKES did a better reenactment of what happened...

1754 days ago
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