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Florida Troopers Go After Tiger

12/1/2009 3:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Florida Troopers Go After TigerLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ the Florida Highway Patrol will move to have charges filed against Tiger Woods in connection with the accident last Friday.

We are told the FHP will announce the case is against Tiger -- not his wife. We do not know if the FHP will arrest Tiger or refer the case to prosecutors.

We know FHP was investigating whether Tiger was driving his SUV under the influence.

Tiger was drifting in and out of consciousness after the accident. As we first reported, his wife gave paramedics two bottles of prescription meds she says Tiger had taken though she did not know when. There was no evidence of alcohol.

The FHP is holding a news conference at 3:00 PM ET. We will livestream.

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who dat    

They tried to make me go to rehab, I said NO...NO...NO

1794 days ago


Are you serious??? Charging him with what? I tell you cops should have better things to do than chase Tiger all over hell's half-acre for banging up his truck. 4 Cops are shot to death on the West Coast and all FHP has to worry about is who's going to get Tiger to come out of his house. Friggin' stupid.

1794 days ago


I'm so fortunate to be amongst all these folks who know Tiger Wood personally, know what happened, hell, were in the back seat at the time. This happened at his home, his wife was not hurt, he was, we don't know why and he, as is his right is remaining silent.

I find it ludicrous that the FHP finds it necessary to draw and quarter a known celebrity who for all intents and purposes was attempting to mind his own business...

Those that say "Tiger owes and explanation", yeah, explain why you are at work posting here, or why that porn is on the history link on your computer, Not our business you say... Imagine that.

1794 days ago


Leave the poor guy alone! You would think he killed a family on their way to church or something. Good grief he hit a tree and a fire hydrant. Seems like the FHP wants to get their 15 minutes of fame!

1794 days ago


Every time I turn on the news all I hear is another child is missing or found dead in Florida.. And the police are wasting there time on this story of Tiger having a minor accident. Please give it a rest, & leave this family alone. Poor Elin has 2 small children to care for. Yes he is incredibly rich, but can you imagine how it must feel to not have your freedom. Being rich & famous must be almost like being in jail. I'll stay poor.

1794 days ago


The old "celebrity" slap on the wrist will be in order. Then again, Florida is a big time death penalty state. ... Just kidding, uh, I think.

1794 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Wow, I want to move to Florida. If the FHP is this bored and has this kind of time to focus on a one-car accident with a fire-hydrant, it must be the most crime-free and safest place on Earth.

1794 days ago


It has been reported for YEARS that TIGER is a CHEATER!! I'm glad people are finally realizing he isn't perfect!!

1794 days ago


How you liking that high-priced lawyer and agent now Tiger? Bet you wish you didn't listen to their advice not to talk to the police. I know cops, I work with cops, they don't like to be punked in public. The minute you embarassed them, you had crosshairs on your back. You should have just let them in, told them you had a fight, tried to leave, lost control of your car, and then you could have given them a tour, signed a few items, looked at some trophies, and they would have been happy campers. Look what you have to deal with now. All because some douchey-lawyer and agent types told you to do what they probably would not have done themselves if it was them at risk.

good luck dude.

1794 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

I just noticed something and maybe some of you thought the same or I could be stupid. LOL
....but it wasn't the back/rear window that was smashed it was the side back window which makes sense if he had the doors locked and his wife was trying to get him out of the crashed vehicle.
Maybe she did smash the window for that reason to get help to Tiger. Maybe Tiger was so dopped up on pain meds that is why the cops are going to arrest him for driving while intoxicated with pain meds.

1794 days ago


Are you kidding me? If anyone else got into a MINOR accident the cops would not be doing this. If they thought he was on prescription meds they should have tested him at the scene. If they thought he deserved a ticket they should have ticketed him AT THE SCENE. They are only going this far for something this minor to see their names in the paper. No wonder he won't talk to them - would they be pursuing anyone who wasn't a celebrity like this? No, not for an accident that was really nothing. P-O-S Pigs - go get your own fame and stop trying to get it through Tiger.

1794 days ago


Those of you who commented are very similar to the media...ignorant. The man is a legend and got into a car accident leave it at that. If him and his wife were arguing, so what? If he was having an affair, so what? It is his life, he can do what he pleases just as you ignorant people do what you please. People have lost a sense of morality in their life, so much so they must dwell on bringing others down with them. He is arguably the best athlete in the world. Some people, I guess, envy his talent so much that they are feeding on his personal mistakes to bring him down. Maybe you all should concentrate on fixing your problems rather than bring everyone down.

1794 days ago


Leave the man alone! Why is this anyones business

1794 days ago


Why are the police being mean to Tiger? Celebrities shouldn't be treated like this. He is royalty. They owe him an apology.

1794 days ago


who cares if he was drivin while under the influence. its not against the law if he is just driving around his neighborhood you idiots! he broke no law. you can't charge someone with a DUI just because they are on prescription medicine duh!!!

1794 days ago
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