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Sly Stallone Strikes Over Stolen 'Cobra' Car

12/1/2009 7:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sylvester Stallone claims someone was stupid enough to steal one of his most famous cars nearly 15 years ago -- and now the guy who has it is refusing to give it back.

Sly Stallone Strikes Over Stolen 'Cobra' Car

It's all over the "iconic custom-built" 1950 Mercury featured in the Stallone classic, "Cobra." Stallone claims he had personally designed the car to fit his role in the film.

But Sly claims someone jacked the famous ride from a garage back in 1994 -- and it somehow got into the possession of a company that provides "on-camera vehicles" for movies. Sly claims he asked the owner of the company to give him the car back -- but the owner has refused.

Now Sly and his legal pit bull Marty Singer have filed an awesomely written lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, which begins with a quote from the movie -- "Crime is a disease. Meet the cure."

In the suit, Sly claims "by sheer fortuity" he came across a car auction on the Internet that featured the very same Mercury from "Cobra." Stallone claims he was shocked that someone had the "temerity" to try and sell the car in public -- since Sly had reported it stolen back in the day.

Sly never directly accuses the movie-car company of stealing the whip, which he claims is worth more than $250,000. The car company pulled the Mercury from the auction, but Sly still has some serious demands.

the cobra carFirst -- he wants the car back, stat.

Second -- Stallone wants $3 million because the car company's site allegedly used Sly's name and image to promote the auction without proper permission.


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That car is bad ass.

I hope Sly gets it back and those worthless crooks get sued right out of business.

1785 days ago


pollynoo, Sylvester Stallone is a brilliant, very sophisticated person who has an IQ of 160, which is literally at genius level. He is well educated and for some reason people can't seem to see past the media created caricature of Rocky Balboa. People don't even truly understand Rocky but they tend to take a version of that FICTIONAL character that is so unbelievably exaggerated it doesn't even represent him let alone Stallone, and they apply it to the man as a human being. To say he is talentless shows your complete and utter ignorance and is proof you haven't watched his films. Grow up and get a life.

1785 days ago


If it was really slys car the cops would jump in a get it back. I suspect if he did own it the insurance paid Sly and he just wants to try a clooect more free money.

go back to porn Sly and you can play the old man in the trench coat.

1785 days ago


@robert there is a very good chance that it was insured and if it was and stolen then the company would write him a check.

Now the company will offer the car back to him and he will have to pay back the cash minus damages if he wants the car back.

He loved that car and I bet he would have no problem giving them back there money to get it back. That might be the issue right now from him just walking in there and taking it back. if the company wrote it off and paid him then they own it and he has very little rights unless he buys them back or they go belly up.

1785 days ago


Nothing is over!! Nothing!

1785 days ago


I am not a huge Stallone fan, but I hate it when people think he is dumb because of the way he talks. The reason he talks like that is because the doctors used forceps during his birth and that paralyzed part of his face. He came a long way despite the numerous obstacles he had in his way. Also, I find it hilarious that people say he is dumb when he is the one with all of the money in the bank. If he is dumb, then they must be an absolute retard.

1785 days ago


Over half the comments had nothing to do with the story or car. Not only should the car be returned but the current owner, and the previous owner (if there is one) should be held responsible.

1785 days ago


Hey! Nevermind about the car and the $3 million. People and children starving in the world and America and Sly's worried about a car. If you get it back Sly, auction it off along with more of all your goodies for the needy!! Not a penny to you who has enough already for such an easy job as acting.

1785 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Get 'em, Sly! At least the thief/thieves took good care of the car!

And hey #5, Sly has SO much talent that he made himself a star. He's a writer, director, artist, Oscar winner. You obviously don't know what the word "talent" means.

1785 days ago


I will gladly hold the car until this dispute is concluded. Trust me.

1785 days ago

Eddie Paul    

Well I am the guy that built the cars for the movie and it was to Sly's specs even to the color, I had a small bit of input but mostly it was to what he wanted. I also called the guy that was selling it (Ray) and warned him not to lie and claim he built it, he is a known liar, so did not listen, and this is what comes around when you are too big of a jerk to use common sense, the car was one of my favorite movie builds and we built four of them in four weeks to picture cars and tow stunt cars, this was ripped shortly after the films was finished, If I remember correctly. If anyone is interested I have a lot of photos of the original build as well as one that we re-restored. goes around..'comes around...
Eddie Paul

1785 days ago


Hey people have lost there car before and were found many years later. They should give him his car back. But if the insurance company paid him any money for his loses the car belongs to the insurence company

1785 days ago


Do you have a website Eddie? I love to see them

1785 days ago


If his insurance company paid him off, they own the car. If he didn't, why not?

1785 days ago


Go Sly!

I hope he puts these thieves out of business... and maybe in jail.

1785 days ago
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