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Tiger Woods

New Woman Surfaces

12/1/2009 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned a woman has come forward to Us Weekly, claiming she had a 31-month affair with Tiger Woods and has a voicemail recording and texts to prove it.

New Woman
The woman, Jaimee Grubbs, claims she met Tiger in Las Vegas in April, 2007. The woman -- a cocktail waitress who was 21 at the time -- began what she says was a long-running affair with Tiger.

According to Us Weekly, Grubbs has more than 300 text messages from Tiger -- who married Elin Nordegren in 2004.

The magazine, which comes out tomorrow, claims Grubbs had 20 sexual encounters with Tiger. Us Weekly has photos, racy texts from Tiger, as well as a voicemail from November 24, in which Tiger suggests his wife might be on to the alleged affair.

Grubbs has appeared recently on VH1's "Tool Academy."

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doc murry    

umm you can download text messeges onto your computor bonehead,,and you can bet she did and they stay there forever,,geeez get with the 21st century man maybe she was his rehab,,a girl can do many things to you while u just lay there and its a fact tiger like the mouth action on his woody

1790 days ago

London not England    

See, See,..this is what ya'll Motha F*#kas git fo hookin up wit a Big Viking bitch!!!!

Tiger kno dat these ho's is only out fo his $$$
TMZ,, ya'll need to focus on my sista...ya'll don't know dat docta Murray was "hittin it" do ya'll...?

well, we gone talk bout it in our upcomin book "L&L Tell it ALL"...
Watch an Ya Gone see!

We luvs All Ya'll dat supported us!


1790 days ago



1790 days ago

par four    

they don't call him tiger in the woods for nothing. lol
it looks like he used the wrong club this time.

sometimes they forget who they are and where they stand when they are in the public eye all the time you are bound to get caught.

move over OJ it looks like you are going to have company real soon.

break camp tiger before it get's out of hand.

1790 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Tiger has the talent. He generates sales that provide jobs. Not his wife, not his kids, not his girlfriends. He will pay in the divorce by losing his kids, 18 years of income and 1/2 his stuff

1790 days ago

Vic Nebulous    

...and she's not even hot. "Tool Academy" alum? C'mon, Tiger, you're married to a friggin' Scandinavian model for Christ's sake!

1790 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Last time I checked adultery is legal just like gay sex. big deal. this should not cost a guy so much. what did his wife do - tell the maids and nannies to work harder

1790 days ago

The Champ    

Tiger works out at my gym in Newport Beach near his home in Crystal Cove and supposedly 2 of the trainers at the gym have hooked up with him....They talk about it all the time and have shown me multiple texts from the dude...wouldn't surprise me one bit...but I've also seen him and Elin in the gym together so who knows what the truth is...but he is a guy and I don't know any guy who doesnt cheat......

1790 days ago


And these are the whores that bind us. GOSH! All these people involved range from poor character to your regular buttwipes. I don't think Elin will be sticking around much longer. And these money/media whores make me sick to my stomache. Ruining lives. And let's not leave out TIGER (whom I've never been a fan of since he said he wasn't black) DUMB KITTY!

1790 days ago


Yup, you're right, Tiger has talent. But no common sense, loyalty, integrity or commitment to marriage.

1790 days ago

The man is out to get Tiger    

This is a conspiracy from the White establishment to bring down Tiger. They paid these women and druged him to create the illusion of an affair which will ruin his career. In they future all you are going to see is ultra rich White guys in the Masters tournaments. Tiger was too close to breaking the all time record of a Jack Nicklaus and the "establishment" was not going to let that happen!

1790 days ago


betcha all the guys that cheat on tour are not sleeping nights thinking perhaps this will encourage an avalanche of women to step forward just as they have stepped out. that would be cool.
marriage was originally created to secure property; it had nothing to do with Romantic love and was arranged. that was well understood. Romantic love lays and lies elsewhere.
Domestic violence on any scale is a crime and under reported by men.

1790 days ago

Canadian bred    

Damn tiger..this Jamiee girl is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ugly, she looks like she got hit by a bag of nickels and dimes, damn Tiger, I thought Lamar odom messed up, with that Ho Kardashian biatch, but this girl is nasty, yucky..the first one you cheated with was ok, damn bro, you got some explaining to do, to your wife and kids, you need to take advice, from your Buddy micheal jordan and give them hoes hush money. Since your like a billionaire, you can probably pay these ho's off, or you can lose half of your empire in the divorce...these ho's are becoming more and more scandalous..M.O.B. money over biatches...damn dogg

1790 days ago


Really? Like he couldn't get somebody hot? This gold digging whore is FUGLY!!!

1790 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

The lesson is, if you're a guy never marry.

1790 days ago
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