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Corey Feldman: I Wanna Stiff My Ex

12/2/2009 2:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

 Corey FeldmanCorey Feldman is telling his soon-to-be ex-wife she ain't gonna take their son away without a fight -- and if he gets his way, she ain't getting any spousal support from the courts either.

Corey just filed legal docs in L.A. County Superior Court in response to his wife's divorce papers, claiming he wants joint custody of their son -- Zen Feldman.

According to the docs, he also wants to stop the court from awarding his wife any spousal support.

His wife Susie Feldman filed for divorce from the Goonies star back in October, asking the court for both full custody and spousal support.


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TMZ teaches me marriage may not be a good thing and that lawyers, once again, put things right for the masses who choose to marry (and then fight) the ones they marry.

Michael Jackson had the right idea.

1733 days ago


Corey Feildman, what a complete and utter douche-bag!!!!
He never had anything good to say when he was a lame movie star, let alone now!

1733 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Courts to not give children to fathers. Unless 1) the woman does not want the children 2) danger to children.

The father wanting the children is not enough.

1733 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Dude's wasting his time and money. judges hate fathers

1733 days ago


Nice to see haw many of you can't read, he isn't taking the child from his mother, he has filed for JOINT CUSTODY, it is the mother who wants sole custody and Child support is entirely separate for spousal Support which is alimony

1733 days ago


@Idiocy reigns supreme, where does it say he doesn't want to support his child?? He actually is fighting to be in his child's life by asking for joint custody, which is more than alot of men do. His wife is a model and makes plenty of her own money he doesn't need to be paying her spousal support. Like him or not he seemed like he really loved his wife and always put family first, now she wants full custody and spousal support? Please.

1733 days ago


WTF...Zen Feldman?!?! That's both hilarious and sad at the same time. Seriously, though...there really should be some kind of law to prevent people (especially celebretards) from giving their poor unsuspecting kids these ridiculously goofy-sounding names. Whatever happened to normal names like 'Dave' or 'Mike'??? Sheesh.

1733 days ago


This guy is and has been such a has been. What a loser. She was way too hot for him and he knew it. But she is a stupid freak so she married his lame ass. She is really as dumb as a stump....PETA loving skank!

1733 days ago


The kids name is Zen? Ironic, his life will be anything but Zen.

1733 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

mmmmmmmm love me some susie!!!

time to go jerk it

1733 days ago


i was at the eyegore awards @ universal studios hollywood back in october...i go every year because my son covers the red carpet, etc...(who also happens to be named corey-go figure!)...anyhow..both susie and corey show up together every year and they've always been really happy and cozy..etc...this year susie tapped me on my shoulder because they were coming through the lines, etc..she was really polite but extremely upset...i could tell by the way she said "excuse me" and cut through everyone w/corey following behind w/a worried look on his now that i read this it makes didn't know they were headed for divorce that same month....sad though...there is a child involved...

1733 days ago


I pray for the day when this prick dies. Please die soon jerkoff!

1733 days ago


Do people not know how to read? He said he does not want to pay spousal support, never did he say anything about not paying child support.

Has anyone even seen the show the Two Corys? His wife was a total b*** and always causing trouble and drama. I watched the show and I do not know who I could not stand more, her or the other Corey

If anything people should be applauding him for fighting for his son but no everyone just has to attack everyone and it is really getting pathetic especially when they do not read the article correctly or know the truth about the people.

1732 days ago


1st off I'm not a big fan ... liked Goonies, Stand by me, Lost Boys but... I caught a few episodes of 2 Coreys and thought his wife was a gold diggin star fker. (By the way, Feldman was also married to the hot Vanessa Marcil from the show Las Vegas.)

Gold diggers are basically deceitful hookers and deserve nothing. Joint custody usually means minimal child support since custody is 50/50.
Maintenance (Alimony) is paid to the ex-wife to maintain a level of comfort she has become accustomed to. If a woman is married to a man while he makes his fortune the pay-off is huge but Feldman made most of his money before marrying the hooker so it may be minimal.

1725 days ago


THIS GUY IS THE LAST PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO SHOULD WIN CUSTODY. All his talk about being clean of drugs. I went to see my Dr. Feel Good and guess who was sitting there getting his laundry list of painkillers prescription? Corey Feldman.

Hope his publicist see this and comes after me. I'd have no problem naming the doctor, his address and the date of Corey's last appointment.

Give the child to the mother - this guy's still using.

1714 days ago
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