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Jesse Ventura in Heated Stand-Off with Comic

12/2/2009 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse "The Body" Ventura came thiiiiiiiiis close to beating the living crap out of comedian Jim Norton on a live radio show early this morning -- over a political conversation that went worse than the Gulf of Tonkin.

It all went down on the Opie and Anthony radio show, when Ventura -- a former wrestling champ turned politician -- arrived for an in-studio interview. Ventura was explaining why he doesn't trust the U.S. government -- when Norton, a regular on the radio show, began arguing with him.

After an intense back-and-forth, Ventura decided to leave and as he patted Norton on the shoulder on the way out -- Norton said, "Thanks for touching me with your f*cking stupid riff-raff Rocky Horror hairdo."

Ventura turned and stared Norton down -- until Norton proclaimed, "You're bigger than me and stronger than me ... so what?! You want to beat me up? Go ahead."

Ventura, who served in an elite Navy unit during the Vietnam years, kept his composure and eventually walked away.


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mike. e. dangerously    

Jim Norton I vaguely remember him wasn't he Dennis Leary's gofer when he had a talk show on Comedy Central? I do remember every time he would try to interject himself into a conversation Dennis would tell him to shut-up and he looked like he was about to cry.I guess he's never gotten over being Leary's bitch.

1749 days ago


Actually if you heard the whole interview (which was 2 hours long), Jesse spent the first hour and a half shouting over everyone else who was trying to get a word in, so by the end Jim just had enough and decided to turn it around on him which is when Jesse pulled the “im not listening” mood like a 6 year old.

Also, hes NOT a Navy Seal and never was. Do your research.

Also, shortly before he stood up and said that he had someone telling him he had to go because of a schedule, he mentioned that he has NOTHING going on for the rest of the morning due to a show cancellation.

Though I will say, if I ONLY saw this clip, I would totally agree that Jim wasn’t letting Jesse speak and was just yelling over him. Having heard the entire 2 hour interview, the other 90 minutes Jesse spent doing the exact same thing to everyone else.

1749 days ago


Jesse is not an elite member of any armed forces. He is a liar. He was NEVER A NAVY SEAL. He was a frogman, part of the underwater demolition team, which was incorporated into the SEALs in 1983, many years after Jesse left the service. He's a fraud. Also he spent the entire interview talking over every other person, while shouting, "Can I finish".

1748 days ago


I like Jim Norton.

Jesse Ventura? Eh.

But Jim Norton was totally talking over Ventura, acting like a jerk.

1736 days ago


Clearly, Jim Norton started the feud just for ratings. What a shame!

1732 days ago


Guys lucky JV has some self control

1728 days ago


Kudos to the former governor for showing class in front of that ass. I never seen or listened to the OA show but I have good reason not too. That guy Jim is out of control. He is a disrespectful ass

1727 days ago

MacKenzie Dulaney    

I've been watching Jesse Ventura's show comspiracy theory and I want to know if there is a show on vacinations.

1399 days ago


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1367 days ago
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