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Jesse Ventura in Heated Stand-Off with Comic

12/2/2009 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse "The Body" Ventura came thiiiiiiiiis close to beating the living crap out of comedian Jim Norton on a live radio show early this morning -- over a political conversation that went worse than the Gulf of Tonkin.

It all went down on the Opie and Anthony radio show, when Ventura -- a former wrestling champ turned politician -- arrived for an in-studio interview. Ventura was explaining why he doesn't trust the U.S. government -- when Norton, a regular on the radio show, began arguing with him.

After an intense back-and-forth, Ventura decided to leave and as he patted Norton on the shoulder on the way out -- Norton said, "Thanks for touching me with your f*cking stupid riff-raff Rocky Horror hairdo."

Ventura turned and stared Norton down -- until Norton proclaimed, "You're bigger than me and stronger than me ... so what?! You want to beat me up? Go ahead."

Ventura, who served in an elite Navy unit during the Vietnam years, kept his composure and eventually walked away.


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Only marry foreign women    

Jim's a radio personality. Make me laugh clown.

1788 days ago


I am sorry to hear such a reactionary and hate filled speech from the so-called radio host. A comedian? Hardly, an agitator filled with petty points that he fails to make in language that could be respectful of his listeners.

1788 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Norton is being sued by Roy Hollander over his treatment during a phone interview on the Opie & Anthony Show. Try another method for ratings. like being entertaining.

1788 days ago


I recommend everyone check and see the other three videos leading up to this sissyfit. Also, check out XM 202/Sirius 197 right now (6PM EST), the whole interview is gonna replay any minute now. The guy is a kook. Go Jimmy!

1788 days ago


@ #9

You started watching the video only partway through. Ventura almost NEVER gets challenged on his insane theories and rants. Norton started trying to make points and Ventura started raising his voice in frustration. He eventually realized Norton wasn't going to be a passive wimp like 99% of the talk shows who host this maniac goes on so he became angry. Lastly, Because someone hasn't been in the military they can't form an opinion? Ventura showed himself to be an aging, mentally unhinged individual who is used to bullying his way through his career. fugg 'im

1788 days ago


I would have loved to see The Govenor punch a whole in that little piece of craps chest...He needs to get off the radio and go back to giving fat chicks herpes!

1788 days ago


Wow, virtually every single comment seems to have been written by an illiterate!

1788 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

jesse knows a little about the government - former govenor and Navy SEAL (UDT). Jim ought to shut his pie hole

1788 days ago


To all of you pieces of garbage trashing Jim Norton. This was an over-an-hour long escalated conversation during which the delusional Jesse the failure-in-politics Ventura kept making no points and pontificating pure speculation as if it were facts. And Jesse showed NOTHING by walking away except being a no-point douchebag who could neither hold a valid argument in a discussion or even follow through with his "i'm a mean guy with a scary stare" attitude. F*** Ventura and every one of you un-informed wastes of life.

1788 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

f^ckin' oxford english major d-bag

1788 days ago


And the dumb people of Minnesota voted him their governor. He is frightening and dangerous and foolish. And then the people of Minnesota became even dumber and voted for his blood brother in ineptiness, Franken for senator. Minnesota ranks right behind San Francisco and one and two on the most laughed at city and state.

1788 days ago


The short clip is very misleading. Jesse had been yelling and talking over Jimmy the entire interview.. Jimmy got fed up with it and let him have it at the end... Jesse Venture is a waste, and should go back to Mexico and perform in donkey shows... Just ask Ted Sheckler.

1788 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

Jesse could've cleared the room if he wanted to. I wish he'd picked that mouthy punk up by his throat.

1788 days ago


Oh, and Ron & Fez 11-3.

1788 days ago


that norton guy is a total gooch.not good enough to be the projectile or the cave.That is why i do not like opus and andy. Want fun without the douche? Try Stern baby! Norton is a whiny little dork. The kind who got dumped in the trash can in high school.Too bad he didn't stay there.

1788 days ago
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