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Stevie Wonder Breaks Down During MJ Tribute

12/2/2009 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stevie Wonder broke down and nearly cried in the middle of a major televised performance -- and it was all because of Michael Jackson.

The emotional breakdown occurred on-stage at the Rock and Roll 25th Hall of Fame Anniversary Concert -- which aired on HBO this weekend.

Wonder was singing Jackson's, "The Way You Make Me Feel" -- when Stevie, still distraught by the death of his good friend, suddenly chokes up, hunches over and puts his face in his hands ... while the music continues to play.

It all goes down around 1:35 into the clip.

Stevie eventually pulls himself together and finished the song -- and ultimately received a hug from John Legend and a huge ovation from the crowd.


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babs -10-- if you notice the first post put on here from me sue from tampa i wrote that ---------------post 3 is someone else---that is not me i would never talk like that this person that is cloning me followed me from another board i am sure...i love michael and hurt for him everyday, but i am not going to let whomever is doing this bother me, if you go back to many threads i have been on since june you will see i am very honest and up front in my fight for michaels justice, so ignore this person or anyone else that uses the usernames to benefit there own insecurities... sue from tampa

1789 days ago


S.W. did the same thing at his concert at Summerfest in Milwaukee a few days after MJ passed (his first performance after MJ passed)... The whole concert seemed to be a MJ tribute more than an SW concert which turned the whole thing into one big party and celebration of both men. SW's daughter had to come on stage at one point and console him. It was the most amazing SW concert, I never have to see another SW concert again (though I would like to, I don't think it could compare)

1789 days ago

doc murry    

he cried because someone said
"hey there is michael jackson..he is alive"
and steve wonder thought that now he wasnt going to get paid for doing the tribute ............ har har har

1789 days ago


Stevie your're so sweet. Long ago i bought your "Hotter than July" and didn't know that Michael was a background singer on "All I do". Love that album and love you for loving him. -L.O.V.E.!-
MJ Fans go vote for Michael on today, last chance.

1789 days ago

Jason W    

When I was 5 (in the 80s) and really loved MJ and his music, who knew he really liked me too!

Sad for Mr. Wonder. It appears MJ had at least one real friend.

1789 days ago


you know what I never look at comments on here and regretfully I did and most of them were positive but theirs always those people that suck at life that make stupid immature insensitive comments to get attention and its really old already. Their is no need to be that miserable and live your life that way I mean what kind of person goes around judging people like that on a daily basis? Everyone is human Stevie is one of the most talented people and most amazing people around obviously the jerk that said he has no talent is just making fun of people to boost their self esteem and very jealous. Theirs so much hate in the world and honestly if you losers cant control yourself and be good citizens and decent people I think you certain people should be shipped off to some other country because you just make us look bad. Aside from that negativity thats life, stuff happens when stuff is live in front of an audience stuff happens I mean theirs nothing more I can really say about that Stevie is beyond an amazing person and yes these performers know how to do stuff in front of a large audience but at the end of the day their all humans he got choked up during a performance that happens it was very touching and sad and this cant be easy for him when you lose a friend its very difficult and your heart aches and all of that. I just hope Stevie knows that we all love him!

1789 days ago


cherryblossoms-21- great post, and so true sw was and is an amzing performer, even with his disability he has been made a legend in his own right, and mj would have been proud to have him as a dear friend...sue from tampa

1789 days ago

just sayin    

aww bless don't worry stevie we all miss michael, no day goes by where someone doesn't refer to him, even 5 months after his's really sads, if only he knew how much we loved him

1788 days ago


HARVEY (thedork)LEVINE ~~~you have finally put up something that is genuine and """pure""" regarding MR. M.I.C.H.A.E.L. Jackson (most of the information on this website is J.U.N.K.). The commenter 'sue' is an I.D.I.O.T.

M.I.C.H.E.L. JACKSON will """"REIGN"""" forever. MR. STEVELAND Hardaway Judkins Morris ( 'I WILL A.L.W.A.Y.S. Love YOU' )

1788 days ago


that's how you feel when a friend dies, his family acts like no family

1788 days ago

Kooky Fan    


1788 days ago


Thank you cherryblossom. How anyone with an ounce of sense could seriously say or think that Stevie Wonder did it for attention boggles my mind.

Maybe it shouldn't. I should be used to that kind of hateful ignorance, especially around here.

1788 days ago


Hey Stevie,

If you're reading any of these're not are you...


1788 days ago

Better Than You    

I watched the HBO simulcast.

Frankly, in my opinion, Stevie simply messed up and lost his place in the song, and momentarily forgot the words. He seems more frustrated in himself for screwing up, than having an 'overcome by grief for MJ' moment.

1788 days ago


Stevie really loved Michael...he was a true friend. It's sad to still see him hurting so much. That was a very nice tribute...MJ would have loved it.

1788 days ago
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