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Stevie Wonder Breaks Down During MJ Tribute

12/2/2009 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stevie Wonder broke down and nearly cried in the middle of a major televised performance -- and it was all because of Michael Jackson.

The emotional breakdown occurred on-stage at the Rock and Roll 25th Hall of Fame Anniversary Concert -- which aired on HBO this weekend.

Wonder was singing Jackson's, "The Way You Make Me Feel" -- when Stevie, still distraught by the death of his good friend, suddenly chokes up, hunches over and puts his face in his hands ... while the music continues to play.

It all goes down around 1:35 into the clip.

Stevie eventually pulls himself together and finished the song -- and ultimately received a hug from John Legend and a huge ovation from the crowd.


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1775 days ago


It is really unbelievable for me until now. I miss my great idol. All his fans feel the same.I still feel very bad of MJ's death. How could Dr. Murray so careless? He is the one to blame on his death, nobody but him. I hate him. Rest in peace Michael. Love you forever and ever.

1774 days ago


Its all so sad, chrstmas is coming

without Michael,

hope his kids can handle this must be hard

whish all the best to them and to all


1770 days ago


looking for a strong sensitive Marine type who likes to pull all the strings .

1769 days ago


I am applauding Stevie Wonder for showing raw emotions..especially he is friends with MJ! God bless you Stevie! We all miss MJ so much!

1603 days ago


Yes, we miss Michael more every day, but the comforting thing is knowing that the TRUTH is coming out and Michael's humanitarian legacy will live forever. With all the websites popping up and people doing their RESEARCH into the travesty which was that 2005 contrived trial, we see how Sneddon manufactured evidence and encouraged people to lie, and LOST anyway! I just wish Michael would have stayed in the US (if not at Neverland, which I can undertand), as his fans would ALWAYS have stuck with him through everything and brought him back sooner. Friends like Stevie, who knew the MAN, Michael Jackson, not the myth. Everyone should google Michael Jackson Sony and see how he stood up to corporate greed and corruption, and all his speeches against apartheid and racism, and how he always, always fought for the rights of the underdog. Haters, this is the TRUTH; you need to learn to live with the TRUTH.

1603 days ago


Hey Jim your turn will come. It certainly takes one child molester to know one. I am willing to bet you are using MJ's name to describe your dark secrets. I guess you are now acting out your fantasies and that you had a crush on MJ but guess what he had better taste. He certainly would not choose "a washed up retard from Billingsgate" What do you know about MJ you idiot? Have you ever met him? How do you know that he is rotting in hell. Your turn will surely come and where will you be then? Rotting in hell maliciously minding MJ's business? Why dont you go get something constructive to do with your life for a change. You CANT define Mj. He is not limited by your feeble brainless drivel. MJ is who God says he is. A CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. Wonderfully made. Beloved by God, a creative genius who God put here for a season. But God saw that he could not take anymore of the abuse meted out to him and called him to rest. He is in a much better place now than you certainly are. When it is your time to be judged I certainly hope that you can take it. There is an old adage which says what aint catch you, aint pass you. Be careful what you wish for it may very well come back to haunt you. Cant you MJ haters understand that you will NEVER be able to stop the love that is flowing towards MJ's spirit form. It is called the law of sowing and reaping. MJ sowed so much goodness and kindness, gave so very much and he is now reaping all the love on a global scale. If you think he is in hell why dont you go look for him there. I hope when you get there the demons shut the door on your sorry a@#s because you surely wont find MJ there. Love you More Michael. RIP my most handsome prince.

1603 days ago


Stevie wonder never even saw michael jackson, so what was he moaning about.
attention seeking no doubt, i expect wonder has got a new album out soon and its a good excuse to jump on the bandwagon.... oh look im that singer stevie wonder remember me i loved michael jackson perhaps you will buy my new cd..
Im surprised they didnt ask him about the death of gary coleman

1594 days ago
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