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Tiger Woods Cozies Up in Vegas

12/2/2009 12:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods got up close and personal with a leggy brunette during a recent trip to Las Vegas -- and the woman definitely isn't his wife.

TMZ obtained these photos of Tiger and the mystery lady taken October 4, 2009 at Tao nightclub in Vegas. The photos were taken around 1:30 AM.

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barry Gordy is genius    

I know the girl in this photo. She is from Fresno and dates my cousin Guido.

1794 days ago


WHAT?! A world-famous mega-wealthy professional athlete goes to Vegas and a couple chicks hang all over him? GASP!! OMG, that NEVER happens!

1794 days ago


OK, Harvey - did you ever talk to someone else beside you hubbie in a night club? Did you ever make a sexy home movie? Anything anyone can find on you? You wouldn't mind being exposed, would you?

The Grubbs lady puzzles me. Why would she go to bed with someone she doesn't care for one bit and doesn't mind hurting? Either you do care for the guy or you get paid, but in both instances you don't talk.

1794 days ago


TMZ, or Harvey Levin, what do you have against Tiger...

Harvey, did he hurt u in some way? Shut the F*** UP Already Harvey, you dumb fool...

It's too bad your parents weren't sent to Auschwitz, so your miserable existence wouldn't even be around.

1794 days ago


Big Deal. So what do these photo's show NOTHING. All you guy's want to do is slander someone for the big bucks. To bad it isn't you.

1794 days ago



In the days following the 9/11 Attacks in New York, then-Bloomberg Television producer Rachel Uchitel was photographed, tears running down her face, clutching a photograph of her fiancee James Andrew O'Grady, who had been working in the South Tower of the World Trade Center. His death was confirmed in 2002.

In 2003, she reportedly suffered a nervous breakdown. Sorta like what Tiger's going through now. Perhaps Tiger, with whom she is sharing headlines, can relate.

After taking leave from work she found love again — re-connecting with childhood friend and Wall Street trader Steven Ehrenkranz at a Halloween party. In 2004 the pair married in a lavish ceremony in New York, but four months later it was over. Uchitel filed for divorce and moved to Las Vegas.

Uchitel became involved with nightclub owner Jason Strauss, another childhood friend, while in Sin City.

She then became VIP hostess at Tao, which is owned by Strauss, where she was known for her ability to draw A-list stars into the venue.

"[It was] a random career move and a life-changing experience," website blackbookmag.com quoted her as saying.

She has since moved back to Manhattan and has become a VIP event organizer for several nightclubs in both Manhattan and the Hamptons. She became headline news again this weekend when Tiger's car accident coincided with a National Enquirer article alleging they were having an affair.

TMZ.com said the couple were arguing over photographs the Enquirer took showing Uchitel checking into the Melbourne Crown Towers, where Tiger was staying earlier this month.

Uchitel has admitted staying at the hotel but denies she met Tiger while in Australia.

She has also been linked to former Buffy The Vampire Star and Angel actor David Boreanaz, who she reportedly had an affair with while he was married, to Jamie Bergman, who ain't half bad. And by the way, Jamie was pregnant at the time. But this is all prefaced with "allegedly."

Uchitel told blackbookmag.com in June last year she would "never kiss and tell" about her alleged affairs. Attagirl! We'd like to slip you our phone number, by the way.

Uchitel said, "Although I've been romantically linked to a famous baseball player, a Broadway star, a musician, and various film and television actors, I will never kiss and tell."

1794 days ago


well well, you said it well Dr. Laura...so there you have it guys. Could that lady sitting next to him may possibly be Rachael? she used to work at Taos.............hmmmm

1794 days ago


Wow. Just wow. Tiger is seen with another lady in public, after midnight. Dear God, say it isn't so!

What is this, death by media?
Irresponsible article, like so many others.

Let it go.

1794 days ago


how come the picture is blurry and the nike logo is so shining. The nike logo is sooo white compared to the the part of the pics

1794 days ago


Oh crap! Looks like she has a drink in her hand so therefore she's not getting an autograph.

1794 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

This is stupid already, now all these pics and woman coming up. This world is Sick and Loves to see people suffer. His wife is probably sick and already knew about all this and now to make it public! Just b/c of one domestic incident!

1794 days ago

The Hyerdahl    

How is this news? you have two horribly blurry photographs of two people who aren't even "cozy" with each other to begin with. We don't know why he is there or who eh was with. Just drop it TMZ. This isn't news. You will do anything for a story. Get off your high horse Harvey and cut this man and his family a break. We don't know everything yet. Leave your assumptions until we do.

1794 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

is this the line to lose my kids, life time of income and $300,000,0000?


1794 days ago


When you're a married man with a beautiful wife and two children under the age of two waiting at home, nothing good can come from sitting in any bar with women after 12 Midnight whether you are attending a party or drinking alone.

It appears Tiger Woods didn't sow his wild oats enough before marriage? Unfortunately, if the surfacing stories are true he has been disgracing (both) himself and his wife over a period of at least two years if not longer. I'm sorry but committment in marriage means being sexually faithful as it otherwise puts an innocent and unsuspecting wife at risk in having her husband transmit AIDS, HIV, and other sexual diseases to her and any future unborn children. If the great golfer, Tiger Woods, can't control his lustful urges and wants to womanize, then he flat-out needs to get a divorce and enjoy his casual moments of relief with the bimbos and whores as a single man.

If the stories are true, Tiger Woods is a fraud and there is no way he could be either a good husband or a solid father on behalf of his small children. Once a cheater always a cheater...Mrs. Woods needs to divorce him so as to maintain a life of honor and dignity on behalf of herself and the children.

Yes, Tiger Woods, these surfacing stories are the public's business as you have projected a squeaky clean and family man image to sell products which have made you a very rich man at the expense of the consumers wallets and the potential opportunity for expanded livelihoods of the other golfers.

1794 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

the divorce rate is about 60% like this marriage had a chance of "until death".

1794 days ago
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