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Tiger Woods Crash Report

The Collision Course

12/2/2009 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods was driving crazy before hitting the fire hydrant.

Collision Course

A diagram in the official police report shows Tiger was driving so erratically, he drove over bushes and into some hedges before hitting the hydrant and ultimately the tree.

According to the police report, it'll cost $3,000 to repair the hydrant and $200 for the tree and sod.

The report also states that it took 30 minutes for officers to arrive to the scene from the time of the crash.

The report shows that Tiger -- who wasn't wearing his seat belt at the time -- caused $8,000 worth of damage to his Cadillac Escalade -- check out the photos taken by the cops.

tiger woods suv

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Johnny Mac    

Guys who have cheated on their wives--top of my head

Albert Einstein
Elliot Spitzer
Michael Jordan
John Edwards
Kobe Byrant
Bill Clinton
Charles De Gaulle
Thomas Jefferson
Warren G. Harding - had Secret Service cover for him
John F. Kennedy
Ray Charles -and he was BLIND
I'm leaving out millions of people

About 60% of regular guys cheat. Probably 100% of famous guys cheat. GET THE **** OVER IT ladies.

1784 days ago


And all that erratic driving wasn't enough to warrant a drug test?
Even after the wife said he was taking something?

I hate this double standard crap.

Tiger is lucky Elin didn't take both his heads off with that golf
club. I would divorce his ugly ass and take half of everything.

1784 days ago


If I closed the door on the police because I didn't want to talk about it I would be arrested on the spot. Why do these over paid celebrities have different laws?

1784 days ago


Time for a caddy Recall.. All that damage and the steering wheel air bag DID NOT DEPLOY ?

1784 days ago


I find it interesting that the attached police report blacks out the street names and addresses. However, TMZ's headline image for this post not only includes the street names but also the addresses. INCLUDING Tiger's home address. Not very nice.

1784 days ago


I agree with No. 66 totally. BLOW his good guy image. by are you still here.

1784 days ago

lost in lalaland    

I once saw one of the Caddy SUVs barely (and I mean barely) roll into a little sports car on Wilshire in BHills. The little sports car had a few scratches, the Caddy looked pretty much like this one. What the heck are those made of, Legos?

1784 days ago


Wow! I'm impressed TMZ. You got those addresses off pretty quick! Might I also advise removing the street names since you can still easily get the address by looking up the street name on google earth. Or if it doesn't matter at this point, just re-create the diagram with google earth. That's what I was doing. Just trying to add some scale to how far between accidents.

1784 days ago


and why has no one addressed the fact that there is a physics book in tiger's backseat? lol and it's a child's book, to boot. is it his kids'? or his? or Elin's... here's the amazon descrip:

If anyone you know has ever wanted to learn about astronomy, or if you know of a teen who is taking astronomy in high school, this is the perfect book for them. It not only explains the facts in plain English, it also has plenty of jokes, cartoons, puns, and attitude to suit anyone. You'll actually enjoy reading this, and it will be a book you'll want to read and re-read.

investigate, tmz!! inquiring minds want to know! :)

1784 days ago

Old Greg    

Go team HoElin! she got a resettlement of the prenup and a hefty bonus! all this for beating the sh-t out of her husband.

Marriage is such a good deal - for women. Men, STAY SINGLE if you have an ounce of intelligence!

1784 days ago


I am beginning to think Tiger was blacked out behind the wheel and the car was "driving itself" which is why the car was going so erratically.

When I viewed other pics of the car the driver's side window was smashed and the glass was on the inside of the car.

IMO, when Elin smashed the back of the car she also ran up to the driver's side and smashed the window and in doing so the hit caught Tiger on the side of the face along with pieces of glass. He probably blacked out then and the car kept going.

Elin might have opened the door at that point and Tiger fell out on the ground.

1784 days ago


"if you cheat, I may not break up with you. But you'll wish I had."

1784 days ago



1784 days ago


30 minutes?? 30 minutes??? what if it had been something MORE "serious". geez. I know it's Florida so who knows how things work down there, but what are we taxpayers paying for?

note everyone, be prepared! you don't actually want to wait 30 minutes for "authorities" to respond to try and protect your life do you?!

1784 days ago


The $8000 for repairs might (though doubtful) cover the parts only. I had an accident in my SUV earlier this year and had very similar damage; repairs were just over $18K. Depending on the angle of the crash, the airbag sensors will not deploy (mine didn't), but Onstar IS immediately notified and will contact you, or send emergency services if there is no response from the driver. And today's new vehicles are designed to do what this one did - it's to absorb the impact of the crash - but the trade-off is the amount of damage to the vehicle increases.

1783 days ago
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