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Former Boss of Tiger Woods' Wife Unloads on Golfer

12/2/2009 9:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Swedish golfer who once employed Tiger Woods' wife -- Elin Nordegren -- and even introduced her to Tiger, just blasted him after a round today, saying he hopes Elin uses a driver next time instead of a 3-iron.

Jesper Parnevik
employed both Elin and her twin sister as nannies in 2000, introducing Elin to Tiger the following year. Parnevik told a reporter he feels "especially sad since me and my wife were at fault for hooking her up with him."

Parnevik says Tiger may have taken his Nike credo too far and that next time, "Maybe not just do it."


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Boo Hoo    

I heard Elin got Tiger a set of blue balls for Christmas.

1730 days ago

Ruth Houston    

My heart goes out to Tiger Wood’s wife, Elin Nordegren Woods.

As an infidelity expert frequently called on by the media to comment on high profile infidelity in the news, I am often asked what women in this situation should do.

Here's my take on what Elin Nordegren Woods should do, now that the rumors are true.

Although this article and the following 2 articles were directed to Tiger Woods’ wife, other women can also benefit from this information.

What Tiger Woods’ Wife Should Do if the Infidelity Rumors Are True

An Infidelity Expert’s Advice to Tiger Woods Wife

Both articles can be found on the National Infidelity Examiner page at

1730 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Tiger's father missed the lessons to his son about women. Focued on golf too much.

1730 days ago


I was curious what Jesper would think. Pretty clear.

Given the choice, Elin would trade places with the hardworking,
faithful millworker's wife. As all we women know...this ain't about the $.

1730 days ago


I love Jesper!

1730 days ago

now what    

what a ridiculous comparison.

Tiger was a MARRIED MAN. He cheated and BROKE HIS VOW.

Rihanna was beaten to a PULP. TIGER got a few well deserved scratches.

RIHANNA was beaten to a PULP by a man who was much stronger than her, totally unprovoked.

Get a clue.

Posted at 8:03PM on Dec 2nd 2009 by lili



1730 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Divorce lawyers have already picked out Tiger Xmas gifts.

1730 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Michael Jordan holds that divorce record when his wife, Juanita, received an estimated $150 million settlement.

1730 days ago


I guess Tiger took the Nike slogan literally.

1730 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

There's a higher level of discipline when a guy is a celebrity. He's subject to extraordinary temptation that ordinary people are not subject.

1730 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Is this the line to lose my children, 18 years of income and $300,000,000?

1730 days ago


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1730 days ago


I just can't understand why so many folks are interested in people's private intimate lives. Americans have too much time on their hands! This is the biggest hypocritical society ever!
Look what y'áll did to Chris Brown, 19 yrs old! Now Elin N goes thru her partner's phone just like RiRi did, except Elin turns out to be the batterer and a lot of you are hailing her!! I doubt that if Chris and RiRi wanted to hide after the incident, it would have been allowed; somehow both Chris & RiRI would have been forced to speak!

By the way couldn't he find some white chicks with a decent profession/education, these are just ho's looking for money!

I don't care for Tiger because he is a typical black or half black athlethe, he believes his status is improved by white-women mingling only! But you folks need to find something to do, this man's private life shouldn't be anyone's business. Why do you all feel as though you own celebrities??? GET A LIFE!

1730 days ago


To 97. "There's a higher level of discipline when a guy is a celebrity. He's subject to extraordinary temptation that ordinary people are not subject."

Then don't say you will commit, and DON'T blame your wife for ruining Thanksgiving. Why was he blaming her for getting upset? She didn't sign up for trying to live a lie and all the other stuff that goes with affairs. How sad that this is what our country is all about. There's nothing better I guess.

1730 days ago


Thank you. It's about time a real man stood up. Leave it to the corporate guys to "back Tiger." Of course they do. America is a misogynist's dream.

Please note three men killed their families over Thanksgiving.
But one was really special.,0,7315787.story

The history of assault includes parental alienation, the better to precipitate an attack.
“Harder, hit her harder,” says Dad to son.

Please note this Az study which focuses on post-divorce attacks.

1730 days ago
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