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Tiger Woods' Voicemail

My Wife Is Onto Us

12/2/2009 12:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Us Weekly has just posted a voicemail allegedly left by Tiger Woods for his alleged mistress -- Jaimee Grubbs.


In the call, you hear someone who sounds just like Tiger telling Jaimee to remove her name from her own voicemail, because Tiger's wife Elin "went through my phone and may be calling you."

As we previously reported, Jaimee bragged about her relationship with Tiger to co-workers and even played them this voicemail at work.

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MJ RIP    

GO TEAM ELIN!!!!!!!!!!!


I love the hair is blond on the logo!

Show your support this holiday season and pass it on!

1751 days ago

Tamra Grubbs    

You people are retarded! I am here to set you straight.This is him, and this has been going on for atleast 2 years.Jaimee is my sister in law and i knew about this along time ago.Don't let him fool you the question is how many young innocent sweet girls did he do this too?You all need to quit hating on her,he is the one who has all the fame and power to wine and dine these girls.I don't think i know many girls that would tell him no.If he hadn't of left that voicemail she wouldn't gone public.But now he should be famous for what he really is (A CHEATER)and golfing is just one of his many skills!I told people,friends and family and no one believed me,the proof is all there!

1751 days ago


Do it the ASIAN BILLIONAIRE WAY, make ALL YOUR MISTRESSES your 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on wives and NEVER APOLOGISE!!! RE: STANLEY HO and his harem of 4 "wives", kingpin of Macau gambling industry. Let them ALL fight for your inheritance and play it out in a reality tv show!! ^_^

1751 days ago


OMG wow, SKANK HOMEWRECKER made sure she got that out to the media to get her 15 mins of fame.

Tiger Woods, I would have understood if you would have said "look, I am flawed, but my family means more to me than this stupid affair, so please remove my PHONE NUMBER from your phone & never call me again" instead of what you said.

1751 days ago

Tamra Grubbs    

Okay he did use his bodyguards phone to call her but it doesn't really matter when you leave your voice on a voicemail!duh.And he has a serious problem with sex and texting and cheating.I wouldn't be surprise if tons of girls come out of the wood work but i bet they won't have all these dirty texts and voicemails from him.I said it once,HOW MANY GIRLS DO YOU THINK WOULD TURN TIGER DOWN,NOW BE HONEST!!!!!!!!LOTS OF GIRLS WOULD BE WILLING TO BE HIS HOE ESPECIALLY IF YOU KNEW YOU WEREN'T THE ONLY ONE!!!!

1751 days ago

Paul Wilson    

I've listened to this several times and it is clearly Tiger's voice. I've heard him being interviewed enough times to recognize the tone of his voice and style of speech.

People want to believe he is innocent. I can sort of understand why....BUT.....wake up people!!!

1751 days ago


The beauty of this voice mail message is his stupidity...he's asking her to take her name of her phone. OK stupid, how about you delete her from your address book so the number just comes up, not a name. Oh yeah, that might work.

1751 days ago


After listening to Tiger's voice mail, he sounded very timid and afraid of his wife. I wonder if this was not the first time she attacked Tiger and he just doesn't want the public to know about it. Men are less likely to admit spousal abuse than women, especially when it is the women doing the abuse. If this is the case I don't blame him for creepin' around with other women. I am also surprised that no one has done a YouTube Tiger Woods inspired remix of the two Jazmine Sullivan hit songs "I'm Not Afraid of Lions, TIGERS and Bears..." and "I Broke the Window Out Ya Car..." Bet Tiger and his wife will always remember this incident when they hear those two songs.

1751 days ago


Damnnnn man you caught now. That's why you don't mess with psycho chicks man. I learned that lesson back in college. Sorry about your damned luck.

1751 days ago

Jose Mayorga    

Oh come on people...surprise...at this point anything and everything is possible...who is next? here is my list

Michael J. Fox caught, he is faking this whole time.
Queen Lattifa come out of the closet.
Will Smith caught cheating.
Kayne is really gay.Heyyyyy
Michael Jackson and Elvis Spotting begin in the Mid West.
Obama and Oprah caught.

1750 days ago

Your Face    

the bottom line is he deserves everything he gets for cheating on his WIFE. period.

1750 days ago


Think that's great - this better than anything Tiger can do with a golf club -


This man can drive a golf ball 400 yards straight onto a green - WATCH!!!

1723 days ago


Tiger was framed. It was Canh Oxelson getting all that white booty and blaming it on Tiger!

1719 days ago


Jaime Grubbs is just a pricey hooker. She is not a sweet innocent girl or she would have not had sex with a married man. We're not the ones who are "retarded". You are. And NOT just any girl would screw a rich famous person. Just one with crappy morals. I would be ASHAMED to be related to someone like her.

1264 days ago
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