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Tiger Woods' Voicemail

My Wife Is Onto Us

12/2/2009 12:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Us Weekly has just posted a voicemail allegedly left by Tiger Woods for his alleged mistress -- Jaimee Grubbs.


In the call, you hear someone who sounds just like Tiger telling Jaimee to remove her name from her own voicemail, because Tiger's wife Elin "went through my phone and may be calling you."

As we previously reported, Jaimee bragged about her relationship with Tiger to co-workers and even played them this voicemail at work.

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Renee Szablewski    

You are no longer a lion or Americas tiger you are now branded a lying cheetah.Your words were "Im human" well so was Jesus when he was tempted by Mary Magdalene and he didnt bow down to sin.The devil dangled beautiful woman in front of you and you dropped your cross pal!say goodbye to your squeeky clean image and goodbye to Nike American Express and the many others.Elin should of killed you!How could you do that to your 2 babies?No money in the world will ever repair the damage.Run Elin and dont look back oh and dont forget the Ca Ching.

1751 days ago

Golfin' Granny    

When will dumb a#@^* men realize women are ALWAYS on to them. Their ego far outweighs their tiny brain (you know where that is located). I bet his dad is turning over in his grave. You go Elin - take the kids, one of the homes, airplanes, cars, and your self-respect and get the heck out of there.

1751 days ago


Tiger's gonna need more than a golf club to get outta this one!! Ha, ha BUSTED!!

1751 days ago


Goodbye endorsement money...thats 90% of his income.Oh and obviously goodbye wife. And goodbye to half or more of your current net-worth.
He better find himself an ugly woman that looks like him and stay with her the rest of his stupid life.

1751 days ago

Come ON    

Come on people. I know Everyone Loves to see someone crash and burn, especially someone who just hit the $1,000,000,000 in earnings mark, but are we for real? Not to even Question this as a Fraud? ***her story is that he and her have been Tatooing for over 2 years, and he has to tell her "It's Tiger" in the voice message??? Come On. "Hey, it's me. Tiger Woods. I play Golf. You and I have had Sex over 20 times. I need you to do me a favor." Fahk. He may not have graduated Stanford, but he may be due a bit of Doubting the Skeeker. I really can't stand golf, and I know everyone is capable of Banging around, but they are Hookers.

1751 days ago


Normally when I call someone who knows me I have to first tell them that it is me on the phone, especially if I am trying to be discrete. One other thing Your name only come up on my phone if I have you in my directory, that would mean that I would have to take you out of my list. Hey then I wouldn't need to leave you a message, and if someone is on to you a message would be the last thing that you would want to leave.I believe Stanford students to be some what smart.If it sounds like crap, smells like crap, and looks like crap.....it's CRAP!!!!

1751 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

American husbands are the best in the world; no other husbands are so generous to their wives, or can be so easily divorced.

1751 days ago


GOTCHA !!!!! Are there any fithful men left? This one was so unexpected.

1751 days ago


to #11-i agree with you 100% and i'm black! tiger is getting everything he deserves! if you're going to be dumb enough to cheat at least cheat with a tramp/jumpoff(sex partner) who knows her place and and can keep her big mouth shut!

1751 days ago


Im no voice expert but come on folks that is Tiger Woods . Tiger on the prowl and getting it on the side. I think it would be wise for the misses to get an aids test.Them be some nasty skanks Tiger screwing.

1751 days ago


She's put her self at risk for selling her story but then again she has nothing to lose. However, I do believe that was him and Tiger has a problem being a little to private and you know what they say about the quiet private ones ....bah , humbug!

1751 days ago


This girl is obviously a racist

1751 days ago


That sounds an awful lot like Jon Gosselin.

1751 days ago


#66. Dani, Tiger owes you NOTHING.

Posted at 8:56AM on Dec 2nd 2009 by Cat


I really hate to disagree with you but, Tiger DOES owe me. I am one of those who helped his career by paying big $$$$ to see HIM play. I also, have spent money on his products and sponsors products. As far as I'm concerned, he owes all of US. If nothing else, then at least a statement on the TRUTH. I'll tell you what, I lost all respect for him defending an abusive wife and his own cheating ways. Neither of them are in the right which makes it NEWS of interest.

If you decide to be a public figure and can't handle the limelight then get out. If you are a public figure with a wife and babies at home, keep your zipper zipped or someone like TMZ will make it my BUSINESS. By the way, aren't you just as bad as me for even being here and commenting?!?! You're on this site reading this so, tell me, how are you any different? "Leave him alone"....then why do you come here for your news. Shouldn't you be waiting for the story to come out in the NY Times or USA Today?

"Leave Tiger alone", I think not. He made this OUR business and I'm going to enjoy it. Don't you dare tell me, personally to "leave Tiger alone." I won't leave a lying, cheating b@st@rd and a husband beater alone! If we all turned our heads when there is domestic abuse, how many people could end up dead?! I hope you aren't one of those who sees something and looks the other way. God help you...

1751 days ago


Maybe now he'll keep his Tiger in it's tank!!

1751 days ago
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