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Tiger Woods' Voicemail

My Wife Is Onto Us

12/2/2009 12:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Us Weekly has just posted a voicemail allegedly left by Tiger Woods for his alleged mistress -- Jaimee Grubbs.


In the call, you hear someone who sounds just like Tiger telling Jaimee to remove her name from her own voicemail, because Tiger's wife Elin "went through my phone and may be calling you."

As we previously reported, Jaimee bragged about her relationship with Tiger to co-workers and even played them this voicemail at work.

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She played her card too early. She should have kept this a secret 'til it got a littler dirtier and then came forward. Coming forward this early won't get here as far as she would have gotten had she waited a little longer. If she's going to play the game, at least play it right. And Tiger is an idiot. All that money and he can't keep his affairs quiet - stupid. If I were his wife, I would already be getting my book deal going, memoirs, etc. She better get ready to make a crap load of money. As far as this lady here - you played your card too early girl. You should have waited it out. You could have made millions. Now you'll only get 15 minutes of fame. THINK PEOPLE.

1788 days ago


Well...it doesnt matter who you are....cheating will happen. Oh well if I were the wife, i wouldnt be too sad since he is A BILLIONAIRE....THAT WOULD KEEP MY MIND BUSY SPENDING IT. LIKE THEY SAY ITS CHEAPER TO KEEP HER!

1788 days ago

The Guy    

People here are arguing that people who are close will not leave voicemails saying, "Hey, it's me Tiger."

Putting aside the fact people do preface voicemails in such a way, also consider that he probably wasn't calling from his regular phone on THAT occasion. So she gets some strange number and it makes sense.

1788 days ago


What a stinking whore but it serves him right. Such a idiot. Woman since the beginning of time will bring you down even if you are good to them. Yes they were cheating but she knew what she was getting into and to sell him out like this is just disgusting and cringe worthy.

1788 days ago


Tigers don't change their strips Elin! Divorce the slime ball and take him for all he's worth!
Tiger, your father and mother raised you better and deserved better from you than this! You should be ashamed!

1788 days ago



Tmz, is a celebrity gossip news forum(GOSSIP)and It doesn't mean everything they say is true. However, you said you buy products from Tyler actually you are buying from some distributor who probably doesn't own the rights to tyler products and if so Tyler didn't tell you to buy into his products nor does he care.And futhermore just because you hear lies from us weekly,the enquirer or tmz doesn't make it any of our business because they are getting paid off selling stories.

1788 days ago


With all of this leakage, Elin has a real emotional mountain to climb and Tiger might have insurmountable work to do. His toughest match ever and he stands to lose it. It also looks like he has a habit. I was hopeful they would have a chance to figure things out. If I was Elin, I'd leave the country and go home for a while to be with people I know truly love me. This is tough.

1788 days ago


Posted at 9:38AM on Dec 2nd 2009 by shuffler


I bought things of his to help promote and help him be the "Tiger" he is. If he didn't want his business out in the public, then why did he put it out there on a public street?!?

He owes me the respect to not cheat on his wife and letting me find out. He's a public figure and needs to uphold an image. Children look up to this man. What kind of example are we sending our kids. It's ok to let your wife hit you upside the head with a golf club? It's ok to cheat on your wife? Oh, he owes me and the world, if nothing more, the truth and an apology or quit golfing professionally and live a PRIVATE life.

1788 days ago


It takes two to tango. They both made their decisions. To go out and presumably accept money to rub dirt into the wound now that she can make money off it is truly classless and shows a total disrespect for him - and herself!

Posted at 9:01AM on Dec 2nd 2009 by shuffler


I completely agree with you. The fact this slut came out with this for no other reason then some cash and attention is by far the most disturbing part of this story. Now that is a really awful person. Yes, infidelity can be a terrible and disappointing thing, but by her revealing this information for nothing more than to get her 15 minutes and payment is sickening. The only thing that is even more pitiful and sad is how unbelievably jaded the public has become regarding these types of "fame whores" and attention seekers that they can't even see how truely sick and perverted her actions are. Shame on Tiger, but triple shame on her.

1788 days ago


My, my, my and my, what a tangled web he has left to weave.

This whole thing is just begining. I wonder why a married man is out at 'da club' with random women anyway.

People, if you want to play for the rest of your lives, THEN DON'T GET MARRIED AND ESP. DON'T HAVE CHILDREN!!!!!!

Married people are not suppose to be going out and parading around flirting and drinking and acting a fool. Period.

I get so sick of this, marraige is a joke any more. I feel sorry for his wife and kids, this oh so perfect golf player {golf sucks by the way, talk about boring} and he ends just as bad as the rest of men with some kind of power.

Also, make sure YOU REALLY LOVE THE PERSON you pick, it helps big time when marraige becomes difficult. I ought to know, married 23 years and I'm only 42, it hasn't been easy, cheating will just kill it. There are weeks that you think I may kill him! But...then it gets better.

Besides, the grass isn't always greener folks, there are weeds over there too. We all have issues, we all need to learn to tolorate.

1788 days ago


49. Whamo wrote "I'm sorry your husband left your fat,couch sitting,lazy"

I divorced his a$$, and now do not have to work for the next 18 years because of the tax-free child support. Get a 2nd job so you can pay us or the cops with throw you in jail deadbeat chump.

Posted at 8:44AM on Dec 2nd 2009 by Strong, Independent Woman Seeking Child Support
LOL YA RIGHT!!! you divorced HIM...Whatever make you sleep at night honey! Did you divorce AFTER you found out he was banging a much younger prettier, thinner girl. Good luck with all your money and an empty bed and heart. You sound like a real catch! May you grow old and die lonley you skank a$$ LOOOOOOSSSSSEEEERRRR!!!!
P.S. I bet your kids will leave you too! Bawahaaaaa!!!!!

1788 days ago


Simple Minded HO - She may get a couple of thousand selling her 'sex tapes' to the media - when she could have dialed Tiger and gotten a FEW HUNDRED THOUSAND to keep quiet. Quick cash goes Quick! She will be broke before the morning sun and you can bet this will be her LAST PAYDAY!

1788 days ago


It's unfortunate your parents didn't burn at Auschwitz Harvey; we'd be spared your pathetic existence.

1788 days ago


much a doo aboutr nothing

1788 days ago

miss sheree    

Didn't Elin know that if you have ZERO job skills (babysitter) and you marry a rich guy - he is going to cheat and you are going to STAY MARRIED to him because YOU HAVE NO JOB SKILLS except lying on your back....doesn't Kobe Bryant's wife teach a class on this?

Big ring coming up...stay tuned.

I do feel sorry for the kids...having stupid parents is not good.

1788 days ago
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