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Tiger Woods' Wife

Confronted Alleged Mistress

12/2/2009 2:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' wife Elin Nordegren placed an angry call to Jaimee Grubbs, Tiger's alleged mistress, confronting her about the alleged affair with her husband.

As we first reported, Grubbs bragged to co-workers at the Stone Rose Lounge in West Hollywood, claiming she was having an affair with Tiger and even playing them the voicemail Tiger left for Jaimee on November 24 -- when he asked her to remove her name from the outgoing message on her voicemail because Elin was becoming suspicious.

Co-workers tell TMZ on Friday -- the day of Tiger's crash -- Jaimee went to work, played the voicemail to co-workers and then later in the evening said she had received a call from a blocked number. Jaimee says she answered and asked who was on the line. Jaimee says the caller -- a woman -- did not identify herself but said, "You know who this is because you're f**king my husband."

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Quite clear where he was heading at 2:30AM...out to call the girlfriend to program her as what to say when the wife called.

He has a death wish.

1784 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Tiger wanted this to come to light perhaps he was tired of hiding. The truth always comes out. For whatever reason he cashed in his chips; and I think he is finished with that life. He prolly has a sexual addiction and should go to Dr. Drew Pinksy's house for rehab. He prolly wanted to stop but couldn't. I can't quit you ho's! A fire hydrant, a tree, and club swede made him stop. Hopefully for his spawn he's temp out of commiss'

1784 days ago


So how big was Tigers WOOD????

1784 days ago


Five minutes of pleasure is not worth a lifetime of heartache. This is what happens when you lie down with "media whores." Why would you get together with anyone from "Tool Academy?" This is incredibly stupid on so many levels. His wife is like one of the hottest women on the planet. His "mistress" is not attractive.

1784 days ago


Good for Elin. Elin don't play dat! The little Swedish chick has some spunk!

1784 days ago

Leave Tiger Alone    

I think we all have more pressing issues to worry about in the world....not who and what Tiger is doing? Give him peace....his wife knows what she has, and it's her choice to deal with it and forgive him or call it quits! PS.....both chics he's accused of being with look like skank whory drag queens you'd figure he could do better or at least make it worth it if he got caught...kinda makes you say HMMMMM???????

1784 days ago


Just for the record, my wife did NOT tell me that my eyesight was failing and that I could no longer hit a birdie.
My eyesight is very, very good as you can tell from my expert handling of my car in an accident

1784 days ago

Half Moon    

Why o why didn't Tiger trust his fans from the start as I suggested long ago.Hide and seek and lies do not cut...........
as I have said many times we would have respected his truth and understood.NOW ITS TOO LATE...........WHAT A MESS.

1784 days ago

Connor Banks    

You're getting exactly what you deserve, Woods. Shouldn't go sticking it in other chicks.

1784 days ago


Why would you call the female involved in this. Take this up with T I G E R........He is too blame for this.

1784 days ago


Believe me it's impossible for us rich guys to be faithful. When I was just a regular guy I used to vilify entertainers and sport figures for cheating on their wives but when I became very wealthy it became impossible. Just like Tiger Woods, women throw themselves at me all the time. And these beautiful women are more like 9 or 10 on a scale of 10. How will you honestly behave when you have women like Carrie Prejean, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie ...and Cindy Crawford asking to be your girlfriends knowing very well that you have a wife at home ? Life is good.

1784 days ago

Zach Swan    

Still doesn't give Elin the right to knock the greatest golfer in history unconscious with a nine-iron.

1784 days ago


why do these skanks all look the same
plastic ugly and used up
Look at his beautiful sweet wife and look at THAT
Tiger why weren't you thinking if you go with a low end white trash gal like that , you are going to face the music
they want fame- reality show gals- and money
and now your past is coming back to haunt you
and just because YOU have money - doesn't mean you aren't TRASH either
why do you pick these kind of gals if you want to keep it a secret
and notice she has kept all the texts etc
she was just waiting to screw you over liKE YOU DID YOUR WIFE
you have blown it squeaky clean man!

1784 days ago


no no no....Elin - do not even bother with her - she is beneath you. You have what she wants. She must hide in the shadows and sneak around. She is a pig. Hold your head high girlfriend - you sealed the deal with him. She is just a play thing and will be thrown away like trash.

1784 days ago


Damn when will you people stop trying to make humans into God, Tiger is a man made of flesh and blood like us all and he is subject to and will sin, not one person is free of sin and making mistakes. what you need to do is take a look in the mirror and see if your children can call you their hero.

1784 days ago
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