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15-Year-Old Hilton -- $200,000 Training Wheels

12/3/2009 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton's 15-year-old little brother only has a learner's permit -- but he's already the king of the road ... ballin' around town in a $200,000 Bentley.

With his father Rick in the passenger seat, Conrad Hughes Hilton (named after his hotel-founding great-grandfather), kept his eyes on the road as he left Wolfgang's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills last night.

But here's the million dollar question -- even if you were super-loaded, would you let a 15-year-old drive your Bentley?!!?!


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@11:02am A lot of couples make tapes of themselves but not every ex-boyfriend is a lowlife who puts it on the web.

Stop hounding this girl over a 10 year old tape which wasn't even much of a sex tape.
And besides, who doesn't have one in Hollywood.

1753 days ago


That's nothin'. When I was 16, I went to take my driver's license test in my Dad's Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. They flunked me, because it didn't have any seatbelts. I had to come back with my Mom's Buick stationwagon. lol. My Dad and my Uncle each bought a Rolls for $12K. In the 60's, that's all you needed to become a RR dealer, and to buy them at cost.

1753 days ago


It's so sad. These parents had the ways and means to make sure their children became great humanitarians and do such good in the world, yet they molded them into shallow, superficial human beings who contribute nothing to society.

1753 days ago


The problem with these kids that come from uber rich families is that they are not taught to value anything, they dont know what it is like to work, earn and appreciate what they have. To them a $200,000 car is nothing. They grow up to be selfish and look down their noses at the normal people. The fault here lies with the parents that raise them. They are so busy with their lives they hire nannies to raise the kids and "gift" them rather than parent them. All you have to do is look at the other Hiltons and see that this kid will be as messed up as the other 2.

1753 days ago


Paris Hilton is doing very well for herself in having created a worldwide business empire.

ALL of her few boyfriends hav been longterm relationships, there is no proof whatsoever to th contrary.

She and her present boyfriend Doug are a lovely couple.

Tabloids are forever printing halftruths and lies about rich people, we should all know this by now and take their rantings with a grain of salt.

1753 days ago


I don't even care about the price of the car, but what moron puts a 15-year-old behind the wheel of a 550 horsepower sports car?

1753 days ago


I think all the Hiltons are expected to work at something.
Rick did not gift the Bentley to the kid, he is only teaching him to drive a car - and that's what Rick happens to own.
A little less judgemental maybe?

I learned to drive in my dad's Benz. It helped me appreciate nice things and made me keep at it until I could afford them myself.

1753 days ago

Just sayin'    

The article should read:

"Conrad Hughes Hilton (named after his hotel-founding,DRUNKARD, MARRIED ELIZABETH TAYOLR AND ABUSED HER, great- grandfather)"

1753 days ago


It's so funny, can totally tell which posts are from the Hilton's and their minions. LMAO "They are great people" "paris has a worldwide empire" Yeah worldwide empire of VD! =D

1753 days ago


I pray this kid not another hogan kid...Dad teach the kid about safe diving & leave the booze alone..Paris knows about drinking & driving..........

1753 days ago


Here in NYC, if you have a learners permit, even with a qualified driver in the passenger seat, it is completely illegal to drive after dark.

Does anyone know what the rule is in CA?

1753 days ago

Fred Farkel    

When my kid was 15, I took him on a driving lesson in the family RR Park Ward (10 INCH stretch limo - yep you see that right, TEN EXTRA INCHES longer than a Silver Seraph).

Anyway. Two minutes into the driving lesson he BLEW a stop sign... dumb kid never even saw it.

I wouldn't sign off on his license until he was 18 and I would guess that he has had no license for the past 4 years now.


All that must be dad's fault.


1752 days ago


Who cares if his dad takes him for a drive in the family car i used to take mine out to practice what is the big deal cause daddy has a bentley they are very rich family is he suppose to go rent a ford for his son to practice wow jealous out there or what !!!!

1752 days ago


What else would he be driving in??? It's not like the Hilton's are drving around in Camry's or Subaru's...The rich drive rich cars.
duh. That's huge!

1752 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

FACT: Fresno Slim ended up with THE SAME car after one week of working those girls in Las Vegas.

1752 days ago
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