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GLAAD Backs ABC's Decision to Can Lambert

12/3/2009 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert's sexual orientation had nothing to do with ABC's decision to can him from two upcoming gigs on their network ... it was all because he can't stick to a script -- at least that's what ABC and GLAAD would like you to believe.

Adam Lambert

The nation's most outspoken gay rights group just released a statement in support of ABC's decision to boot Lambert from "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and an upcoming New Year's Eve special in the wake of his AMA performance -- the one with the man-on-man kiss.

ABC sent a statement to GLAAD, explaining how Adam's removal was "not a question of Lambert's sexual orientation" but was instead because his live performance at the AMAs differed "greatly" from rehearsals and "caught the network off guard" -- which is justification for dropping him from other live shows.

Today, GLAAD backed ABC's explanation saying, "It would appear that the kiss between Adam Lambert and his keyboardist did not factor into ABC's decision ... ABC has a history of positive gay and transgender inclusion that includes featuring kisses between gay and lesbian couples on-air."

For the record, neither Adrien Brody nor Halle Berry were banned from appearing on any ABC shows after their "unscripted" make-out session at the 2003 Academy Awards.

UPDATE: GLAAD tells us they have "asked ABC and calls on them for clarification on 'caught off guard' so that the community knows why Lambert is being denied the opportunity to perform on the network."


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We KNOW it's not about the gay kiss. We KNOW it's about the crotch action. Stop repeating yourselves! But YES, it is all about that the action depicted is GAY.



1762 days ago


I am so sick of this, ABC is washed up, and out of sync with the real world. Adam is one of the most talented people recently discovered, and deserves to be on any and all shows. He has been a wonderful addition to all of the other shows he has been on, and boosted their ratings. You have to lower your IQ 100 points to even watch ABC anymore with all of their crap, so I won't waste my time with anything on their network. But, the fact that they have a confessed woman beater on their, rather than a totally non violent singer, is really screwed up. GOOD BYE ABC, you were once king of the networks, but you really screwed yourself on this one. This is 2009, and I would expect you to keep up. The majority of people didn't care about his performance or it didn't bother them, on the AMA's, but you let 1500 closed minded idiots decide your scheduling for you??? You certainly don't deserve my time. I will buy his CD and enjoy it, instead of watching you.

1762 days ago


Are you all really that stupid? It wasn't the kiss that was the problem, it was the simulating oral sex. Gay or straight, that was offensive.

1762 days ago


Has anyone brought up the fact that he's a newbie to being an Entertainer?

Aren't there countless veteran Entertainer's who have followed the rules all along who wouldn't of loved to have gotten more outrageous in their performances this year?

What amazes me the most I think is that still he's the center of attention and no one hardly discusses Lady Gaga playing a burning piano and smashing glass on piano keys while she played live. Now THAT was worth talking about!

1762 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

He don`t want his ball`s!donate them to Tiger!

1762 days ago


vulgar, forced, off script WHATEVER!!! He made one bold move and now they are banning him from all programming on ABC?? They say he can't stick to a script? He did it ONCE!!! Why continue to punish him. And FYI people, it was NOT that vulgar, I've seen worse from hetro people. That kiss of Adrian and Halle's or how bout the one between MJ and Lisa Marie ... now THAT was gross!!!!

1762 days ago


Glaad is about as useful as PETA... Just a freaking joke.

1762 days ago


How can the network claim they were taken "off guard" when all week we were warned there would be leather and whips and chains Oh My! And plan on being shocked Oh My! Then they are shocked? We weren't - it wasn't like we didn't know what was coming, knowing Adam and taking the time to listen to the lyrics. Puleez. There's a 7 sec. delay; the so-called "oral sex" didn't last 7 sec. If ABC weren't sleeping, they had plenty of time to censor the visual rather than bleep the harmless lyrics and now, Adam is paying for their mistake.

1762 days ago


yes, but neither adrian or halle simulated oral sex on air....

1762 days ago


I agree it's all BS.
No one did a thing when madonna and brittney kissed on the big screen... Now that was GROSS... To Me.

Janet Jackson was singled out and so is this guy.

All the humping and gyrating I have seen on these awards shows they all should be cancelled as a good faith measure of fairness.

It's all crap if you dont get with the main stream and kis as then you get singled out.

I remember a time when you could not say bad words on TV but wow that sure has changed...

It's all crap. Either get rid if all the humping,gyrating,kissing and women wearting almost nothiing or leave it the heck alone.

Let the artists be creative.

Those Big CEO's font mind seeing half naked and naked womens asses on Tv but let this guy express himself people go crazy.

As a woman i find it degrading to see woman on TV like that.
Cancell all that crap exploytayon. This guy is gay thats his lifestyle he isnt exployting anyone.

1762 days ago


A fact many are missing is that both Kimmel and NYE are late night, recorded programs. So the worry that he is unreliable live is utter nonsense. He is being punished for expressing gay sexuality on a program that had all sorts of sexual and other offensive material on it. Not to mention ABC's prime time sitcom showing Courtney Cox simulating oral sex. Looks like discrimination to me.

1762 days ago


ABC is full of it and I am ashamed of GLAAD for going along with this bogus explanation. If you're black [Janet Jackson] or gay [Adam Lambert], you can't get away with things that Madonna and Britney Spears get away with it because they are white attractive females and stupid horny guys want to see them make out.

1762 days ago

Ryan Kealey    

I am gay and Adam Lambert pulled a fast one on air. He tricked the network by adding things (including the kiss) to his act on air. Bad move. Disney/ABC is one of the most gay friendly companies on the planet. Heck, they have gay couple going at it and making out on Brothers and Sisters!

1762 days ago


So now GLaad is in bed with Jerry Falwell and his homophobic University, which got the FCC on Adam & ABC's case. Talk about strange bed fellows. Adam Lambert is loud and proud and you believe ABC's lame excuse. How about their desire to bend to the will of the moral majority. Glaad You eat your young,no wonder you're not getting equal civil rights. You should know by now that you have to stick together or else you will fail " a house divided"Adam has done more for your cause by just being himself and you come 'out against him' Don't count on other gays to come 'out'. You offer no support only condemnation. I have to start rethinking my gay activism.

1762 days ago


I've decided that I don't really like this guy anymore. He is acting too diva and entitled for me. He needs a shot of humility. He hasn't worked hard enough to be throwing his weight around like he has been lately. I don't give a flip about his gayness. Just don't care for his overall attitude.

1762 days ago
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