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GLAAD Backs ABC's Decision to Can Lambert

12/3/2009 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert's sexual orientation had nothing to do with ABC's decision to can him from two upcoming gigs on their network ... it was all because he can't stick to a script -- at least that's what ABC and GLAAD would like you to believe.

Adam Lambert

The nation's most outspoken gay rights group just released a statement in support of ABC's decision to boot Lambert from "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and an upcoming New Year's Eve special in the wake of his AMA performance -- the one with the man-on-man kiss.

ABC sent a statement to GLAAD, explaining how Adam's removal was "not a question of Lambert's sexual orientation" but was instead because his live performance at the AMAs differed "greatly" from rehearsals and "caught the network off guard" -- which is justification for dropping him from other live shows.

Today, GLAAD backed ABC's explanation saying, "It would appear that the kiss between Adam Lambert and his keyboardist did not factor into ABC's decision ... ABC has a history of positive gay and transgender inclusion that includes featuring kisses between gay and lesbian couples on-air."

For the record, neither Adrien Brody nor Halle Berry were banned from appearing on any ABC shows after their "unscripted" make-out session at the 2003 Academy Awards.

UPDATE: GLAAD tells us they have "asked ABC and calls on them for clarification on 'caught off guard' so that the community knows why Lambert is being denied the opportunity to perform on the network."


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1785 days ago


Well Adrian Brody didn't shove Halle Berry's face into his crotch so you can't compare the two. The kiss didn't cause this whole situation but the simulated BJ definitely did!!!!

1785 days ago


I read TMZ several times a day everyday for fun and I love it. That being said I have to say I am dissapointed with the way you slanted this article and some of your slams don't even make sense. In one sentence you say that ABC is saying Lambert's kiss had nothing to do with ABC's decision, and then in the next part you imply that Adrien Brody and Halle Berry somehow got away with something. ABC has every right to exclude Adam from future events simply for acting like self indulgent diva. It is their station and Adam didn't provide what they wanted. Only the dramatic and instigators can see discrimination in this. This story is dead and stupid, and I will add that I am quite sick of the Tiger woods coverage too.

1785 days ago


Why are so many people STILL being SO ignorant about what the problem is here?? It has NOTHING to do about the kiss people!! GROW UP!! It was his entire act as a WHOLE!! Have some common sense, people!! His act (AS A WHOLE) was disgusting, inappropriate and rauncy. It is NOT a gay or straight issue!! Get some common sense and grow up already!!

1785 days ago


Ban Lambert from all live networks. His performance was disgusting, vulgar and had no class. Maybe he can make it with his music, but please no performance on television. Let him have his concerts and then he can do what he wants. I know for certain that I would not go nor support him in anyway.

1785 days ago


Jae... then maybe can you explain why no one had an issue with Pink doing this???? BS this is about simulated oral sex. It is quite obviously about simulated oral sex involving a gay man. WTF, this society is messed up.

1785 days ago


I love how media outlets are sanitizing what he really did, groping people, shoving people's faces in his crotch etc, they keep comparing his little "kiss" with heterosexual performers kisses, then they leave out what he did that really offended people, fortunately, the public isn't fooled. Lambert was WAY out of line, he needs to star in porn movies if what he did at the AMAs represents how he wants to perform.

1785 days ago


For the ten millionth time - it's not about the kiss! It's about the shoving the dancers face to his groin. I think the networks and viewers are more than used to seeing same-sex kisses anymore -whether scripted or not. Get over the kiss aspect already.

And let's face it - now that he's gotten the attention who knows what he'd do next live for 'shock'... especially since Susan Boyle's CD knocked his out of the top spot hehe. Oh, wait, she can actually sing.

1785 days ago


I don't blame ABC for dropping him after reading his comments about his feelings for ABC

Kind of an eye openeing article.

1785 days ago


he is such a great performer and wonderful person. LOVE HIS SINGING AND HIS ALBUM

1785 days ago

Mary P    

#52 - Rocker Girl: First, let me commend you on a coherent and well typed response, even if I don't agree. It's not often you can actually see defenders of Adam completing full thoughts. Well done and well thought out.

Now, on to discuss your points. You are correct in what ABC said, but taking that oral sex was the topic they were meaning is to read someone's mind. They could have very well just meant the dancers gyrating - not humping and sticking hands and heads in crotches. I don't think any of the other numbers were particularly risque personally.

To say ABC used him for ratings - didn't he use ABC to show off his shock value for the world? In fact, a lot of people that I know tuned in for Gaga's performance, especially after her very strange MTV VMA's. I tuned in to see if they would honor Michael. I also tuned in for JANET JACKSON. Which was a HUGE draw. Everyone wanted to see if she'd sing live, if she'd sing about her brother, what she'd sing, etc. I just left it on there. Speaking of Janet. She was NOT gay and damn near blacklisted for over 5 years. Even Justin Timberlake had a few appearances canceled.

Whomever you spoke to at the FCC was a moron. Or you are lying, I choose the former, but have to present all points - I doubt you'd lie over something so trivial. FCC regulates NETWORK programming between the hours of 6am and 10pm. Lambert's performance was on before 10pm in MST. The FCC CAN and HAS put pressure on networks. It was famously done to Family Guy who made a parody out of it (The Freakin FCC/censor episode). Just because some customer service rep "says" they don't put pressure, doesn't mean they don't. After the Superbowl, they fully admitted to putting pressure on the networks for halftime shows.

Secondly, she did grab the male's crotch, you are correct. I loved the original video dance routine. However, she didn't hang on to it or pretend to fondle it. She grabbed less than 2 seconds and knocked a guy over. Not sure what your point about rifles are... or how pelvic thrusts compare to fondling your dancers, and shoving heads in your crotch and jiggling your janglies into someone's face for several seconds. Also, to think that they didn't catch any flak over the 18 rapes comments, is to give a red herring argument. "Just because someone else does something unrelated to the topic, means someone else can behave badly." Not a good argument. I fully agree on the song in question being totally inappropriate. Just because we don't all mention it when the topic is Adam Lambert doesn't mean we condoned the other stuff. I've also said I think Rihanna has gone too nasty and trashy lately. However, she didn't exactly plant her face in some guy's lap either. Totally missed whomever was humping the microphone. Could've been during my popcorn making. I see nothing wrong and even though I can't stand Gaga most of the time, at least her performances don't leave you wondering how many times you've seen it. There were no labels discernible - how did you know it was whiskey bottles? I didn't.

I don't buy the "caught up in the moment" argument when it comes to multiple, almost entire performance sex. How do you entirely forget the routine you've rehearsed for weeks, be on a show like AI and never get "caught up", and just randomly not even think ONCE that at any time during the performance that nothing you do is trashy? That's like having sex for 5 minutes, then changing your mind and acting like you never had it because it was an "oops" moment.

I agree about parents responsible for their children. Mine were in bed. HOWEVER, *I* was disgusted by it. Secondly, not all children are 6 like mine. There are 12 and 13 year olds, fully under their bedtime who spent weeks voting for him, and their parents thought they'd get an "AI" performance. To expect what he did in this one, would have been idiotic. He was voted on based on AI, not based on a porn movie.

No idea what your point is on people that don't watch TV. There are billions of TV's in the US (avg. house has 3) and there are hundreds of millions in subs to all those companies. I think the prejudice people are showing in FAVOR of Adam is worse. They make all kinds of excuses for trashy behavior. What does that say about *their* morals? Comparing it to kisses is asinine. So is comparing it to MTV programming. I wouldn't have a problem with my kids watching guys kiss quite frankly. I think it's something that's totally acceptable because not only is it something hetero's do in public, but gays should be able to as well. I want to explain to them now, that it's okay so they don't say stupid and/or mean things later.

Prejudice works both ways. Prejudice against a network, who is taking a lot of flak for something that was TOTALLY out of the network's hand, and that Adam admits he didn't tell any

1785 days ago


63. I believe them. Two ABC soaps Feature gay couples. I don't watch anymore but All My Children Erica Kane's Daughter is a Lesbian. There has even been a wedding between Bianca and her lady friend. There is also a Gay Story line on One Life to Live right now.

Posted at 8:02PM on Dec 3rd 2009 by huh

AGREED... AND he's, himself, has actually been ON GMA already before!!! It is not like they said.. oh, adam lamber? we can't have the gay guy on!!! he's BEEN on. they rightfully cancelled him after being so obscene!

1785 days ago



1785 days ago


I adore Adam. He is immensely talented, kind and brave. I feel really sorry for all the people with hate issues. It must suck to be you!

1785 days ago


Kissing is one thing and simulating oral sex is quite another. The show was carried live and last time I checked, a hetero couple can't simulate oral sex on ABC, CBS or NBC! It isn't about his sexuality, it's about his stupidity!

1785 days ago
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