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GLAAD Backs ABC's Decision to Can Lambert

12/3/2009 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert's sexual orientation had nothing to do with ABC's decision to can him from two upcoming gigs on their network ... it was all because he can't stick to a script -- at least that's what ABC and GLAAD would like you to believe.

Adam Lambert

The nation's most outspoken gay rights group just released a statement in support of ABC's decision to boot Lambert from "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and an upcoming New Year's Eve special in the wake of his AMA performance -- the one with the man-on-man kiss.

ABC sent a statement to GLAAD, explaining how Adam's removal was "not a question of Lambert's sexual orientation" but was instead because his live performance at the AMAs differed "greatly" from rehearsals and "caught the network off guard" -- which is justification for dropping him from other live shows.

Today, GLAAD backed ABC's explanation saying, "It would appear that the kiss between Adam Lambert and his keyboardist did not factor into ABC's decision ... ABC has a history of positive gay and transgender inclusion that includes featuring kisses between gay and lesbian couples on-air."

For the record, neither Adrien Brody nor Halle Berry were banned from appearing on any ABC shows after their "unscripted" make-out session at the 2003 Academy Awards.

UPDATE: GLAAD tells us they have "asked ABC and calls on them for clarification on 'caught off guard' so that the community knows why Lambert is being denied the opportunity to perform on the network."


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It is my understanding that the cancellation is due to the fact that the upcoming performances are live and that the network doesn't trust Adam to "stick to the script." It was not just the kiss -- even if a man and woman had simulated sex in such a completely inappropriate forum (live network television), I believe there would have been a similar public reaction. He was vulgar to do that and also to engage in obscene jesting. He says he is not a babysitter. Well ... I am not a porn addict, and I don't turn on a live network television program expecting to be exposed to someone else's apparently uncontrollable sexual exhibitionism.

1787 days ago

Larry Fuller    

If anyone is watching One Life to Live in the afternoon, they are seeing same sex kisses between Kyle and Oliver. OLTL is broadcast on ABC so that goes to show same sex kisses has nothing to do with it. Before KISH there was Bianca and she had lovers she shared kisses with. What Adumb is trying to do is gain sympathy from the public by crying discrimination of his actions because he is a nothing who thinks entertaining is standing there screeching. Kris Allen deserved the title American Idol but Adumb thinks he will win out by making an ass of himself. Well Glambert let's see hwo glam you are when your 15 minutes are done. Americans are not stupid and will see right through you and will send you to washing dishes in a restaurant to make your living. You are so appalling and an embarrassment to the Gay Community of which I am a member. Go away Adumb go away!!!!

1787 days ago


He is a freak. I don't care about his sexuality, but that public display of art or lack there of was a total waste of time and talent. It was border line porn. I don't care what your sexual prefernce is, but I don't need to see it on PrimeTime. Get a life dude, you are so not hot!!!


1787 days ago

Better Than You    

I'm a little sick of people bringing up the Britney/Madonna/Christina thing, and comparing it to Adam Lambert.

The Britney thing was on MTV.... CABLE TELEVISION.

Adam Lambert chose to do this on regular NETWORK TV. Big difference!

(I've seen some posts related to a controversial Pink performance a few years ago. I'm not familiar with that one. I'll go look it up.)

Also, in addition to the simulated oral sex, Adam also shot the audience the middle finger, which I haven't seen mentioned. Which was pretty uncalled for.

1787 days ago


TMZ writers LOVE to conveniently ignore facts for their own personal agenda... such as the fact that Lambert was shoving people's heads into his crotch and simulating oral sex... of course whatever dimwit writer for TMZ just mentions the same-sex kiss in comparison to a heterosexual kiss... I don't remember Adrien Brody shoving Halle Berry's face into his crotch. Great comparison, moron.

1787 days ago


38. This is all nothing but stupidity... I see nothing wrong of what he did. Its a show for god sakes. He is very talented and very imaginative. ABC and anybody not comfortable with his creativity, put a blind fold on and shut off your televisions... I thought we are in 2009 and here is 2010 and Americans are the only country on the planet that are so hypocritical and most hypocrites just like Republicans.
EXCUSE ME... No one is being a hypocrite here... that was not creativity that was porn... if I want to watch porn I would go and buy it, I do not expect to see it on the music award shows, nor did I appreciate my children seeing it. As far as I am concerned I am no longer an Adam fan.

1787 days ago

Better Than You    

# 112: 'I do not expect to see it on the music award shows, nor did I appreciate my children seeing it'

To you I ask... What kind of parent lets their kids stay up that late? Just wondering. Adam didn't appear until late in the broadcast, by which time most sensible parents would enforce bedtime. Even if you are on the west coast, which aired at a slighly earlier hour than those on the EST, CST, it was still pretty late.

1787 days ago


Their defence is the Sinead O'Connor incident. Like it or hate it.

1787 days ago

Mark Hill Producer    

I have worked on almost every Award show in Hollywood for 30 years, and NO artist is asked to do exactly like they do in rehearsals, they rehearse so the director can get a general idea of what they are going to do to block the shots.

So ABC is full of shot in their reason for canning him. I am not gay but i thought his performance was great, don't kill artistic expression!!!

1787 days ago

Truth Hurts    

B.S. on you TMZ, Halle Berry and Adrien Brody are so rarely on television that doesn't count. Adams behavior would have been fine for the MTV crowd but was offensive and inappropriate for regular television as is any other sexually provocative material. The real mistakes occurred when CBS aired the Madonna/Britney kiss. Have you all forgotten about the Janet Jackson nipplegate fiasco? The issue is venue/audience and appropriateness; if he can't stick to the script then he needs to perform on cable/adult programs.

1787 days ago


Maybe I'm the only person but I was not offended by the performance. Shocked? Yes. There are worse things on television than Adam's simulated sex acts. Watch the news....

1787 days ago


So many crybabies on here....get over it already. I didn't like the performance either. So what if you were offended -- move on! He admitted it was bad judgment, and he has suffered consequences because of it. He's an amazing talent and will be hugely successful anyway.

1787 days ago


It's kinda silly to compare what Adam Lambert did to Adrien Brody and Hally Berry - in their instance, he grabbed her and landed a big smooch on her during an awards presentation. It wasn't a performance, per se. And anyway, find a clip of it and check out her face after. You can bet she let him have it off-screen.

1787 days ago


This performance seemed more like something from Jerry Springer than an AMA performance. It was totally bizarre and disgusting!!! This guy has a great voice and instead of making the most of what could have been a break out performance he decides to give us gay porn! Totally a turn off! I don't blame ABC or the FCC! Whoever is responsible for his cancellations, Adam needs to be shown there are limitations to what is acceptable for TV. And since we're talking about freedom of expression - what's next? Incest? Why not? We're starting to tip toe for every other human right!

1787 days ago


This has nothing to do with him being gay and all to do with him being obnoxious. His claims of discrimination cheapen the claims of homosexuals who are truly treated differently because of their sexual orientation. We are NOT talking about a huge talent here that when he starts to sing all is forgotten. I am sick of him already and he is just starting out.

1787 days ago
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