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Ron Wood Busted for Assault

12/3/2009 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ron WoodRolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood was arrested last night in London -- on suspicion of assaulting his girlfriend, 21-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova.

According to the BBC, Wood was busted "on suspicion of assault in connection with a domestic incident" and was released on bail.

Wood's rep tells TMZ, "I can confirm that there was an incident last night and that Ronnie Wood was arrested ... we have no further statement to make at this time."


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21!!!???!!years old? Really?

When I was 21 and a old man even bothered to check us out, it would make us puke. When they hit on us, we would run and then laugh our a$$es off.

There could be NO amount of money to get us in bed with an old guy. That is to say if he even could get it up!

So, what gives? Is she blind? Or just perhaps is she used to old men touching her? A little Dr Phil there.

1783 days ago


Assult? How can a dirt old, out of shape, smoker forever, druggy, with booze still left in his system from all of his partying his whole life.....beat my a$$ when I'm 21?

Sorry, Ronny, it would have been ME going to jail because I would have given YOU the beat down, I imagine it wouldn't take much either. He has to be 100 at this point.

1783 days ago


Silly old fool.

1783 days ago




1783 days ago

J C    

Those Rolling Stones are a bunch of foolish old men

1783 days ago

J C    

Counterculture hero.

1783 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Ok, background people...Ronnie joined Stones in like 1975.
Earned tens of millions.Dumped then wife Krissie for current ex wife Jo. Paid off Krissewith a few dollars.
JoJo was dumped as Woody has hooked up 20-21 yr. old Eastern Block poor girl looking for somehard money. Can't Iblame her. Doing hard,put a question mark here on hard, Ron Wood, girl being young most likely wants her payday and be done of this ride.
Ronn is thin,old,drunk,stoned, and Eastern Block chick is young and strong. I am going to I doubt he hit her. CASE -settle it asap by paying her $1 million. This is really a sad, sad,case about Ron Wood.Krisse Wood died broke and broken and it was a sad,sad story. He couldhave helped her with a place to stay in his name, doctors care, an allowance issued by atty's as she needed and approved by them.
Jo Wood is a millionaire and is doing great.
Ron -karma.

1783 days ago


is he picking his nose on the pic?!!WTF!!

1783 days ago


Oh I see how the laws go....A women gets hit by a man the man goes to jail..A women hits a man they hide it..A hit is a hit is it not, so why should this matter be only one sided..Is it because we would all say a man is a wimp to report it...There are a lot of women out there is this world who have affairs on their husband. One sided world it is..This site can't report somethng like that.

1783 days ago


If Woody didnt have 250,000,000.00 in the bank, you think his russian girlfriend would be with him???

1783 days ago

Terry Parker    

Ronnie Ronnie, take it easy, is her menopause driving you F'n nuts?
If so,walk out, go see Mick, and smoke a nice one. She'll come around, and hopefuly, things will work out. If you're bored, how about another concert tour? Toronto is waiting for you man. Remember Ronny, don't get sucked in. If you feel you're going to lose it, take a hike,and chill.

1783 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

How come Elin Wood was not arrested? She could have easily been accused of assaulting Tiger.

1783 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Domestic violence laws are mostly used by the women to help get the guy out of the house away from the kids in the divorce. The government judges then can give ex-wife the kids, 18 years of tax free child support, house and car.

The cops and judges rarely charge women with violence.

1783 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

it's how women and lawyers make money. from the people who actually have talent...the guys.

1783 days ago


Dude is old enough to be her great grandfather...she is definitly in this thing for money...why else would a 21 year old be with an ancient dinosaur like him...hell he's got wrinkles older than her...seems like a daddy, daughter situation....and thats disgusting...this pig probably has grandkids older than this slut.....two deserve each other!

1783 days ago
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