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Tiger Woods

Used Childhood Friend as Cover

12/3/2009 8:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned one of Tiger Woods' employees helped the golfer secretly rendezvous with at least one woman with whom he allegedly had a sexual relationship.

Childhood Friend
Sources say Bryon Bell, a childhood friend and President of Tiger Woods Design, bought a plane ticket for Rachel Uchitel to go to Australia in mid-November to secretly spend time with Tiger.

The ticket was purchased by Bell using a credit card. He also booked a room for Uchitel at the Crown Towers Hotel in Melbourne.

The trip coincided with the Australian Masters -- which Tiger won.

We've learned Bell actually flew with Uchitel to Melbourne and both had rooms at the hotel.

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1785 days ago


When this crap about Tiger hit the fan, I knew his
inner circle of handlers were helping him.

1785 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

Tiger has no ball`s ,no ball`s at all!His wife hit a hole in two!

1785 days ago

Slick Willie    

I guess we will have to vote Tiger in as President. He is clearly qualified.

1785 days ago


Very Interesting what is implied in the statement : " employees helped the golfer secretly rendezvous with at least one woman "

I've wondered about who was assisting him with his babes. If he was arm-twisting his staff to arrange love-nests for him, I am willing that there are many more than 3 women whom he bedded. I wonder if he's been using some of his foundation funds and company funds for frolics in the bed.... I'm sure the IRS would love to find out if these were written-off as business (cough) expenses.

I can't wait until his former employees start talking...especially his security detail. Oh Tiger you've been so naughty. Elin is going to want lots and lots of millions of dollars to stick around.. I sure hope that she has a savvy attorney.

1785 days ago


OMG!!!! Is the next thing going to be the release of texts from Tiger to skanks saying, "I love you"? What a dolt he is. A scheming dolt.

1785 days ago


2 yrs from now they'll both be divorced and happy. Go Tiger I hope you find happiness...learn who your true friends are thruough this process...and don't let Parnedumb set you up with any more "wifes".

1785 days ago



1785 days ago


THIS is why I don't buy the "I made a mistake" b.s.
A mistake is when you put on one brown sock and one blue sock, or buy whole milk instead of non-fat. This was premeditated and calculated. Nice try, though.

1785 days ago


This woman is a disgusting, fame whore who has repeatedly screwed married celebrities. She will be a leper in Hollywood after this and deservedly so.

1785 days ago


He is such an ass. Now I hear they've renegotiated their prenup and part of the requirements are that SHE - as in ELIN - has to behave herself! How ridiculous is that?

1785 days ago


When is Tiger going to admit he is a sex addict?

1785 days ago

Mimi in TO    

This is getting more disgusting every day. Now we know why Tiger was such a private person..... because he had a lot to hide!!!!!

1785 days ago


I see there are now petitions up both FOR and AGAINST his sponsors supporting him:





1785 days ago

Balls has no Balls    

What the hell who does he think he is.Golf suck`s!I will not buy anything he is trying to sell.I drive a chevy truck,it kick`s ass,that cad got it`s ass kicked by a bush an a tree at 15 mph. sad.

1785 days ago
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