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Tiger Woods

Used Childhood Friend as Cover

12/3/2009 8:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned one of Tiger Woods' employees helped the golfer secretly rendezvous with at least one woman with whom he allegedly had a sexual relationship.

Childhood Friend
Sources say Bryon Bell, a childhood friend and President of Tiger Woods Design, bought a plane ticket for Rachel Uchitel to go to Australia in mid-November to secretly spend time with Tiger.

The ticket was purchased by Bell using a credit card. He also booked a room for Uchitel at the Crown Towers Hotel in Melbourne.

The trip coincided with the Australian Masters -- which Tiger won.

We've learned Bell actually flew with Uchitel to Melbourne and both had rooms at the hotel.

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Old Tiger was sleeping with that raunchy girl from Tool Academy! Ms. Grubbs. At least the name fits! ~ Looks like old Tiger needs to go to Tool Academy. For now, he's the NUMBER ONE TOOL! His parents must be so proud of him. Not.

1783 days ago




1783 days ago


To janalal4. If that happened I think Elin would have cried. I think instead she got angry because he was sexting right in front of her and then had the balls to accuse her of ruining Thanksgiving. He was beginning to get really disrespectful and mess with her mind. That's what I think anyway. After listening to the voicemail, I really think the affairs were so cold hearted.

1783 days ago


Here's how this will all end. Tiger will go on Oprah and in a tearful moment say he is a "Sex addict." Oprah will hug him and all will be forgiven. If O.J. got away with murder, you don't think Tiger will escape this?

1783 days ago


108. To janalal4. If that happened I think Elin would have cried. I think instead she got angry because he was sexting right in front of her and then had the balls to accuse her of ruining Thanksgiving. He was beginning to get really disrespectful and mess with her mind. That's what I think anyway. After listening to the voicemail

, I really think the affairs were so cold hearted.

Posted at 8:44PM on Dec 3rd 2009 by not a gold digger

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/12/03/tiger-woods-uses-childhood-friend-as-cover/8#comments#ixzz0YgGlkjIq

I think she probably did BOTH. I would be crying but raging at the same time. I'd cry over how this man who was supposed to love me could hurt me like this but I'd also be p!ssed at the same time like, "Oh, you SOB! How dare you publicly humiliate me like this"!! OH YEAH! I'd be doin BOTH! LOL! I wouldn't have hit HIM but I'd have taken a few swings on his SUV with that gold club for sure! There is nothing like the look of utter SURPRISE on a mans face when his woman goes totally BALLISTIC on him! hehehe

1783 days ago

IN DC    

These females, just sleaze. Why do they work where they do, for opportunities, and they cash in. They think they are "it", puhhhhhleeeeze! If one works in "these" places, one should not think they are "it", but that they are the "hired help", that is what the men know you are. Men at those places are without morals, you silly silly females. Why do you think your employer is profitable, silly females and men without morals combined. Why not work towards being a real woman. Better yet, what if you got married to that "rich" male, then you are now on the the other side, which is...watching for those opportunistic females. Ha.
Tiger, give what Elin wants (it's apparent she loved you, but at this point, just care for Elin and the babies)and move forward, whatever direction that is. Best for both of you and babies.

1783 days ago


tiger i was wondering, how long it would take, for ur secrets2 come out ur CLOSETS!lmao!u was jus 2clean.u got gd book sense but u dont know how to juggle women.lmao!telling ur gf to delete her name from her own phone!lmao!get that money hun !get that money!tiger!tiger!tiger!LMAO I HOPE U READING THIS COMMENT!

1783 days ago

Ronald Raygun    

testing 123

1783 days ago


Only a few states in the United States still allow alienation of affection lawsuits.

These states, as of 01/2008, are: Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah.

1783 days ago


His wife is a criminal, not a hero for beating him with a golf club. His so-called ex-friend Jesper Parnevik is a coward and a little b**** for talking smack from thousands of miles away and cheering a woman to do something he's not man enough to do himself. Why doesn't HE hit Tiger with a driver next time? Because he's a p****, all mouth, no action. He couldn't even talk to Tiger face-to-face like a man first before yapping like a little gossip whore to the media. That's why. So Tiger had an extramarital affair... big deal. He's not the President, or a Governor, or other public official. He's a man who gets paid to hit a little white ball into a hole. As much as people like to act like golf is so much classier and more special than other sports, it's still a SPORT. Wow, a young rich celeb had an affair. It's not like THAT has never happened before, even in golf. I guarantee some of these holier-than-thou types like Jesper have their own little skeletons. Remember, just because you didn't hear about it doesn't mean it couldn't have happened. I'm sure some of these "perfect" sports figures with untarnished reputations have some secrets lurking about. But for now, millions of people who are miserable in their own little existence (or ranked hundreds worse than Tiger in the PGA, *cough* Jesper, *cough*) will continue to enjoy the public character assassination of Tiger, all so they can feel a little better about their own shortcomings.

1783 days ago

Feds Under Suspicion    

Rachel's nose looks like a golf tee. She is fugly! woof woof! Tiger you got no taste (except for your lovely wife, who you've now lost).

1783 days ago


To IN DC - I think you are referring to a cultural problem, and not "men without morals" or "silly females." You can't expect "Why not work towards being a real woman" when our culture seems to be against whatever you mean by that. Your whole message seems to be anger towards the really bad morals our culture can have.

1783 days ago


He is a sex addict and a Narcissist. Elin should get out while she can. He isn't going to change.

1783 days ago

Zach Swan    

Way to rat the boy out TMZ. I know someone who won't be invited to the Woods' Christmas party, thanks to you.

1783 days ago


Tiger had his childhood friend helping him out to cheat....LOL...I would have never expected Tiger to be this devious. He really kept his whoring ways on the DL for a long time.

You really gotta watch out for the quiet ones. Wonder if Tiger has a sex addiction? We know of 2, possibly 3 but I believe it's going to be a couple more before its all over with.

1783 days ago
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