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Tiger's Mistress -- I Lied For Him

12/3/2009 8:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods  & Rachel UchitelTiger Woods' alleged mistress claims she was lying when she said she did not have an affair with Tiger Woods ... and sources tell TMZ the fight at Tiger's home the morning of the crash was triggered by a series of text messages between Tiger and the woman.

Rachel Uchitel has publicly denied she had sexual relations with Tiger Woods, but we've learned she has said she did indeed have an affair with the golfer. And, we're told it was her -- not Jaimee Grubbs -- who caused an argument between Tiger and his wife, Elin Nordegren, that immediately preceded Tiger's SUV crash.

Sources say less than an hour before Tiger's accident, Rachel and Tiger were texting each other. Elin confronted Tiger and asked whom he was texting. She grabbed the phone and we're told she called Rachel to confront her. According to sources, Tiger and Elin began arguing and the phone broke in the process.

We're also told there was damage as a result of the altercation in the vestibule area of Tiger Woods' home -- damage that cannot be easily repaired, and that is why Tiger would not let police come in.

Uchitel's lawyer, Gloria Allred, will hold a news conference today at 11:30 AM PT with Uchitel present.

: Gloria canceled the news conference!

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Nike, GM, American Express and all the other sponsors want us to trust Tiger Woods and buy their products. Are you kidding me? Why would I trust a lying cheat? These sponsors think the public is crazy if they think we (the public) are that naive. I wouldn’t trust the liar with a nickel, would you? I hope his trailer trash wife divorces him and leaves him with a broom handle to play golfs with.

1786 days ago


Not being able to have frequent sexual intercourse is going to affect Tiger Wood's golfing. He needed the sex so he could focus on his game. Man we are going to miss the excitement his winnings bring.

1786 days ago


Uch I Tel. You Lied. This is no longer about your involvement with Tiger. Your story has become an issue of Who You Are. You need to forget about the Tiger story and become a decent human being in the Public Eye. Tiger's Story is no longer about you it's moved on. And, if you have the nerve to go taking up media time to associate yourself with him just adds more fuel to you not caring about Elin and his marriage. Time to be quiet. Or talk about yourself.

1786 days ago


Well what really pisses me off is that I'm better lookin' than Tigger Woods but he gets all these ho's, but I don't got all that money. Maybe them women are prostitutes and he just paid them for sex. That's gotta be it cause he is just one ugly dude. One thing for sure all these women he has on the side gives a whole new meaning to Tiger(WOODS). Ha

1786 days ago


Lots of money: Lots of HO's: Never home. Tiger has a perfect life....till now, MOFO got caught. I guess all the ability to play golf don't make up for being stupid. I guess he can always curl up at night with the memories.

1786 days ago

doc murry    

on,y problem is that you geeks will be watching him on tv in 6 months golfing and making another 100 million dollors and buying anything his paws try to sell you,,he should be finished and i just dont understand that now that he has been caught he is sooo sorry and is now trying to heal the wounds,,what a bunch of balogny,,if he had come out on his own and admitted this months ago i would give him credit,,but not now,,but too bad in 6 months it will be business as usual and tmz will be going after some other lame ass.shame tiger shame ..you need to crawl in some hole and resurface in about 10 years a numbled man,,WHAT A FINE EXAMPLE ONCE AGAIN HAS BEEN SET FOR OUR YOUNG KIDS WHO LOOK UP TOO PHONIES LIKE YOU

1786 days ago

doc murry    

he needs to send every us citizen a check for 1000.00 and then we can begin to forgive him for violating our trust in this man..like a tiger stimulas check to make him whole again,and i should get an extra check for 5000.00 for suggesting it

1786 days ago

doc murry    

i am sure michael jackson has his hands in this and dr murry is lurking about im sure too,this looks like something they cooked up to deflect attention away from wacko and dr murry so murry can stay out of jail,who cares about wacko and murry now that we have tiger to make fun of,har har har

1786 days ago

doc murry    

it sure looks like tiger only messes with brunettes and dirty blondes with big boobs,,strange he dont seem to have any use for black chicks.guess its true about them not keeping themselves very clean down there at its quite well known he likes to go south with the mouth and eat at the Y,pretty sad though that he descriminates against his own kind

1786 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

If he was not maried,this would be great and everybody would be ,so what.
WAY TO GO Tiger...He ain't called Tiger for nothing,Secure a deal with Kellogs for Frosted Flakes-Tiger Woods and Tony the Tiger.
He is single. The fans,sponsors,media,boy,Tiger would double up money in the bank for having many,many girls all over the place. Tiger the stud. Greaaat!!!!!!!!! ------------

If he were married to Elin and had no kids, we could say,well,the public would say the wife, she could walk off with 7 figures, being the wife, 9 million, and it would be a good investment of Tiger giving Elin 9 million for being wife, a mea coupla,fine.Public would say,hey she got 9 million.Short marriage. Adults.Personal life. Nobody NOBODY got hurt. The public,sponsors,media,would accept that.Cool.
People could digest that.------------------------

The thing is THERE ARE TWO LITTLE BABIES in a marriage with a young,pretty,devoted,quiet wife. THIS is NOT digestable.
THere are several skanks, so at least he was not playing on his wife with one, loved another. The skanks are all skanks. Nothing .They meant nothing. The 3 so far are all interchangable.---------------

If Tiger had 3 skanks so far and was married to Elin and this were 2030,so what. After 26yrs.of marriage,a 20 yr.old son,a 22 yr.old daughter,Tiger Woods,retired pro golfer,commentator,etc.,and his wife , Elin, decided to divorce.She has been living in Sweden for the past 3 yrs.
She will recieveatoatl in cash, investments,property of 50 -80 million. SO WHAT!!!!!!!! 50=80 million in 2030,still will be a good chunk of millions.------------

It is not like these cases.
It is really bad. The wife and kids,this is hard.

1786 days ago

doc murry    

for gods sake i hope u used condoms tiger

1786 days ago


what kind of woman will have an affair with a married man. she is responsible for breaking up a family for the short term or long term. There were kids involved!! she could have walked away, said no- and done the right thing. she is an a**, and should know better. didn't she loose someone close to her? no morals,no morals. Tiger is a dude with alot of money and an EGO- thinks he can get whoever and whatever- wake up and start thinking with your other head Tiger!

1786 days ago


she just gets passed around from married celeb to married celeb

1786 days ago


TMZ you should make a statement and cancel this Streaming Live interview. Allred and Uchitel Lied. I bet it will go a lot further for TMZ to cancel showing these people who have admitted it was a Lie. And, this was after it was reported that Uch I Tel had hired Allred. Today is hangover day of this story people are tired of it.

These people aren't even Main Stage, they are part of the gaggle of ladies.

1786 days ago


I think Tiger should chastized as much as the President was in his discretions. He is another sports person that now is on the outs for me as you don't have to cheat on your wife you can get a divorce. These people think they are so big that nothing wrong can touch them. Wrong He has been king of the mountain long enough Get some one else in the news.

1786 days ago
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