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Tiger's Mistress -- I Lied For Him

12/3/2009 8:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods  & Rachel UchitelTiger Woods' alleged mistress claims she was lying when she said she did not have an affair with Tiger Woods ... and sources tell TMZ the fight at Tiger's home the morning of the crash was triggered by a series of text messages between Tiger and the woman.

Rachel Uchitel has publicly denied she had sexual relations with Tiger Woods, but we've learned she has said she did indeed have an affair with the golfer. And, we're told it was her -- not Jaimee Grubbs -- who caused an argument between Tiger and his wife, Elin Nordegren, that immediately preceded Tiger's SUV crash.

Sources say less than an hour before Tiger's accident, Rachel and Tiger were texting each other. Elin confronted Tiger and asked whom he was texting. She grabbed the phone and we're told she called Rachel to confront her. According to sources, Tiger and Elin began arguing and the phone broke in the process.

We're also told there was damage as a result of the altercation in the vestibule area of Tiger Woods' home -- damage that cannot be easily repaired, and that is why Tiger would not let police come in.

Uchitel's lawyer, Gloria Allred, will hold a news conference today at 11:30 AM PT with Uchitel present.

: Gloria canceled the news conference!

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Tut tut tut tmz, you are behind on the news, the press conference has been cancelled...........

1723 days ago


Atleast it didnt end like McNair's affaair

1723 days ago


Who cares? These women that are coming out of the woodwork (what are there, 4 now?) are such pathetic whores, just out for their 5 minutes of "fame". I would never brag to the world about being the skank who slept with a married man, no matter how famous he is. Can we fast forward a few days to when these girls fade back into obscurity and TMZ moves on to something more interesting?

1723 days ago


Tiger Woods deserves absolutely EVERYTHING that's happening and that is yet to come! For those that claim it's "none of our business" I disagree! Tiger Woods makes his living making millions of dollars as a professional athlete and makes millions more happily accepting endorsement contracts from high profile companies. Once you step into that limelight, and whether it's right or wrong to assume, you become a role model in the eyes of the ticket-buying, Nike-wearing and Buick-driving public. And, you no longer get the privilege of privacy when it comes to indiscretions or illegal activities. You DO NOT get the right to privacy when you violate the trust of the people paying your salary. Thank you TMZ and Nat'l Inquirer for bringing the REAL Tiger Woods to light!

And one must also ask.....if he's such a chronic cheater on his wife, why not carry that cheating over into the golf world with steriods...???

ALSO: For those of you that can't read, it says the time of the press conference is 11:30 A.M. PT, not P.M. PT means PACIFIC TIME!!!

1723 days ago


One question.....where is Jessie "The Jackass" Jackson and Fat Albert Sharpton in all of this? Why have they not rushed to his side like they do for every other brutha. This is you know the white mans fault. Those white whores held him down and forced him to have sex with them like he was some sort of slave. Come on you two race baiting publicity whores. Where are you hiding? Help the brutha out. He bes needin yo help. Or is he too white for you?

1723 days ago


i am so sick of hearing and reading stuff about this. who in hell cares!? he get's paid millions of dollars to use a stick to hit a ball across a big green field. he does nothing to effect my life. now if he was the president or a congressman someone that makes laws and rules that change my life then i wanna know where he is putting his wiener. tiger woods i don't care. his wife should have known he would not be faithful! he's tiger woods. it's very rare for a pro athlete to be faithful. let it go. as far as the mistresses go well they are all white trash whores! they knew who he was and he was a married man with a family. they could have used better judgment. now they are paying the price. play with fire and you get burn. he should have known that sooner or later the truth was going to come out. so i say stop reporting about it. it's not like he is god or something!!

1723 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

My brother did not cheat, bought a home, car, and had a great job, but his wife still divorced him. with a 60% divorce rate like all this matters. she was going to get the $300 large anyway.

1723 days ago


I cannot blame his wife one bit for her reaction! Hes out doing everyone in the club while she is home with their 2 babies! What a dog he turned out to be. I hope his wife dumps his butt and takes everything he owns. To beat his car with a golf club,priceless!
He looks like a total moron!

1723 days ago


What a piece of trash. Why can't these women keep their mouths shut and just let it go? Skanks all of them and Allred is a media whore. Just as trashy as the rest of them.

1723 days ago


I feel bad for Tiger for being so arrogant and stupid. If he wanted to fool around, either he shouldn't have married or should have married someone who would let him do it. I'll bet he's glad his dad isn't alive.

1723 days ago

DingDong DingDong    

Stupid Stupid people. Did Woods really think it would not come out at some point.
I would have given him more credit then that.

Wonder if he thinks it was worth it now?

1723 days ago


The press conference is canceled?!? I guess Tiger got his check book out just in time and got the number right. Can you say....HUSH MONEY?!?!

I bet now, Rachel got her money and will quietly go away for awhile as the other one isn't in it for the money but, the 15 minutes of fame. As for the 3rd woman, who know's. She's probably calculating her next move.

1723 days ago


Erica at 77: It sounds like what your son needed all along was a good talk with a counselor vs. worshiping an image of Tiger. He's carrying a lot of understandable pain.

1723 days ago


My take:

National Enquirer comes out with story about Rachel.

Tiger & Elin fight about text messages between Tiger & Rachel. Tiger crashes car.

Jaimee sees or is told of the story about Rachel, then gets pissed that Tiger is cheating on her because she thought she was the only "other woman", so, out for revenge, calls up the tabloid.

1723 days ago


so obvious she was lying

1723 days ago
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