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Tiger's Mistress -- I Lied For Him

12/3/2009 8:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods  & Rachel UchitelTiger Woods' alleged mistress claims she was lying when she said she did not have an affair with Tiger Woods ... and sources tell TMZ the fight at Tiger's home the morning of the crash was triggered by a series of text messages between Tiger and the woman.

Rachel Uchitel has publicly denied she had sexual relations with Tiger Woods, but we've learned she has said she did indeed have an affair with the golfer. And, we're told it was her -- not Jaimee Grubbs -- who caused an argument between Tiger and his wife, Elin Nordegren, that immediately preceded Tiger's SUV crash.

Sources say less than an hour before Tiger's accident, Rachel and Tiger were texting each other. Elin confronted Tiger and asked whom he was texting. She grabbed the phone and we're told she called Rachel to confront her. According to sources, Tiger and Elin began arguing and the phone broke in the process.

We're also told there was damage as a result of the altercation in the vestibule area of Tiger Woods' home -- damage that cannot be easily repaired, and that is why Tiger would not let police come in.

Uchitel's lawyer, Gloria Allred, will hold a news conference today at 11:30 AM PT with Uchitel present.

: Gloria canceled the news conference!

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No Avatar


This is nothing surprising from the day she retained Gloria. You don't hire someone like Gloria Allred unless something happened to begin with- Now, I'm waiting for the lawsuit to happen as she claims damage to her career and life due to this-

1786 days ago


Now these two heiffers are arguing over who caused the fight between the Woods! Oh, it just keeps growing doesn't it. Maybe he was texting to them both simultaneously, just thinkin'

1786 days ago

Donna S.    

It is all kind of sad. Tiger Woods has more or less admitted he is a flawed human being, just like the rest of us, and has asked for privacy to give his family a chance to get over this and the coverage just gets worse and worse.

Sometimes, I wonder, if what the media tries to do is hound people into committing suicide.

Reporting the incident and covering it to a point is one thing, but what are we gonna have next, these two women releasing videos they secretly recorded of them and Tiger having sex? His poor wife must be so embarrassed and humilated.

1786 days ago


So is Rachel Uchitel a prostitute for this company she works for?

1786 days ago

jackie t    

this is the Christmas scandal that keeps on giving!

1786 days ago


cheater cheater cheater, 3 years i would leave his a** he should of just married the mistress instead of dragging his wife through a big pile of sh**

1786 days ago


Its bad enough to find out your husband is cheating, then to see he's been cheating with skanky ugly women adds insult to injury

1786 days ago


I have to wonder during all this going on at 2:30 in the morning, and it took police 30 minutes to arrive.....who was watching the children in the Woods house? I assume..or hope...they have a nanny. If they do, oh what a story she could tell, because I'm sure it was not a quiet arguement going on in the house. Just wondering......

1786 days ago


Harvey Levin is a notorious gay. Even me know about it!!!!!!!

1786 days ago


Ya know it's sad. they are competing for the " Who broke up the marriage ? " show ....

1786 days ago


This Bimbo Explosion is turning into a pathetic competition. Which ho will benefit the most from her sinful ways? Rachel prob did not appreciate Jaime getting all the attention. I almost feel sorry for TW. Almost.

I don't beleive for one second TW took into consideration the worst case scenario. Imbecile. All men and famous athletes who are stepping out on their wives are now shaking in their boots.

Thanks Tiger. In the end, you have single handedly become a PSA against infidelity. AshleyMadison be damned in hell.

1786 days ago


thank you tmz. if some of you guys could go work for foxnews or cnn that would be awesome.

1786 days ago





Posted at 12:39AM on Dec 3rd 2009 by Lindsay


You must be new here. He's not in the closet so you are making an a$$ of yourself.

1786 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

We knew this was coming when Jaimee come on board, we knew this skank would be back to claim her fame and money. Does this she man really think anyone is going to like her for cheating with a married man? Are we supposed to give her high fives for being a whore? Everyone hates Tiger now and are all team Elin without a doubt. To have Tiger's whores admit they had an affair shows they are money hungry whores.
This women may have a decent body but many drag queens do. The fake oversized lips and questionable man face makes you wonder if she didn't used to be a man. Tiger and all his skanks should go and live together and have orgies. This is sad and gross. God I hate Tiger, hate Nike, hate all things related to Tiger. Jon Gosselin is off the hook, we have a new King Douche way worse than Jon.

1786 days ago


13. This is better than daytime soaps!

Posted at 12:19AM on Dec 3rd 2009 by soft on hands while you do dishes

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2009/12/03/tigers-mistress-i-lied-for-him/#comments#ixzz0YbM3sO87

LOL! This is better than Jerry Springer and Maury Povich combined. All we need now is for someone to get pregnant and demand a DNA test! Thanks for making my week Tiger Woods. I never thought you would provide me with so much entertainment.

1786 days ago
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