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Italian Group:

'Jersey Shore' Was Offensive

12/4/2009 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MTV told Italian American groups to hold judgment on the new reality show "Jersey Shore" until they saw an episode ... well, the wait is over -- and the outrage flood gates have blown wide open.


After last night's debut episode of the reality show, UNICO National -- the "Largest Italian American Service Organization in the USA" -- claims they "can't keep up with the volume of calls" from "outraged" Italian Americans.

TMZ spoke with a rep from the group who told us, "I suffered through all 120 mins of that show and it was worse than I imagined."

The rep added, "Italian Americans are OUTRAGED and they are helping us reach out to sponsors to ask them to stop advertising with MTV until they agree to pull Jersey Shore."

For those unfamiliar with the show -- imagine "The Hills" on steroids, dipped in bronzer, and slathered in hair gel ... only more addicting.


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doc murry    

hey im part italian,,i have had mama celeste pizza and chef boy r dee spagettios,,so that makes me part itailan...mama mia
...oh and rugu sauce too

1752 days ago


Usually, they call "sauce" gravy. Italians do have the best food too. Canolis, stromboli, and rum cakes are fantastic especially in the Philadelphia area. I love Italian bakeries.

1752 days ago


Any of you true Italians from Philly should remember Palumbos. Now that was a first class joint.

1752 days ago


Its f**in TV you morons, who controls TV? The jews. Its common knowledge that Jews in the northeast are jealous of the Italians, so it dosnt surprise me at all that they would come up with a show to make Italians look like idiots. The Supranos didnt go far enough so now this. Joey

1752 days ago


Why are they so offended thats how they really are get over it Italians are obnoxious like that get over yourselfs!!

1752 days ago


I'm from Jersey and of Italian heritage. My Ma can speak fluent Italian and has taught me some words grwoing up. I also belong to an Italian social club which is the best place to have parties because they always have great food and drinks.

In my hang out days, if I wasn't with my Girlfriend "Baby Giggles" I would be with my Friends talking loud about really nothing.

Yep. The Gold chains, spiked hair with a ton of gel and the Seaside Heights strip was the norm, but we never acted like this.

1752 days ago


#76, theTRUTH: My Italian grandfather came from Bolvano, up near Naples. He was a shepherd and goat herder. He could not read or write at all, or speak English. When he came to the United States, in the late 1800's, at the age of 18, he was pretty much on his own. He was self-taught in English, and took correspondence courses to learn to read and write in English, and to do math as well. We still have his papers, all A's. He never allowed his children to speak Italian because he was an American now, and determined to be successful. He didn't even have an Italian accent, and all of his five children had college educations that he paid for (accept my dad, who served in Korea and got his on the GI bill). My grandmother was from Calabria, also learned her English and reading and writing in the USA, and was the best Italian cook I've ever known. I do know a few phrases in Italian, but they're not safe for mixed company. I'm proud of my Grampa, and my heritage, whether I speak Italian or not.

1752 days ago



1752 days ago


2 words: Ug-Ly

1752 days ago


Um, #97 - WTF?

1752 days ago


29 is right. they are bennys! they are not from NJ. People from the NJ shore are kind and are very caring about the place they live in, hard working honest people that do not act like that and they dont go to the beach in the summer!

1752 days ago


i am not a big fan of reality tv, but i have to comment here. if the soprano's was not offensive enough, this is not in the least offensive. being from jersey, i can tell you all kids do the summer thing, italian or not. let it go, why always looking for an insult and making a big deal out of nothing. bada bing,

1752 days ago

For Sure    

Oh come on .....It is ok! The Kardashians and Paris Hilton are worse...

Let them have fun! Better now than after they are Married!!!!

Let's see... Hey Tiger maybe you should have gone to Seaside Heights before you got married lm_o

1752 days ago


I actually liked the show, I thought it was hilarious!

1752 days ago


its not mtvs fault that these people went on tv and showed their ass...

1752 days ago
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