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Italian Group:

'Jersey Shore' Was Offensive

12/4/2009 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MTV told Italian American groups to hold judgment on the new reality show "Jersey Shore" until they saw an episode ... well, the wait is over -- and the outrage flood gates have blown wide open.


After last night's debut episode of the reality show, UNICO National -- the "Largest Italian American Service Organization in the USA" -- claims they "can't keep up with the volume of calls" from "outraged" Italian Americans.

TMZ spoke with a rep from the group who told us, "I suffered through all 120 mins of that show and it was worse than I imagined."

The rep added, "Italian Americans are OUTRAGED and they are helping us reach out to sponsors to ask them to stop advertising with MTV until they agree to pull Jersey Shore."

For those unfamiliar with the show -- imagine "The Hills" on steroids, dipped in bronzer, and slathered in hair gel ... only more addicting.


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Yup. That show is offensive. I don't care if the cast thinks of "guido" as a positive term, because I guarantee the majority of Italian Americans find it a negative one. If someone black portrayed a stereotype profusely on tv (although that happens already), and started calling themselves the "n" word freely, and not in the context of taking the power away from the word, people would go insane. Yes they would. The people on Jersey Shore are attention whores, who are completely in love with themselves. It's a form of entertainment, that exploits a minority's sterotype. What a bunch of *******s.

1506 days ago


Oh yeah! Offensive yeah!

1410 days ago

Guido Sarduch the killer Pimp     

First of all these people ARE NOT kids, Pauly is what 29, Mike is 28, so yeah some others are like 22 and 23... Heres the deal Ronnie is not even mostly Italian, and Snookie is not Italian at all... The point: If MTV had a show about East L.A. would it be bad to show a bunch of Mexicans eating burritos or showing off their low-riders. Good God there are more Mexicans in this Country than Italians now... This show is about putting same and simular people in the same area and having fun with how they act. It is not about them being Italian or not, it is about an area and how the culture has developed with certain types of people. Oh; this is coming from a 43 year old Italian guy from Mn. We had areas in Mn that acted just like this... Can we say N.E. Mpls back in the 70's and 80's. And yes, Italians believe (no: we know) we are superior to most other races. Most if not all of this Country is based on Roman laws, Roman society, Roman commerce. Most everything in this country that is loved more than anything else is Italian, Lets see; Cars, cloths, food, oh lets not forget to ask the ladies about Italian men, People are obssessed with Mafia stuff, Ever heard of the German mafia, or lets say, the Swedish mafia, didn't think so. The point of all of this is this...... Business is designed to make money, MTV knows that a show about some Germans or Irish, or anyone else will for sure get no attention, but a bunch of Italians who act like WILD Italians, now that is a MONEY MAKER. Who doesn't love the way Italians talk, and walk and just plain simply look at things. P.S. to all the ignorant people, its the WOMEN who are watching this show... They love the MEN on this show. Well maybe not so much Ronnie, he can for sure be an idiot, but that is because he is what 22 or 23, this is still little boy status.

1293 days ago


If you think getting STD's are cool then live up to their expectations... I feel bad for good Italians to be grouped together with these wanksta's. Don't know why people idolize them, they fake n' bake, none of them can fight and act like they make italians look good. Thats why when they visited Italy they were explicitly told NOT to visit any holy site... They are technically italian rejects to say it best.

840 days ago



727 days ago
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