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Polanski -- Roman Around Switzerland

12/4/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rich enough to buy his way out of the slammer, Roman Polanski was driven to his 19,000 sq. ft. Swiss Chalet today, where he'll be under house arrest thanks to a $4.5 million bail payment.

Honk if you think he should be extradited.


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chicken head    

and all of his Hollywood friends think he did nothing wrong--
how sad is that??
I hate to say this-- I really do -- but i hope the same thing happens to each of their daughters -

1747 days ago


This SOB should be relegated to two rooms and no more than 900 square feet! Let him suffer watching everyone else walk around the house and he needs to stay in that 900sqft of space. Can't believe they let him out. Sickening!

1747 days ago


f*king elite! they think they can abuse, torture, rape, and murder and get away from it? for what? fame? riches? you sell your soul to the devil, guess where you are going after you die?

this is sick! just because hes some kind of director, doesnt mean he should get special priveledges. i dont really care tho...if he spends his last years at chateaus or behind bars, because his soul is doomed anyways...

( always puts my name as me and i cant fix it!)!

1747 days ago


sic dog the bounty hunter after him and film it.

1747 days ago


All these reporters say he was in trouble for having sex with a 13 year old girl

Why can't they call it what it is? Rape... molestation... sodomy...

1747 days ago


Police have no right going after this guy.
His victim isn't pressing charges. In fact, she has been practically begging authorities to leave him alone. It's nobody's business to be honest. Stop being such nosy pricks and leave him be.

1747 days ago


To the ones who think he suffered enough. Bullsh*t, he raped a child. He lived a life of luxury. What has he suffered? Couldnt come back to the U.S.? Didnt stop him from making money. His wife dieing amd all that other poor crap that happened in his life doesnt excuse what he did. I had a rough childhood. I havent went and offended a child or anyone for that matter. He knew right from wrong. He should be held accountable.

1747 days ago


THE US needs to go over there grab his ass, shackle him and drag him back to America to serve his time! What an hideous excuse for a man. He did the crime (he admits) but wont do the time - what a wimpy piece of crap!

1747 days ago


To all the people who think he did nothing wrong let him drug and sodomize your "willing" 13 year old daughter and tell me you wouldnt want to fry his ass! Hypocrites!

1747 days ago

Rather be an Athiest    

Technically, folks, he isn't a pedophile. He is quite possibly a hebophile. Anyone who finds a 13 - 18 year old attractive, is a hebophile. If you find pre-pubescents attractive, you're a pedophile. Pedophilia is actually quite rare. Most of the population are hebophiles. Admit that you don't find Miley, Paris, Lindsay, Zach or the wolf boy in 'new moon' attractive. If you are a Christian, Jesus said "if you think it, that is as good as doing it." Forgiveness bears richer fruit than strict justice. France is looking better than the US all the time.

1747 days ago


It doesn't matter when he did the crime. He hasnt done the time. He is a disgusting human being. Not only did he drug a minor but he raped her too. He has been free way too long. I say haul his butt back to the states and lock him up and throw away the key.
Also I dont care who his rich Hollywood "Friends" are.

1747 days ago


#14, "C": Our prisons are full of convicted violent offenders who use the excuse of a "terrible, abusive childhood", a "life filled with violence", or the violent loss of a "loved" one as a viable reason for the agony, grief and murder they inflict on others. Would you excuse all of them, too? I grew up near Skokie, Illionois. Most of the residents are Jewish, and many of my fellow students in high school had close relatives bearing tattooed numbers from the death camps. Some of these people were the only members of their families to make it out alive. I deeply understand the Jewish plight...but it is no excuse for giving a 13 year old girl champagne, sedatives and Quaaludes (the latter have a devastating affect on an adult person's sense of reality, I shudder to think of the affect they'd have on the unfinished brain of a 13 year old) then having sex with her, plus sodomizing her while she repeatedly asks her rapist to stop.

It is not a matter of disregarding what the victim wants. It is a matter of punishing a rapist for his crime. The victim was traumatized (I'm sure the rape, especially the anal penetration, was very painful, plus the loss of control and violation of trust, utter helplessness and distortion of reality once given the alcohol and drugs), I do know of what I speak. I'm sure she would like it to go away, primarily because of Polanski's constant defenders who dementedly believe that he has no culpability in this horrible crime, and have probably harassed and vilified her since the subject arose in the media again. We cannot allow celebrities to waltz away from their aberrant actions, simply because we like their music, or films. If this were some disadvantaged, unpopular minority kid, who took out his "miserable, abusive, horrible" childhood, and the "violent death of his mother", on some rich, blonde white 13 year old American girl, and anally raped her, and forced her into obscene acts, and drugged her to ease his way, I doubt you'd be quite so sympathetic. But then I doubt he'd be able to run away to Europe, or get an "atta boy" from the French president. Or have $4.5 million to bail himself out of "jail".

By the way, I'm what you'd call a "liberal" I guess (labels, sigh), and I'd like to see Roman rot in an extremely uncomfortable cell for the rest of his life, first for being a rapist, second for being a coward who refuses to be accountable for his own deficiencies and crimes. I'm not, and never have been, a "star...em, lover". I prefer real people from my own dimension, who understand the worth of their fellow humans.

1747 days ago

R.U. Serious    

So he drugged and raped a little 13 year old girl
and fled justice after being convicted. He's Roman Polanski. the toast of France. It's not like he's black or mexican. Cmon He's Rich and Famous. Silly Rabbit jail is not for rich child rapping fugatives. Jail is poor blacks and mexicans.

1747 days ago

J. N.I    

cut his balls off!!! asap then send his a** to the firin squad!!!!!!!!! money shudnt b an easy way out for a THING LIKE HIM!!!!!!!!!! he might be able to live with wot he has dun but his victim(s) will always live thru hell for his doin!!!!

wheres the justice!!!!!

1747 days ago


Sarkozy's wife and Polanski's wife are reportedly friends. Sarkozy reportedly was very "helpful" in freeing Polanski. Meanwhile his wife will be in the next Woody Allen movie - another Polanski supporter and fellow perv. Thanks, France! Thanks, Switzerland!

1747 days ago
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