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Rihanna -- Sorry Guys, Size Matters

12/4/2009 2:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For Rihanna, it ain't the motion of the ocean -- it's the size of the wave.

Rihanna: Click to listen

RiRi was on BLI in the Morning the other day where she confirmed every diminutive dude's worst fear: For her, bigger is better.


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Just another wh0re!

1783 days ago


Well, you know what they say... If you are going to play in a big concert hall, you better bring a big organ!!!!

1783 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

I wouldn't hit it even if my pole was ten foot.

1783 days ago


Motion of the ocean is a very old saying that was made up just to make guys feel better. There is no truth in it.

1783 days ago


A horse could not satisify this Frankenstien forheaded bi$&#.

1783 days ago


Well that does say something about Chris Brown, doesn't it?

1783 days ago


Uh oh, now all the teeny weenies are comin out the woodworks!

1783 days ago


I like her music and performances, but she loses me a little everytime she opens her mouth.

If you demand a guy with a huge schwanz, keep it on the DL so you don't come off as a ho.

1783 days ago


Even a jet can fly through the Grand Canyon without hitting the sides....

1783 days ago

Have no shame    

Now that this "skinny jean" fad has caught up with Chris Brown, you can tell that he is very well endowed. Sometimes good sex can be enough to make you stay.
And I agree with Ri Ri. There is no such thing as "motion in the ocean". That's a lie that woman tell men to pacify him when he knows he is small. If a woman says it's not about the size, it means she likes you enough not to hurt your feelings. But when you break up or at the least piss her off, she is going to tell her friends just how small you are. If a woman says to you that your size doesn't matter, I suggest you work on your head game.

1783 days ago

Have no shame    

Hahahaha I'm laughing at all the men complaining in their comments. I sense some insecurity. LOL Like men aren't superficial. Men have their preferences too. Some women prefer men who have a big penis. Just like some men prefer big breast. The only difference is that a women can buy big breast. A man can try to make his penis bigger but only have will get hard. Stop hating on her for being honest...and because you know that a lot of women feel the way she does and have to fake it with the likes of men like you.

1783 days ago


That's so weird, this whole time i thought Rihanna was the one with the big wang. She needs to get a hair transplant on her fivehead fo realz fo realz.

1783 days ago

Mistress DuPree    

She is not,the type of singer, that can walk, on a stage & just sing.
With out he special effects, lights & back up dacers. {Which she need}
She is not, worth listening to.

The girl, cannot sing & in a coulpe of years, if not sooner.

She will have played out & for gotten.

No class & can't sing. [She won't last]

1783 days ago


Vagina size matters as well. You can't expect a guy to do anything for you when you've been storing the fists of wrath in there for years. ;)

1783 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Of course that skank needs a bigger one...because her vee-jay is so huge from all the weiners she's ridden.

1783 days ago
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