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Rihanna -- Sorry Guys, Size Matters

12/4/2009 2:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For Rihanna, it ain't the motion of the ocean -- it's the size of the wave.

Rihanna: Click to listen

RiRi was on BLI in the Morning the other day where she confirmed every diminutive dude's worst fear: For her, bigger is better.


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Ladies, you know full well that size does matter. As someone else said before, even if the guy is bad in bed are still pleasured. I do not deal with a guy with a small penis. I have told a guy with a small d!ck that size does not matter and that it is the "motion of the ocean" I lied. Broke up with him soon after that.

Again ladies, for those who say that a big d!ck hurts, you just need to get use to it. Ask that guy to go slowly. After all you have to communicate with your partner about what feels good and what doesn't.

Well, I only deal with guy's with big penises, small ones does nothing for me. It does not even get me excited. Seeing a small one is an immediate turn off. Sorry.

1747 days ago


Maybe this is proof that when her boyfriend was hitting her with his fists, he wasn't hitting her in the mouth, but a little farther down.

1747 days ago


How much -ucking has she done for a young girl of 21? Good message to send out to young girls who look up to you. Didn't she just get the crap knock out of her just a few months ago?

Some celebs would say anythings to sell their music I guess.

1747 days ago


You little guys who think that a penis will permanently stretch a vee-jayjay beyond its normal size----you don't vee-jayjay. I too like em big n tall and each time is like the first time, but it doesn't take long to get broken back in.

1747 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

Any time a woman says that, the first thing I think is that her vag must be huge. Not a flattering way to present yourself.

1747 days ago


That's a weird statement coming from a woman...being a woman...I wonder how deep is your ocean! I don't like them big! They say black women are the BIGGEST! LOL

1747 days ago


Only small guys get turned off by women who like em big. So you see, things have a way of working themselves out.

1747 days ago

vile comments    

The giggling moderators seem to be stupid...

... but Rihanna is right. Obviously many male posters can't handle what she says. It's also a visual thing.

Tiny, not pronto immediately and / or influenced by alcohol = NOT SEXY.

1747 days ago


Ok will the bitter single girls posting on here stop it..hahaha Yeah yeah you like em big etc etc,,,,but the funny thing is you are Prob single and or lonely..haha You girls wish you could get ANY guy big or small to give you some attention,

What is funny is you all seem to think you are experts on sex and stuff, yet you are all ALONE, and Cant get a man to save your life, or you cant KEEP a man to save your Ok experts keep preaching bitter and alone,,,

1747 days ago

who dat    

As many times as that's been hit, it's no wonder. A bus could drive into that cavern

1747 days ago


Yes she is correct. We all want a 12" that is as big around as a coke can.

1747 days ago

who dat    

This need of hers to make a statement like this on a radio station says more about HER mental condition. She is angry at all men, and has a need to emasculate them in an attempt to destroy their ego.

Fact is about 10% of women prefer the huge wiener. By a large majority, most women complain when a ========D is too large, rather than to small. Because a mismatch between the key and the lock can cause lots of pain.

Rihanna needs the extra stimuli because her arousal senses have been burned out due to the abuse she has suffered. She also has the need to create chaos in her life. Chris was an inexperienced in dealing with women. She F'd with his head until it drove him crazy. She played him because she is a mental case. It won't be the last time a bf beats her up.

It's well known that only 30% of women are able to experience the big O, by the ======D. 60% of women need direct stimulation of the tongue or fingers.

Great headline TMZ. Now you have the boys scared to death they can't "measure" up. The real men know the truth.

1747 days ago


How many std's do you think she has had??

1747 days ago


Of course bigger is better. Deal with reality, boys.

1747 days ago



1747 days ago
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