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Rihanna -- Sorry Guys, Size Matters

12/4/2009 2:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For Rihanna, it ain't the motion of the ocean -- it's the size of the wave.

Rihanna: Click to listen

RiRi was on BLI in the Morning the other day where she confirmed every diminutive dude's worst fear: For her, bigger is better.


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Damn -- this shallow bitch deserved to get the crap beat out of her. Too bad Chris Brown didn't give her a pound her in her floppy, gaping snatch for good measure.

1782 days ago


Ahh, contrair Rihanna. You'll know a real man when you're with him, you don't need to size him up and make him feel inferior. Big guys hurt!

1782 days ago

chris brown    

You see why i beat her

1782 days ago


wow...all these bitter single women

O.k. to be 100% honest NO MAN wants pulverized pu&&y..What man would want a woman who has been stretched out over and over again by another DISGUSTING! So i hope you women marry those big D%cks because I find it hard to believe any man will want to have roast beef leftovers...Just being honest!

1782 days ago


Spoken like a true hoe

1782 days ago


For any women out here who think size matters, hit me up!
You can get me on yahoo email and messenger. shaun_267

1782 days ago


This was the funniest read in a long time on TMZ for me.

Size does matter. Not the length, but the thickness. Thick is so good, and I can actually feel something down there. I have had small, but the guy asked me if I was bored, I just couldn't fake it, sorry.

In my Human Sexuality class in university, the professor said the size of the vagina does not get loose with a lot of sex. It just doesn't and it's a total myth and guys with small penises use that as a put down 'cause thats a huge source of insecurity. Dr. Drew said this also, I will believe these guys over any random poster with a small penis.

I'm glad Rihanna is voicing an opinion so many women have. Thanks girl, for speakin' the truth!

I laughed so hard at the guys dissing her as a "whore" because it's obvious they have small shwangs. I could pick out the teeny weenies in a second.

1781 days ago


all those on here bashing her and calling her a whore are the one's with the wee willies or just hate rihanna. i am so tired of the b.s. on all the talk shows etc. about sex, when they say size doesn't matter. it bloody well does and i wish that the so called "experts" on the subject, would quit trying to make the "little" guy feel more secure about himself. if its less than average, it IS too small to do anything, no matter the motion.

i truly wish more women would speak up about this and that those with the wee one's would quit calling us "size queens" because we like men on that are at the very least average and above. this also does not mean that women need a guy with a donkey sized penis either, that can hurt and it doesn't mean that women are "stretched out" either.

quit blaming women for what you guys don't have and making up excuses for it.

it must have been a man that made up this survey of women who said it doesn't matter in order to assuage his own "shortcomings"

1781 days ago


Haha! I love how all the men are so scared, but it's true. If I were to pick one guy to have a one night stand with...No frills, four on the floor sex...I would go for the guy who is swinging it. But, if I met a guy who is soooooo sweet and makes me laugh and all that jazz, size doesn't matter at all.
Just because she's a size queen doesn't mean she's a whore at all. BTW, she is a tall girl and taller girls tend to like taller men and taller men tend to have bigger penises. Besides, she didn't NEED to make that statement. She was asked and she played along. Give her a break. She's beautiful and has her preferences.

1780 days ago


You all are obviously young. As you get older, you will learn what works best for you. Sex is sooooo good when you have love and respect from your partner. It is not the size that matters...its how a man treats his woman. If he can make her feel like she is adored and cherished....she will make you feel like "THE MAN"!!! My husband has skills and cares to take care of me first. He knows what will get me going and how to make me orgasm (which any woman can learn to do for herself as well). What im trying to say is Ive had big ones and they had no skills...because I feel they thought they didnt need to please because they were big but untrue. guys are talking sex....Im talking making love...two very different things! Shes young....shes talking sex...instant gratification. As you get'll know what I mean.

1778 days ago


The Full Interview:

"German teen-zine Bravo recently sat down with Rihanna at her hotel in Cologne for a surprisingly off-the-cuff interview.

Rihanna began by taking shots at Chris Brown's "friends," who have allegedly claimed that the Barbados-born singer lied in her testimony about the events that lead up to her assault. "I know these people and you know what: Up yours!" the magazine quotes her as saying. "I gave this interview, because I want to encourage girls who have gone through such hard times like me. I do not want to destroy Chris' career or make mine "higher," because this is a relieve [sic] for me. Now I look forward and I will enjoy my life."

The singer also delved into her relationship status, saying "I love flirting at the moment. I'm single and I'm enjoying my freedom." She explained that she has a rigorous, umm, exam prepared for potential partners, "If I'm dating, I check the boy from the top to the bottom. He has to be good in bed and the size matters. The inner beauty counts as well, but without toy, it doesn't make fun."

She concluded by claiming that she prefers the au naturale look to being fully clothed, "To be honest, I'm even hotter at home, because I´m always naked there. I'm from Barbados, that's quite normal there. My pool boy saw me naked 5 times already ... At first it was so embarrassing. I always forget when he comes. I'm so confused when I have a day off, I usually sleep until noon and when I wake up, I don´t even know what day it is. But he's used to this view now. I even told my assistant to text me when he comes: "Rihanna get dressed, the pool boy is here!"

Interesting. Not sure how much we can bank on Bravo's credibility here, but Rihanna's ' Rated R' is in stores this week."

:] This IS Rihanna y'all!

1772 days ago


She wants to be and says she is a role model for young girls? My ass. I would never want my daughter to look up to someone like her. She lost me as a fan. Talking about how if it's a one nighter how the guy doesn't even need a good personality, just a big one. How shallow and dirty. She's a nasty girl and yes I'm large and she is still nasty to me.

1759 days ago


Ladies don't say things like that in public...Need I say more?

1759 days ago



1751 days ago


Yeah, she's right. Size does matter bring on the f+ cups babe!

Oh and Rihanna, how Ironic you're fugly, got a huge forehead and no tits.. maybe you need to get a lil' bit bigger as well =)

1584 days ago
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