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Concrete Proof of Tiger's Secret Rendezvous

12/4/2009 2:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We told you the story -- now we have the black and white proof that Tiger Woods' childhood friend and employee secretly flew Tiger's alleged mistress Rachel Uchitel to Australia to be with him.

Tiger's Woods Secret Rendezvous

TMZ has obtained the flight itinerary along with emails between Rachel and Bryon Bell -- detailing how Bryon organized a trip for Rachel to fly last month from New York to L.A. to Australia to Dubai and back to L.A.

In the emails, Bryon wrote, "Here are the details for all the flights. Sorry for all the changes. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow. Bryon." Rachel sent an email to someone afterward, forwarding the itinerary and saying, "My schedule so u have it in case the plane goes down."

As we first reported, Bryon Bell, President of Tiger Woods Design, purchased the plane ticket for Rachel and flew with her to Australia, where Tiger was playing the Australian Masters. He also paid for Rachel's room at the Crown Towers Hotel in Melbourne -- the same place Tiger was staying.

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yeh - the story you told - straight out of the National Enquirer - how clever of you!

1762 days ago


Tiger's NEW Name: CHEETAH!

1762 days ago


Didn't realize it suddenly became legal to hack into someone's emails??? How did you obtain these TMZ?? There is no way either party showed them to you. Such a bunch of hacks.

1762 days ago


Why don't you people use all your intel for something useful, like finding Osama Bin Laden?

1762 days ago



I read the story on the daily.co.uk

1: ELin should have realized that she married an ONLY CHILD of a women from a culture that all stick together for life

2: She did not make Tiger what he is nad she cannot divorce him from his parent, especially the only reminaing parent...he is one serioulsy obedient child

3: I doubt tiger will confide in kutilda bout his affiars...he wants to impress her and he will not be talking about his affiar to his mother

4: If she is calling him all day, its because she is sacred for her only child , especially if ELin is prone to temporary insanity

5: Can you seriousl say , those of you married that when your husban is cheating with this many women, you wouldnt have a clue...she knows, she is just upset that kutilda is trying probably get rid of her forever

6: She is too young and stupid in her gold digging to realise what she walked into...!!

7: I will say her best bet is to leave, but she is probably dreaming of that florida mansion and will be unwilling to let it go and tiger certianly is not goign to let her have anything more than the prenup and the children

8:The marriage was a sham, always been a sham..this happends all the time when young 20 something year olds marry somewhere supper famous and more mature and they are coodled into believeing they are PRECIOUS and importnat...and these girls are too egotistical to bow down and look beyond the facade of what they are marrying
who the heck misses his very first childs christening even if he is nto a christian..wow tiger!!

9: They can remain together but we all know its another pathetic atempt to HIRE-A -BRIDE and Tiger will just be a lot MORE PRIVATE!!

1762 days ago


I am in no way defending Tiger Woods..he cheated on his wife and deserves what he gets, but when people save emails, texts, voice mail, etc they are only out there for one thing....15 minutes of fame and a quick buck by selling their info to the press. Stupidly, the sheltered and private Tiger was too naive to believe that these parasites didn't even care about being with him...for them he was just another sports figure notch added to their belts.

1762 days ago


That's not concrete, it's paper.

1762 days ago


Revenge of the Nerds. Two ugly high school pals getting their revenge

1762 days ago


I feel sorry for his wife. She loves him and she thought he was being faithful. It would have been different if Elin was agreeing to be in an open relationship. Thirdly---she has two young babies!! Do you realize what that does to a woman's hormones?!

1762 days ago


This story is boring. However, how anyone in this information, TMZ age can think that they can pull stunts like this is a testament of hubris, arrogance and delusion. I think it is telling that all of these ladies in Mr. Woods life saved all the phone and text messages. If anyone thinks these gals did not envision a bog pay day someday are also delusional

1762 days ago


I wish that for the sake of his wife, this would just go away in the media. It's bad enough without adding all the details. I'm sure she knows enough. Every day seems to point toward her leaving him. A person can only take so much humiliation. Eventually it's not forgiveable anymore.

1762 days ago


Hey, Harvey and crew?

You really need to black-bar the confirmation / record locator(s) symbols at the bottom of the email... if you're in the airline / travel industry, or just have some computer finesse you can backtrack on them to every flight booked for her in the "recent past".

Just sayin'...

1762 days ago


Bu .. bu ... but she said she was in Australia on business? Why, this helps to rip a hole through her entire story. Ha! Brilliant TMZ, just brilliant. You will be winning a Pulitzer for this coverage!

1762 days ago


Most golfers are gentlemen unfortunately Tiger has proven that he is not a gentleman. Rachel looks like someone who has crawled out from under a rock. She preys upon the weak wealthy males devoid of morality or concern about the damage she inflicts upon other innocent people as well as on some very small children. This makes her contemptible on so many levels...

1762 days ago

Who's That?    

At what point does payment (for hotels, plane tickets, or more) make their "relationship" prostitution (which is a crime)? Will Tiger and the woman face criminal charges? What other payments were involved? I'm not trying to muck rake, but crimes are violations against the people of the relevant states. I don't think wealthy athletes should be above the laws.

1762 days ago
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