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Brangelina -- Who's Got the Upper Hand?!

12/5/2009 2:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie displayed a little PDA on the way out of the "Invictus" premiere in Beverly Hills the other night -- but the big question: Who's really in control of the grasp?



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lisa lisa    

Marcheline Bertrand must be so very worried
about her daughter. Angelina kind of went
down hill after her mother died. Angelina
doesn't love herself. No matter how much
Brad loves her, it will never be enough.


1693 days ago


Fake couple alert. Jolie looks like night of the living dead with that withered claw-like hand and Pitt looks like he's grabbing her hand because she's drugged out on heroin like usual. A blow up doll has more personality than that wench.

1693 days ago


Looks forced for some reason.

1693 days ago


Upper hand? If you're talking about Angelina it should read "upper CLAW". Holy crap - isn't she only supposed to be in her mid 30's? Either she lies about her age or she has the claws of a 150 year old woman. Hell, my grandmother's hands look better than that. She's not aging well, she's starting to look like a lifeless zombie. Pitt looked a LOT better before he met her.

1693 days ago


What is the point of this? I don't get the photo. Brad (who I adore, btw) is sitting like my 90 year old Grandpa sits in his chair and Angie looks like she's ready to fall over. DON'T show me crappy photos like this again, TMZ.

1693 days ago

Nancy "O"    

There is no "uper hand" here....poor Brad is trying to hold that cheatin girl back! What if Marcheline Bertrand's (her Mom's) boyfriend that Angie screwed is there? What if Billy Bob is there? Angie is a horny freak and needs to be restrained!

1693 days ago


Idiocy reigns supreme.

1693 days ago


please lose the beard it's so ugly

1692 days ago

Mrs Patrick Campbell    

Only a closeted homosexual has to have published daily endless numbers of photos holding hands with a fish.

1692 days ago


I just read the Brangelina expose by Ian Halperin. Halperin focuses mostly on Angelina, so I would say that she has the upper hand. By the way, tmz fans will probably love this's full of juicy gossip.

1691 days ago


They're not holding hands. She's making a fist and he's grabbing her wrist. But whatever. I've seen better-looking bums begging for quarters and she looks like a witch.

1690 days ago


So what Brad is holding her hand. Can't see what the big deal is. TMZ you have to do better than this. As far as that book if you want to believe a jailbird (goggle its there) like Ian whathisface who writes UNAUTHORISED Bios you will find all tabloid stories rehashed.
The book is a fail. Why pay book prises when you can buy tabs for 1.99.
It ends with Angie and Brad will break up in 2010.
LOL Heard that before. In fact the author has a hate site called IUD and he said 18 mos ago they would break up in 6 mos. GMAFB.
PPl should get over the fact Brad Pitt got a divorce like half of Hollywood.
H ell even Jennifer Aniston said there was no screwing around . She was just p issed b/c Brad fell in love while separated. The divorce papers were signed they both knew along time before the rest of the world their marriage was kaput.
Brad and Angie are happy. Leave them alone for s hit sakes.

1689 days ago


If you're too good for celebrity gossip, what are you doing on the TMZ site? And if Halperin's book is so full of lies, why is the Brangelina PR machine working overtime these days? When they're not out reminding us that they're a happy couple at every movie premiere, they're unveiling they're secret family. They even have a SECRET FAMILY! The book said they had secrets. I guess they confirmed that with the ace-in-the-hole photo op. Oh wait...we should only believe the fluffy celebrity stories, right? Because beautiful people would never lie or spin the truth.

1689 days ago


Love that holding hand piture. A handsome man such as Brad Pitt gives a reassuring hand to his Beautiful Angelina the mother of his children, WOW WISH THESE TWO THE BEST!BEAUTIFUL PHOTO!

1637 days ago


Freaking Pitt and Jolie come on now holding hands wow late breaking pretty lame news guys come one step it up. N-E who i figured you would post something like Brad in New England and desperatley seeking Aniston is hopeing to catch him there pppffff....Which by the way another sad and lame waste of paper printed by so call journalist. Who the hell cares for Aniston still contacts Brad's mother, anion loser square bold jaw line loser attempting to gain Pitt back seriouly why would she even want him back now that he has how many kids. Ugh, the whole world wants to pitty her. She walks around with this whole poor me attitude. Im the victim. If I was really Aniston friends hint (Mrs. Cox) I would say b**** get the hell over it snap then slap her upside her head then shake her a couple of times till she cries then realize she's an idiot. YUP I SURE WOULD!! ANISTON MOVIES SUCK NO TALENT NOW HAIR HAS TALENT !!!

1677 days ago
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