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Brangelina -- Who's Got the Upper Hand?!

12/5/2009 2:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie displayed a little PDA on the way out of the "Invictus" premiere in Beverly Hills the other night -- but the big question: Who's really in control of the grasp?



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I can't stand either Pitt or Jolie and boycott all of their movies.

It's only a matter of time before they split - even now they are no doubt going through the motions. They have to stay together publicly as long as possible because of all the purchased and bio kids they have drawn into their mess.

And so we are treated to regular photo-ops like this from the PR master Angelina Jolie.

1767 days ago


Post 10...Lucy. How can you believe that garbage book, because that is what it is! GARBAGE! Halparin is KNOWN for lying and making things up, and he has gotten in trouble in the past because of his lies. That book is only good for use in the bathroom, and noone should believe anything in it! Pitt himself says that he is HAPPY with Angelina, she is the love of his life, and that they both ignore gossip and lies like this book and the rag mags like Star and In Touch!

1762 days ago


The majority of the posters on here are ridiculous people who will believe any kind of trash printed because they would rather believe lies and garbage talk than the truth! As for your comment, Post 52, Aniston is NOT a bigger star than Angelina. You make me laugh. Angelina has an OSCAR! She has also been nominated two or three times. Does Aniston have an Oscar? NO! Has Aniston EVER been nominated for an OSCAR!? NO!! Angelina goes all over the world to help the less unfortunate...visiting them where they live. Does Aniston?! NO! Brad Pitt has said RECENTLY that Angelina is the love of his life! He is HAPPY with her and loves being a father and all that entails. They IGNORE gossipmongers and liars like Halparin, which means they also ignore lemmings like the posters on here who also write nothing but garbage and lies. Shame on the lot of you, except for the few who DO have common sense and something between their ears besides air! One more thing...Angelina is beautiful. She is not ugly. Yes, she is too thin, but no thinner than Audrey Hepburn was. Aniston looks like a million other women who have had nose jobs, ear jobs, and a boob job. She is as FAKE as the proverbial three-dollar bill. Angelina still looks like she did at three years old, except she is now 34.

1762 days ago


I think people should mine their pea,s and q,s.

1714 days ago

cindy B    

I think it did look like she was hanging on for dear life. But who are we to judge, I mean like momma used to say "you can't find happiness through the misery of others" So what did anyone expect, he was a married man. Did anyone NOT see it coming.. She looked desparate. She called it thier date night like who is she trying top convince and who was the 5 hour dinner with hmmmm

1360 days ago
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