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Britney Spears Lights Up ... Her House

12/5/2009 2:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now that her arm dancing and lip-synching world tour is over, Britney Spears is getting into the holiday mood by decorating her home in Calabasas.


There's nothing like Christmas lights ... when it comes to raising your carbon footprint.


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Glad Britney is feeling like celebrating. Remember what kind of shape she was in last Christmas??? She has made remarkable progress during 2009. She had a hit album and a successful tour and she is reportedly getting ready to be free of her conservatorship. Most importantly, she has her kids back in her life again.

1722 days ago


You're all stupid and I hate you! These lovely people at TMZ are trying to inform us and keep us entertained in a witty, lightheartedly, humorous way; and, for some reason you were born with your panties in bunches! Thank goodness this wasn't a report on shopping for Christianimus trees. All that wasted pine and evergreen! I despise you humankind, simply because I have nothing better to do and I'm a joiner and follow your leads. Hey, everybody, let's hate on everybody else! Go'n'git'em!

1722 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Don't get your panties in a twist because you are jewish. Yeah christians use electricity saving lights now ya know they do exist try getting out behind your effing computer and shop around be infirmed of current events and stop being such a scrooge you H@m@ jewish panty twisting weenie eating crapfest!

Merry Christmas you chainsmoking SUV driving Papo Camara head your camara uses so much power it's almst radioactive so everyone should cover up due to the earth's disintegration caused by the movie industry!

1722 days ago


Very cool, Britney!

1722 days ago


I think it looks great.You go Britney.I bet your boys love it.Merry Christmas!!!

1722 days ago


You can always tell who's trailer park trash by how people decorate during the holidays. Yeeeesh!

1722 days ago


What a stupid freaken comment. "Carbon footprint"....phfffttt. While you're pissing over someone's "carbon footprint", read about Gore's coal-burning, electricity puking home, on Snopes. (In case you don't takes coal to produce electricity in most areas..look on your bill at "fuel costs"..that ain't the gasoline the meter guy uses)
Leave this young woman alone, for a refreshing change of pace. There are houses in my neighborhood with more Christmas lights than this.
Not saying "global warming" is or isn't real. Just saying a certain Nobel Prize winning ballyhooer is an effen hypocrite.
And so are you, TMZ.

1722 days ago


GO BRITTNEY!!! I love to drive around my city after a snowfall and look at the decorations people have on their houses - INCLUDING MENORAHS.

Whoever on TMZ wrote the comments about carbon footprints need to go grab some eggnog, gingerbread cookies and watch some classic holiday movies!!!

1722 days ago


Carbon Footprint? Are you serious? Since when did Britney Spears claim to want to lower emissions and "save the world", like most of the retards in Hollyweird?

Besides, why don't you do some real reporting, like how Al Gore and his friends at the East Anglia Climate Research Group has been releasing false data about the enviornment? They are trying to pull the wool over our eyes people. People like Al Gore and other so-called "green" innovators stand to make billions.

I will continue to run my Christmas lights and drive my SUV!

1722 days ago


When the heck did she find she time to do all of this??

1722 days ago


Great job keeping the carbon footprint myth going. I've invested millions of my own dollars in this global warming/climate change (had to change the name with all this early snowfall).

You know, these hacked emails proving the scientists falsified their data and hid the real data in order to further our climate change agenda is really hurting my pocket book!

Way to go TMZ and Boo Hiss Brittney.

1721 days ago


Looks good, Britney! Very Festive! Get off her back TMZ...Carbon footprint? You just gotta find something to pick at this girl!

1721 days ago


Has TMZ really sunk so low as to dump on somebody because of their Christmas lights? Haven't you guys read the news that people voted "carbon footprint" as the most hated expression for last year? It's Christmas guys...lighten up.

1721 days ago

Slobber Dog    

Lightem up Brittney, were all learning Global Warming and Climate Change is false science and BS. Follow the money Al Gore and his chronies making millions selling fabricated Carbon Credits to a uniformed and mislead base.

Great display of Christmas cheer... and anyone offended because its not PC to say Christmas. Bite me.

HoHoHo Merry Christmas
Brother Love13

1721 days ago


Hey my dearest and most bestest friends at TMZ, can you do a slideshow of "The Rich and Famous's" Christmas decorations? HUh, Huh, pretty pleze, can ya, can ya pleze????

1721 days ago
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