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Dough!!!! Domino's Pulls Out of 'Jersey Shore'

12/5/2009 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Jersey Shore" isn't just offensive to Italian people, it's also offensive to Italian food makers -- and now Domino's Pizza wants their ads pulled from the MTV show ASAP.

Jersey shore

Domino's just delivered a major blow to the reality show, instructing their media buyers to pull all Domino's commercials from future episodes.

A rep for the pizza giant tells TMZ, "The content of this particular program is not right for Domino's Pizza."

The announcement could mean a huge advertising opportunity for anyone selling hair gel, vodka, self-tanning products, steroids, hair-removal products, eye-liner, more hair gel, breast enhancements, cologne, energy drinks, Affliction t-shirts, fake nails and even more hair gel.

UPDATE: A rep for MTV tells us: "Jersey Shore" may not be for every sponsor or advertiser and we understand that."


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wow! never thought this show would offend so many people! ha! makes me want some dominoes!!


1784 days ago


So, you telling me this offends you? you shut your mouth Gino.

1784 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

Italians are good at heart, except the men who drink! They really are like guidos though and the woman start with the tramp image at a young age and grow into their mothers and end up looking alike..not all..but alot..its amaazin..poofy hair, red nails, tanned, TONS of jewelery and skin tight clothes to match every curveous bone in their bodies..u know..all 200 lbs, just sayin

1784 days ago


This is the ugliest group of reality cast I have ever seen. These women look sooooo trashy and the men are just butt ugly...all upper body, no legs, not to mention faces! Was there a Sale on "confidence" during Black Friday?

1784 days ago


guidos like to play super mario brothers on the original nintendo and eat a big bowl of spaghetti and meat balls

1784 days ago


never heard of the show, judging book by a cover - d bag closeted guys and UGLY "women," a few of them look like trannys.

1784 days ago


Posted at 5:36PM on Dec 4th 2009 by BZ

4. This show confirmed my previously held beliefs that Nj is the a$$hole of the earth. These are the skankiest, trashiest, ugliest people ever. Where else on earth do guys wear there hair like that? and the girls are all dogs. You can fix boobs, butts, noses, ect, but you can't fix plain old ugly.

I agree and domino's sucks!

1784 days ago


richie aprile was one of these kids,and we all know what happened to him.

1784 days ago

uNclear hysteria    

Domino's don't like these ho's and guidos!??? They gotta be Domino's best customers!!!! That's f*ckin' gratitude, for ya,, right, Salvi????

1784 days ago


These are not even Jersey kids. Only ONE cast member is from Jersey, the rest are from New York. Last time I checked, New York and New Jersey were two different states. Calling these kids representative of all Jersey natives is like calling Disney World tourists representative of all Floridians or Orlando residents. I hang at the south jersey shore all the time and I've NEVER seen anyone with ridiculously concrete gelled hair and orange Oompa Loompa skin like these dudes. And the with all the steroid acne I saw, maybe Proactive or Clearasil could fill that advertising void. I can't wait for season two, when the b*tch-tit starts to set in.

1784 days ago


First off Domino's isnt even a REAL pizza place. IT's horrible so called food. And no one ever said this show was canceled. ( to the person who said it was ) this show is huge controversy so I bet next week the numbers will be huge because of all the drama. The show is HORRIBLE and the people on it should be ashamed of themselves.

1784 days ago


I can't believe how many ignorant people are in this world. Being myself Italian, let's see I am middle class and educated, have no mafia ties, and don't have a stupid "Sopranos" accent. Oh and I am also a former model so to the moron who said Italian girls are ugly is dead wrong. Oh and guess what? I'm also NOT Sicilian. Not all Italian Americans are Sicilian but my best friend is Sicilian and she is not TRASH, HAS NO MAFIA TIES and her whole family is BLONDE. You wouldn't know it by watching all the trash on tv but not all Italians have dark complexions. Oh and one more thing, do some research on American history and see how much the Italian community has contributed to this country. We are also proud Americans, speak the language and don't expect everyone to learn Italian instead of learning English. PLEASE STOP WATCHING THIS CRAP ON TV THAT SHOWS ITALIANS IN A NEGATIVE LIGHT. ITS DEGRADING AND INSULTING TO ALL OF US WHO HAVE WORKED HARD AND ARE PROUD AMERICANS!

1784 days ago

Victoria Secret    

No surprise about Dominos. It is not even an Italian company, but owned by an Irish-American Devote Catholic that even started his own community and Ava Maria University (of 400 students) near Naples, FL. It is cult like even for conservative Catholics.

What is most surprising is that they were sponsors of this show to begin with. It was not surprise what the show was about, which was complete idiocy that some were unfortunately enough to grow up with. Gross all the way around from Dominos to this lame show.

1784 days ago

uNclear hysteria    

Hmmmmmm... Jersey shore... isn't that just down the road from Pauly Shore???

1784 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

First of all -isn't Domino's Pizza NOT owned by Italians? Secondly, as a wife of an Italian-American I found the Sopranos offensive. It's not "Joisey"'s NEW JERSEY and this is without a doubt the most beautiful state with the most to offer. I was born and raised in New Jersey and NEVER met the clowns depicted in these commercials or offensive shows. It's about time someone found something offensive to Italians from New Jersey. I would never buy pizza from Domino's anyway. Here's a the dough from the local pizzaria..spread it on a cookie sheet and put a little sauce (home made), sprinkle w/olive oil and shreaded mozzarella cheese and some parm cheese and bake at 400 degrees until crisp. Make it yourself. No Italians buy from Dominos.

1784 days ago
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