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Miley Cyrus Tried to Underage Party in the U.S.A

12/5/2009 2:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus doesn't hear the word "no" very often -- but TMZ has learned that's exactly what she heard when she tried to get into a club in Miami Beach Wednesday night.

We spoke to multiple people connected to the 21-and-over Club LIV at the Fontainebleau hotel -- including a manager, an owner and a rep -- who all told us Miley and her posse showed up to party at the hotspot like they were adults.

They all told us Miley was turned away at the door because she obviously didn't meet the age requirement ... despite the fact that she has the voice of an 81-year-old chain smoker.

Miley's rep tells us this didn't happen ... even though it wouldn't be the 17-year-old singer's first time at a bar.

The photo of Miley we used for this post is of her leaving the Fontainebleau hotel on Thursday.


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Linda Lovelest    

47. I see pleasantly plum in your future Miley.

Posted at 11:47AM on Dec 5th 2009 by Fortune Teller

48. *plump

Posted at 11:48AM on Dec 5th 2009 by Fortune Teller

I see unpleasantly plump and thoroughly plumbed in her future.

1783 days ago


I've read all comments post mine. It sounds to me like the majority of you people are jealous. Miley is doing what she loves. She is 17 and has a better head on her shoulders than most of you that commented on this picture. I just saw her in Nashville last week and she was great. I am sure her parents are very proud of her. And she has so much damn money that she doesn't give a shi! about what any of you think. And I'm proud to say that I helped her get where she is today by buying all of her stuff. GO MILEY.

1783 days ago


Why doesn't everybody just leave here alone and let her live her life as a teenager. My god were all of you people perfect as teenagers? Check this out if you like to buy DVD's Blu ray -

1783 days ago


Paging Billy Ray......

Paging Billy Ray......

Your daughter needs you ASAP.

Billy Ray?


Ray Ray?


1783 days ago


Who is that guy and what has he got to do with Miley Cyrus? Is he her latest bj?

1783 days ago


LOL! 81-year-old it. We were watching a Disney preview of the upcoming "The Princess and The Frog" on ABC last night and ole Smiley was croaking away. I made the same remark, that she sounded like she have been smoking cigarettes all of her life. Child can't sing live, she just screams and that is why her voice is gruff at such a young age. She will have to quit soon due to polyps. Mark my words.

1783 days ago


Oh, and I forgot to add....LOVE the double chin.

1783 days ago

Tiger Tale    

This is so sad. I have been a Miley fan but I hate watching Hollyweird turn her into a burned out alcoholic slut. Watching her get morning sick while preggers with the Jonas baby on stage was bad enough, but now she has had a string of illegal boyfriends, and now she wants to crush her liver at the ripe old age of 17.

This girl is gonna make Britney look like a saint.

1783 days ago


How does a 17-year old get a double-chin?

1782 days ago


So if this is true then she's being disciplined by a club an not her parents?

1782 days ago


Oh, gee, another teenage jerk out of control with no limits. I can't understand where her parents are. Or do they care?

1782 days ago

to little    

Pudgy Pig Face Tramp

1782 days ago


She better be careful. She skinny now but already has a double chin and it's only going to get bigger and worse as she gains weight.

1782 days ago


that is all bulsit,, stupid sites..stop trying to start rumors.. READ WHAT SHE SAID:MileyWorld response: Hey guys! I had an awesome time on the US tour! I met so many awesome fans and some really amazing people through get ur good on! One part about tour I am really gonna miss is doing radio everyday before the show! It was really nice to do rumor patrol pretty much everyday! Every second someone is starting something new about me and to be honest sometimes it really hurts my feelings.

--->>>>>But, oh well! I’m living my dream and having fun and I can’t let it get me down! I am gonna try to blog more since I’m not doing much more US press for a while. One thing I do wanna clear up is I heard rumor saying that I tried to get into a club in Miami which is totally false. The post said I was denied into an 'adult party' Such a dumb thing to make up!

I have enough friends on tour who are all amazing people! When the show was over we hung out @ the hotel and then laid by the pool all the next day! I am not gonna let my fans believe the lies they put out! I am gonna make sure you always know the truth! I love you all! Xo

1782 days ago


To be 17 & all that money. Alittle rejection is good for building character. When she rebels, I hope it isnt too bad. I would hate to c her get into drugs or shave her head.Lol.

1782 days ago
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