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Hulk Hogan to Judge: I Want My Toilet Seat Back!

12/6/2009 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan is making a huge stink over his beloved toilet seat -- and now he wants to have a sit-down with a Florida judge in the hopes of making his ex-wife give the damn thing back.

Hulk and Linda Hogan

TMZ has obtained legal documents, in which the wrestler accuses Linda of stripping his home of all sorts of valuable stuff when she moved out -- including chandeliers, a tanning bed, a wine rack, fixtures, bathtubs, speakers ... and most importantly, "the wooden antique toilet seat from the guest house."

In the docs, Hulk claims Linda's alleged pillaging left the home in such a bad state, that Hulk refuses to let his realtor show the place to potential buyers ... so they can sell it and move on.

A man without his beloved toilet seat is not really a man at all.


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Hulk should have enough funds to buy a new replacement toilet seat-what are they running at the hardware store under $20? Maybe Linda requires a certain size of toilet seat that is hard to find ex-large, wide and possibly padded? Why on earth would Hulk's girlfriend want that in an environment that she is living in now? Better yet maybe Hulk can get a specialty seat too-one that talks back when you flush. The whole episode is silly but not the part that is costing taxpayer's money...

1746 days ago


What a dumb turd. This douche will soon be hanging out with his twin douche Jon Gosslin.

1746 days ago


1st I don't think the real story is the fact that HH is trying to get the toilet seat, but that his ex took it! She basically stripped the home, which was wrong and dumb. Come on Linda, you wanted out of the marriage so just get out and move on, stop holding on to all this little stuff that you THINK you are entitled to. I once liked you and had respect, but now you are becoming childish and lame.

1746 days ago


Thanks TMZ! The jaws of life can't get this image out of my head.

1745 days ago


I heard this story earlier at Its a brand new TV/Radio Hybrid. With Big name hosts. RadioChick, DJ Dave Lawrence and Goumba Johnny.

1745 days ago


I heard this story earlier at Its a brand new TV/Radio Hybrid. With Big name hosts. RadioChick, DJ Dave Lawrence and Goumba Johnny.

1745 days ago


Linda is a crazy bitch. That's all there is to it. She's been living easy on Hulk's money her entire adult "career" and now she's making this 56 year old man wrestle until he dies just so he has a pot to sh't on.

1745 days ago


Do you want to have a lifestyle like The Hulk without the pitfalls of fame?
Do you want to be able to afford shop like Brooke Hogan?

Are you searhcing for the oppotunity follow her footsteps and build your own empire earning thousands a month just like celebrities do using the internet?

Or maybe you just need extra money for studio time?

Build your own glamourous life...I have.

1744 days ago

Eric Anderson    

Hugan's toilet seat is made of wood and gave him a wart on his
scrotum and the doctor suggested that he remove his left nut along with the wart that was obstructing his passage ways!

1735 days ago

Eric Anderson    

Hogan during his visiting the Hotel Cortez in San Carlos, Mexico
had been swimming close to teh shore while his speedo buddy was watching him swim in the ocean all the while Hogan was escaping from an ancient ancestor while he was attempting to bite his lower legs off! Yes, Hogan excaped emminent danger and almost was eaten by oen of the locals from the sea! Oddly enough he hid beneath the ocean only to pounce on the top of another local giant observing this entire event where this wahle decided to continue with his sleep instaed of begin with the seasonal feeding pattern!

1735 days ago


RE:-"15. I wish Hulk would just suffer the same fate as the rest of the wrestlers by now and just die from drug problems."

Posted at 5:59 AM on Dec 6, 2009 by LAWRENCE

WOW! Dude, that was pretty rotten thing to say!

A tad bitter about some perceived injustice that he had success in life and you didn't? Have you ever met Terry? You know first hand that he no longer deserves to live! WAIT A MINUTE, GOD IS THAT YOU? YOUR NAME IS LAWRENCE? LOL!!
what a idiot! Go back to your sofa and quit judging others!
You have a right to an opinion, not to deem others worthy of continued existence.

1609 days ago


I have watched Hulk since I was a youngster and he was my fave. I think his wife is a real shallow, selfish bitch who is trying to live in her teen years again. Get over yourself,Linda, your an old lady embrace it, instead you go find a lil boy who is only there for the ride. The money. C'mon seriously, you screwed Hulk over.He worked hard every day, took a pounding in wrestling and you go take everything from him. Yeah you mothered his kids but I think the nannys should get part of his estate not you. You have shown you don't deserve it. I hope everything works out for you Hulk Hogan

1583 days ago


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1534 days ago


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