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Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Kills

12/6/2009 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' alleged mistress Jaimee Grubbs couldn't have said it better than Ed Hardy.

Here Jaimee is ... partying it up in Calabasas, CA.

As for the dude talking to her ... RUN!!!


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calvin Broadus    

Now, it's going to be a joke that "I slept with Tiger." - This guy's brand is toast. Also, he just reinforced every negative stereotype about black men possible. Shameful.

1781 days ago


The media should leave this man alone.

1781 days ago

for real    

Most Millionaires or Billionaires get way better looking and way better built women to have as mistresses than Tiger chose. He clearly doesn't have very good taste! Unfortunately, Tiger was better looking when he was younger. Not so now...Elin take your children, hundred million and your very beautiful face and roll on without him. What a joke he is fooling around with the likes of Jamie Grubbs, eeww. Elin, you are so pretty and pretty good with a golf club yourself. Roll on tell him to take a hike!!! lol

1781 days ago


What's under the "kills', could probably make ya ill..or even kill ya!

1781 days ago

A Person    

Denver you are so ignorant. Leave your hate filth in the trailer park.

1781 days ago


Mark: Captain Obvious

1781 days ago



In a previous post I stated that a tabloid was reported to have done a sting on Tiger woods and a Perkins waitress near his house and the owner of the tab, also owned "Men's Health" magazine. The tabloid is said to have stuck a deal with "Men's Fitness" and not "Men's Health."

So sorry for the mistake. The owners of "Mens Fitness" Also owned the tabloid that did the sting. They agreed with Tigers management to do a trade and have him do a cover and story in the "Mens Fitness" magazine in exchange for not reporting on the affair with the Perkins waitress. It was during the time his wife was expecting his first child Sam. It may have began prior to the conception of the child, not sure. The womans family said that she told them Tiger never wore a condom. This was reported in length in a UK newspaper. Her family was said to be very concerned for her sexual health because of Tigers unsafe sexual practices.

1781 days ago


People though Nick and Jessica were going to be together. Folks said they were gorgeous and so how could they loose. But therein lies the whole problem. Looks don't make a relationship work. It certainly helps but you can't separate the mind from the body.Look now. They aren't together anymore. Tiger and Elin aren't any different. And if the rumor is true that Tiger tried to buy Elin's forgiveness with BLING BLING then their relationship isn't built on any moral ground IMHO.And after listening to the recording last week of Tiger, he comes across as a flake. An out of touch celeb living in a bubble. just like MJ.

1781 days ago


What a freakin' famewhore.... she makes me sick.....

1781 days ago


This girl looks like a typical California beach slut. His wife is much prettier, classier and wholesome looking.

1781 days ago


I swear if you look close you can see a few crabs crawling out that skanks suit!

1781 days ago


Wonder how it feels to be one of the two most hated whores in the world?

1781 days ago


237. Listen Up Black Girl:

I'm mixed race and I would never date a black guy. If I were a guy, I'd never date a black girl either. First of all, most of them are not attractive, most (guys and girls) look alike, the guys cheat, the girls are loud mouthed hoes who WOULD f**k another woman's husband (I grew up in a black area and I can attest to the fact that most have no moral standing), and they are the most jealous, hating race of people EVER. Homewrecking is not a racial issue because both black and white (Asian, indian, hell all the races) will do it. Only a black person or hicks will turn something like this into a racial issue. Tiger Woods is a pig and so are these women. End of story.

Posted at 11:29AM on Dec 6th 2009 by Z

Read more:
So due you feel good about your dumb self stereotyping a culture you are part of whether you pretend to be or not. I bet any decent person of color wolud not want your stupid arse either. Too bad one of your parents is of black decent because we wouldn't want to claim your ignorant behind any who! Atleast we know who we are, you are sadly looked apon in society as a frickin "lab rat" because they see you ( the racist and backwoodsmen)as a mixing of races which some folks still consider a no no. If you have one drop of black in you, you will be subject to rejection just like the rest of us " loud, uneducated, unattractive" black folks, get the F&ck out of here. There are stupid, uneducated, loud, and unattractive folks in every race and a lot of them look alike! You and denver should take that parachuteless plunge off a cliff together, and by the way "peace out black woman or man", that's what you're considered as much as you hate it, you and tiger should hang together so someone can put a 100 mph swing upside your empty head.

1781 days ago

The one who knows    

I know that guy...his name is Jabori a waiter from Saddle Ranch on Sunset!

1780 days ago


nice post

1526 days ago
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