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Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Kills

12/6/2009 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' alleged mistress Jaimee Grubbs couldn't have said it better than Ed Hardy.

Here Jaimee is ... partying it up in Calabasas, CA.

As for the dude talking to her ... RUN!!!


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He's supposed to be a ROLE MODEL for CHILDREN!!!
The IMAGE Tiger projects directly affects our youth.
Would you like it if your son or daughter screwed a married man or woman?
Would you like it if your son or daughter took sex enhancing drugs to screw several people?
Would you like it if your son or daughter blackmailed people with money to keep their mouth shout?
Tiger is a famous pimp with no brains!
Hitting a golf ball, cheating and being a LIAR isn't going to save him in the next life.!.html

1746 days ago


King of Sluts...Tiger Woods!

Who would have thought there was a monstrous and emotionally sick man beyond his presence on the golf links? My heart is filled with deep compassion for his wife and children. Uchitel is the number one whore shielding behind the title of 'event planner' and the rest are right there with her. They all should be ashamed of themselves though people like these women, including Tiger Woods, have no honor, dignity, integrity and, obviously, no conscience otherwise they wouldn't be caught-up in the sick game of betrayal and violation of a lovely mother with two young children.

1746 days ago


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1746 days ago


Jaimee better have tiger pony up for a 'boob' job...she's got one of them boy chests. Not good ! I do like her little bikini bottom though..."pvussy kills". I think in this case..tiger would concur.

1746 days ago

Chris Rock    

1746 days ago


this crazy biotch--golddigger. she's from the TOOL ACADEMY. she's just a doormat cuz she proved herself on the show after that other girl took over. MEMBER EVERYONE?

1746 days ago

Mike Dallos    


1746 days ago


Above par

1746 days ago

John MacMullin    

Tiger has a ways to go before he catches up to Ray Charles....

1746 days ago


She digs black mutt mixes actually - this guy looks maybe 1/4 black. Agree about looking used up ... and those tits, damn. What's up with Tiger's taste in women - this chick is a hag, I can smell her from here.

1746 days ago


Well all his PGA foes know Tiger's weak spot now!!! All the competition in the tournaments have to do is play people to hold up signs of some hot chicks before his swing.... As for Jamie, I'd do her but she only like the dark millionaire types, 100k a pop or what??? His wife is 100% hotter that all the skanks put together anyway, goes to show boys just can't keep it in the pants no matter what......

1746 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Names and stories of 6 reported on yesterday's forum, zoat. Minimum two more reportedly coming out to make at least 8.

1746 days ago


I am not being mean, but Tiger don't want his wife. He is not even attracted to her. He married that white girl thinking that, that was the new big thing. They probably have nothing in common and didn't realize it till they got married. Sometimes when people come from different cultures
its hard to get used to someone else culture if your not used to that.

Maybe she cant cook, maybe he is not affectionate. He was hanging with all the Cheaters anyway so it was most likely he was going to be one. Trust me girl, It happens all the time.

I don't care how beautiful people say she is, it don't matter she is NOT holding his interests. THey came from two different backgrounds

1746 days ago


17. Black Men Listen Up.

Now you see who the sluts are: White Girls
Then they dime yaul out first sign of trouble, J-HO and Puffy.

They will sleep with you, knowing you are married, they have no morals. Don't even have the same background as you. look at how they are coming out like ants saying I was his mistress with no shame.

Had that been me, I wouldn't have said a word. These white chicks don't even realize that they are a disgrace to their own families. IF know want knew about you why do you want to talk
one reason


Posted at 10:41AM on Dec 6th 2009 by Black girl

Read more:

Listen Up Black Girl:

I'm mixed race and I would never date a black guy. If I were a guy, I'd never date a black girl either. First of all, most of them are not attractive, most (guys and girls) look alike, the guys cheat, the girls are loud mouthed hoes who WOULD f**k another woman's husband (I grew up in a black area and I can attest to the fact that most have no moral standing), and they are the most jealous, hating race of people EVER. Homewrecking is not a racial issue because both black and white (Asian, indian, hell all the races) will do it. Only a black person or hicks will turn something like this into a racial issue. Tiger Woods is a pig and so are these women. End of story.

1746 days ago


Tiger is no role model for our children. And for those woman he had an affair with coming out of the closet just for fame and fortune.

1746 days ago
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