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Tiger Woods' Alleged Mistress Kills

12/6/2009 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods' alleged mistress Jaimee Grubbs couldn't have said it better than Ed Hardy.

Here Jaimee is ... partying it up in Calabasas, CA.

As for the dude talking to her ... RUN!!!


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Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Why is her body lumpy? I mean she is skinny but shapeless and pasty. What is with the lumpy all over her body, I am confused??? Is this what a drug abusers body looks like? You can tell she doesn't eat healthy and she doesn't work out. I agree she has a boys body, bad hair, ugly face, mudd looking eyes and when she is fully dressed she has no style. Rachel has a good body but still looks like a drag queen and she looks older than Tiger woods but still something sexy about Rachel but this girl has nothing, she has no curves, nothing sexy about her and that face I guess I wouldn't say ugly but not cute or pretty. Tiger has no game, none of his skanks are hot. Shaking my head, poor Tiger. At least pull in hot girls that the men can go "oh wow I get it, she's hot". I am ashamed of Tiger as a man.

1727 days ago

Big Uns    

those black men luv to pound those white wimmen, good for them.

1727 days ago


1727 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Whats the deal? Michael sleeps with boys and urinates in cups, and Tiger likes to cheat and see potty pix? Any B/D, S/M or beastereality from our famous/rich/black role models?

1727 days ago


Ahhh...she should hook up with that d-bag Jon Gosselin!!!

1727 days ago


tiger needs to hook up and get busy with that fatty black girl who is in that "precious"(?) movie. She'll give him a whole lotta lovin' for free. Hot white babies aren't even gonna take a look at his junk for less than a couple of million bucks. Live & learn tiger.

1727 days ago

who dat    

Mindy Lawton, a 33-year-old restaurant manager, told London's News of the World that she and the pro golfer, 33, had an intense year-long sexual relationship that began in May 2006.

"Sometimes I looked like a rag doll after we'd made love," she told the paper. "He really did like it quite rough. He wanted to spank me and loved pulling my hair as we had sex. He also liked me to talk dirty to him, but hair-pulling was what really turned him on."

Unlike other mistresses, who had hoped their relationship with the athlete was more than just physical, Lawton said she knew "all he wanted me for was sex," and said he was "a selfish, heartless man."

Here is your role model. Tiger is a LOSER. Stop buying the products he endorses.

1727 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

Is this all it takes for Tiger to cheat? Wow, I would of had a heck of a chance. What is going on with her skin? Just because one is skinny doesn't make them fine and this proves it. She has a boys body, even if she gets boobs which would help she still doesn't have a shape. She is either a serious drug abuser or it's genetics because something is going on with those LUMPS on her stomach and entire body. It's not cellulite it's something else, like she is sick or something. I call it a drug abusers body because her skin isn't smooth, it's almost like her organs and muscles are trying to leave her body. Tiger should get tested because something isn't healthy about this girl and maybe she is trying to advertise that her TT has killing abilities. Very scary and who wears Ed Hardy anymore? That is tacky, she is tacky and how does she even fit into the California standards? She looks like trailer trash from some backwoods park.

1727 days ago


Well one thing you have to admit Tiger does not go after ugly woman. Check this out if you are looking for good deals on DVD's and Bl ray -

1727 days ago


If he keeps on forking over money to keep his whores quiet, pretty soon he won't be able to afford the humangous new house he is building in Florida.
What an idiot!

1727 days ago

Mrs Patrick Campbell    

Yes, we do not understand why Tiger has to pay these stinky fish ANYTHING??!!!

1727 days ago


Ed hardy Douchebag collection now in limited edition Slut bikini.

1727 days ago

brentwood gal    

i live in brentwood and couldn't even keep 1 window open yesterday, it was so cold. and it's at least 10 degrees colder in the valley/canyon. there is no way that pic was taken yesterday. oh, and she's total trash. jon gosselin..go get her!!!

1727 days ago

Maxx Stryker    

Roberta Flack sang it best - but my version is: "Wish she was Killing me with her Sweet Luv! Killing me Softly... I haven't read any of the other comments - I'm still mesmerized by her body!!!! Wish I'd have 'been there' & 'done that"!

1727 days ago
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